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Match Report vs Glamorgan Centurions 1 June 2017 @ Llantwit Fardre (Skipper Dan and report Rob)

Toss: the changing room was undecided beforehand. So Dan loses the toss and we're put in (potentially bat in gloom) and everyone looked unhappy, even though they were undecided 30 seconds earlier. Good Cazh attitude!

Pitch – wicket looks good. Outfield looks good. Last year, Tesh’s face was tested with varying skimmers and shooters on the boundary, so it was a pleasure to see him stood in the same spot.


Dan opened the bowling. Dan on his shorter than usual short run, which seemed to do the trick as they were struggling to get much, with a mostly good line. Oli having the odd tester to get him warmed up. Dan bowled the opener 4th ball, and we were away!

Pete T opened at the other end, with the ball moving about loads. Some swishing by the batsmen, with some runs scored and one catch taken, but unlucky to not get more chances through to the keeper and Darren at gully. 55-1 / 8. A good start.

On come Shakes and DT to tease some more wickets. With both bowling outside off, the oppo only had the short boundary in mind. A good tactic, as he managed to bat through most of the game for 26 runs. Along the way he had a few pop up to fine leg and between fielders across the pitch, but was eventually skittled by DT playing across it. The other wickets were a combination of snaffled by Oli as they popped off a top edge, and the in-field.

The last four overs were bowled by Rob and Neil. Rob bowling Yorker / low full tosses at eager batsmen and getting hit regularly. Neil had them confused, but the pre-meditated shots worked, with some Cazh fielding allowing a few through. Neil managed to run their other good batsmen out in the last over with some comedy running and good fielding by Neil and Oli.

Some consistent pressure resulted in Glamorgan Centurions restricted to a reachable target of 131/8 off 20 overs.

Batting – brief!

Tesh and Rob opened the batting. Tesh got a ripper first ball, swinging in to the pads and glancing through to leg stump to be bowled first ball. The quick bowler was especially good on an uneven surface.

The other opener was an off spinner, who was getting some turn. Kim was sweeping / pulling him to the very long boundary for 2’s, with Rob getting more luck on the shorter boundary. Run rate – 58/1 off 8. On target.

New bowler, first ball – Kim (21) finds long-on bringing Oli to the crease. Both the new bowlers were difficult, one with some pace and bounce, the other skittling though at a trickle. This bowling was much more effective, as Oli, Rich, Neil and pretty much everyone chipped up a catch with the ball sticking. Rob (31) eventually bowled by a straight one, swinging across it.

The last few wickets fell whilst I was taking off my pads, which took me about 3 minutes! Calypso. The only chink of sunlight being the thought of ‘Twinkle Toes’ Thomas strutting out to the crease. Sadly, the Cazh collapse – 6 wickets for 13 runs, although impressive in its speed, wasn’t total and he survived again for a prestigious DNB. Cazh 78-8 - a loss by 53 runs.

We retreated to the Hollybush Inn for some crisps sprinkled with beer dust, and 4(?) packets of pork scratchings, once we’d figured out how to open the beer garden door.




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