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Match Report vs Cavaliers 4 July 2017 @ Cathedral School (Skipper Dan, report Rob)

Pre-match injuries:
Goff - mystery back problem.
Rob - cut knee / gravel scrapes / arguement with a van.
DT - Twinkleitis.
All - general lethargy / unfitness / thinking about the Butchers Arms.

Rourke’s Drift, The Alamo, Stalingrad, Omaha Beach, Llandaff Cathedral. Blood, sweat and tears were shed - mostly by SteveO as his hair got fluffy.

Sun Tsu Dan won the toss and we were fielding. Ever the optimists, we were set an early game target of losing by 15 or less, guaranteeing us 2nd place in the league. Reach for the stars!

Sun Dan and Earl DT Haig opened the bowling, with some really good pressure. The pitch had a good pace and bounce, with run scoring difficult if the ball was pitched up. With a huge boundary towards the Cathedral, and a quick outfield, fielding was difficult, but the Cazh started well in the field with their blitzkrieg, in their face fielding - it won't catch on. In Sun Dan's third over the batsmen had a swish to a lifting ball, with Will of Orange adjusting well and taking a high one-handed catch. 13/1 off 5.

On to bowl come Shakes Nelson and Pabs Wellington, continuing the good pressure. The Duke of Pabs bowling led to green helmet cutting a ball low to Darren Custer at slip, who got to it but he couldn’t hold on. Finger bruised! Got to take those vice-skipper! The last ball of Horatio Shakes first over saw the batsmen move down the pitch, with Will Orange whipping off the bails for a great stumping – quick hands!

With the batters playing straight throughout, one is hit back at Admiral Shakes quite hard. He manages to get a hand to it, which we soon discovered to be his left wrist. Shakes stayed down, and just before he got some stick the team realised he was genuinely hurt, so bit their lip. A kindly opposition spectator took him to A&E to get x-rayed, revealing a bruised wrist. Probably saved a run.

The Duke of Pabs got a man caught on the drive at extra cover / mid-off, with Rob Montgomery taking it to his left as the opposition started to pick up the tempo. With some more expensive middle overs, the rate was now at 7+ an over.
Goff Kitchener had said he wasn’t fit enough to bowl, which was later challenged by Goff (sign of madness disagreeing with yourself?) saying he was prepared to give it a go. But as he didn’t bowl, it meant we had a lack variety in pace i.e. no pace once Dan had finished.

With the increase in shots played, the outfield got harder to field on. Rob Monty got one on the left knee fielding a drive at mid-off. Saint Rommel had a couple bobble in front of him, and anything that passed you was fetched from the boundary.

A well accumulated total by the Cavaliers, with some tidy bowling by the Cazh. 150 to win, 134 to ensure second place. #PMA

Cavaliers: 149/5 (20 Overs)

D. Lewis 4 0 14 2
D. Thomas 4 1 14 0
M. Stephens 2.2 0 13 1
P. Stephens 4 0 25 1
T. Hirani 3 0 29 0
S. Burke 1 0 26 0
S. O'Reilly 2 0 26 1

Tesh the Great and Field Marshall Owens opened the batting, with Tesh starting well in the first over with some nice shots, but got bowled by the last ball of the over with a ball that swung in and seamed a bit. This brought Orange Will in to bat. Both batters were finding the boundary, which quickly put all the fielders on the fence. Some of the boundaries now became easy 2's with some good fielding by the 7 men outside the ring.

A 94 run partnership put the Cazh in a good position, with 8 an over needed from the last 6, when Will was caught, popping up a simple catch, with Rob falling in the next over, caught at mid-wicket. Darren Custer was out without troubling the scorers, which was the beginning of a collapse not seen since the Fuzzy Wuzzies were put to the sword by Gordon of Khartoum.

Cometh the hour, cometh the man. Sadly, we only had the Leckwith Boycott. Up to the crease steps Sergeant ‘SteveO’ Jones. To his credit, we were pushing to get runs. However, tapping the ball directly at a fielder and shouting yes, no, no, yes whilst not moving isn't going to keep the board ticking over but will guarantee run outs. In what must be a variety of broken records, Sgt Jones managed to run out 4 batsmen in under 2 overs. Being kind, you could say only 2 were his fault.

The first run out was Goff Kitchener, which was a genuine run-out pushing 2's to the outfield, it was just a shame it was Goff who was out as he was on 20 at the time and going along nicely. Pabs looked like he gave up as he was so far out, with him and Steve stood next to each other. I can barely remember Dan and Saints run-outs as we were all laughing so hard. At least SteveO has form, so the batters had their pads on and ready to go. Even DT had to bat for a few deliveries ruining another glorious DNB opportunity.

As the Cavaliers had front loaded their bowlers, we were actually in with a shout of, perhaps not winning the game, but at least of losing by a close enough margin. Luckily, we were short but Dan had got his sums wrong, so 2nd place was salvaged! A quick shower so SteveO could lather himself up and put his rollers in, then to the Butchers, where Rich nearly had a fight with a man who thought Rich was pointing at him, but he was pointing at an old rugby poster.

Cazh: 132/8 (20 Overs)

T. Hirani Bowled 4
R. Owens Caught 39
W. Mason-Wilkes Caught 42
G. Day Run Out 20
D. Britton Caught 0
S. O'Reilly Not Out 9
P. Stephens Run Out 0
D. Lewis Run Out 4
S. Burke Run Out 0
D. Thomas Not Out 0
M. Stephens DNB

Final injuries / cause / remedy:

Shakes - suspected broken wrist - dropped C&B. Attended A&E. Bad bruising / swelling.
Darren - stubbed finger / dropped catch. Required finger splint. Told to catch one.
Will - bruised thumb & nail - popped off a length. Manned up.
Rob - bruised left / good knee - fielding. Hobbled and moaned about outfield.
SteveO - fluffy hair - disagreement with Tesco Value shampoo. 80s perm.




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