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Match Report vs Barry West End 2 July 2017 @ Barry's Island (Skipper and report Dan)

The Cazh arrived at sunny Barry’s Island to a lovely looking wicket. There had been a flurry of activity pre game and it looking likely that we’d be playing with 10, but an hour prior to kick off a sub was found in the shape of Goffy’s son Charlie, and Porno who had pimped himself out to another plea for help had in fact made it to our game – so we ended up with 12 – Porno offered to be match umpire. Captain Dan unsure of the best course of action with the selected line up – bat or bowl...won the toss so couldn’t even give the decision to the oppo – decision was to bowl first.

Dan and DT opened, Dan taking the wind behind option giving Dave the task of floating the ball into the wind – hopefully at a speed which would reach the other end. After 7 over the West had struggled their way onto 14, which included 1 nick through the slips which Pabs got a good portion of hand to, but was unable to snaffle it. Dave’s first over was a maiden!! Dan pulled himself off. And was replaced by Goffy. During his first spell, 2 chances went through the slips. Dave was starting to flag and his 7th over was to be his last going for 12 and the openers began to open their shoulders. Obee1 took over and took the first wicket via a catch from Rich at long on – I would say that opinion was 50/50 as to whether he would take the catch – looking very much like he might run straight past it – but no, he held onto a very good catch in the wind. Goff was less fortunate, apart from the slip ‘chances’, nothing went to hand. There were some excellent fielding stops by most of the team Chocy/Cheese, Rob, Shakey and Charlie to name a few. Dave ran round a few before watching it cross the line – but he did have a sore toe. At drinks West End had reached 94-1.

Shakey took over from Goff and was economical, Captain Dan was a little worried after the first over, as it appeared that Shakes was going to half track everything, but fortunately Shakey’s next overs were much better. It was during this point, the players were treated to a Red Arrows display – which was a welcome distraction from the game (which continued, whilst others watched on) – don’t think anything of note happened during that time. The skipper, deciding that the run rate needed to be calmed down, returned for a second spell, but this time into the wind. What a mistake – even with a 3 pace run up it as knackering, much effort was expelled to get the ball to the other end a bit faster, with no evidence.

Chocy Cheese had said that his ‘inswingers’ would be assisted with the wind had a spell...not sure banging it in half way down was going to assist with swing bowling, but he did manage to get a wicket (bowled leg stump) in his forth over. The next wicket fell quite soon after with a direct hit run out by Rob. Unknown to us, this brought in their Welsh cap player (over 50s – just) who was very comfortable at the crease - changing his shot selection as appropriate to make sure the ball usually reached the boundary. Goffy replaced Dan into the wind and Pablo had a few overs at the other end. The Welsh cap required 6 off the last ball to reach his 50 (in less than 6 overs) – he got a single. Meanwhile the opening batsman reached his well deserved century – 2 overs from the end - 105 not out. 243-3.

Dan 8-0-28-0
Dave 7-1-35-0
Goff – 7-0-61-0
Obee -6-0-35-1
Shakey – 5-0-11-0
Cheese – 5-0-35-1
Paul -2-0-25-0

Tea was minimalist, but we were to be treated to sausage, mash and beans after the game in the BWE local.

Opening the batting for the second time this season was Pablo partnering Rob. The start was slow but steady, after 7 overs we were actually ahead of BWE at the same point – 16-0. Can’t really say we kicked on but respect was needed and given to the better deliveries. Paul was first to fall to the young first change bowler who was pretty sharp – played on for 11. 27-1 off 12. He was replaced by Chocy/Cheese who got off the mark with a boundary through the covers followed by 3 more. At drinks we’d moved to 74-1, Rob’s wicket fell in the 22nd over (20) bowled by the young bowler – not before Rob played the pace fantastically with deft Shakey dabs to 3rd man – with a bit more finesse. Steveo on his return the cricket lasted far longer than anyone predicted (or bet in the sweepstake) – was dismissed for 3 in the 27th.

Ed was still going great guns again any attack, and the order of the day was to give him as much strike as possible. Richie was next in and had a good knock, admittedly only for 7 but took the score up to 136 in the 32nd over. Charlie and his Dad respectively contributed with the limited overs remaining both eventually dismissed for 5 – one caught, one stumped – no guesses who! Dan joined Ed and the next over Ed hit a four for his century and then a massive 6 over the club house into the bowling green – some not so happy bowlers on the green, and the BWE bowler wasn’t best pleased either. Next over he was out 107) to the Welsh cap who turned out was a pretty good bowler too (leggie – with proper turn and bounce). Dan and Shakes scrabbled around – with Dan giving 3 chances before being caught by the fourth one on the cow boundary – an excellent effort as the fielder had slipped one way (the wrong way) stuck his hand out and took the one handed catch. Finished on 189-8.

A bloody good effort, held together with a good opening stand and then acceleration from Cheese to make it respectable.

Paul – b11
Rob – b20
Ed – ct107
Steveo – b3
Rich – lbw7
Charlie – ct5
Goff – st5
Dan – ct14
Mark – no4
Pete O - DNB
Dave - DNB




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