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Match Report vs Rogerstone 14 May 2017 @ Welfare Ground (Skipper and report Dan)

The Cazh arrived at the Welfare ground, most arrived without getting too lost with the new look and route (about 15000 house have appeared since we last played here). The rain from the previous day hadn’t made a mark on the very dry wicket and outfield. The team consisted of regulars and debut of Neil, though we were still one short...until the arrival of Porno!

The toss was negotiated and agreed that Rogerstone would bat due to an uneven balance batsman to bowlers to fielders in the Cazh line up. Dan opened from the far end and Pablo from the pavilion end. Rogerstone 1st XI had won by 10 wickets the previous day and some of them were playing today hoping for a bit more practice...they looked very assured and put the bad ball away with style. Dan got the first wicket – bowled with the score on 31 in the 4th over. First ball to the new batsman, hit the top half of the pad, but looked as though it was a bit leg side and as it was a Sunday friendly and first ball – the appeal wasn’t made... on returning to the crease, the umpire informed Dan that had he appealed he would have given him out...bollocks – still there was bound to be another chance...

46-1 off 7overs. First change brought Shakey and Dave into the attack. Shakey removed himself from the attack after 3 overs claiming that someone slower was required! and the total now past 100. It was pretty difficult to find someone slower, but Obee1 was enlisted to entice them into making a false shot. The trap worked, well half worked, both batsmen took a liking to Pete, just as they had done to Shakey...shame they didn't play a false shot. Dave meanwhile was plugging away at the far end and apart from a couple of boundaries (an over) did very well. The Prize moment – Porno being brought into the action at cover – back peddling as fast as his unused legs could carry him – made a heroic dive backwards to take a fantastic catch landing with a thud which resembled the thunder and lightning from the previous evening. 127-2 off 17overs. Rob replaced Pete who by now had whiplash and was looking to make a claim, and Neil replaced Pablo from the long on boundary as he'd gotten even slower in retrieving the ball from the children’s play area or car park, that we were in danger of not getting the innings closed before dusk.

Rob bowled really well without reward and Dave finished his spell. Rich was asked to try his luck against the non-appealed lbw batman who by this stage was farming all the strike and supposedly ‘trying to get himself out’ – this wasn’t really that apparent from where I was standing on the boundary – each shot appeared to be slapped as hard as possible towards the vast gaps in the field – the ball made a distinctive twang as it clattered into the metal railings of the adjacent practice nets for another 6. Although Rich didn’t get his wicket – he did get the other chap – excellently caught by Ollie behind the stumps. Dan came back for his second spell and the non-appealed -lbw batsman decided to retire...on 123...bugger. Debutant Neil had a bowl and took his first wicket (and a maiden!!) and Tim had a 4 over spell – which was great, the first 3 overs were a very good line and length – resulting in his first wicket – bowled.

The innings was finally over with Rogerstone finishing on 268-6.

Dan – 8-0-28-1
Paul – 4-0-31-0
Mark – 3-0-30-0
Dave – 8-0-57-1
Pete O – 3-0-47-0
Rob- 6-0-40-0
Rich – 2-0-8-1
Tim – 4-0-20-1
Neil – 2-1-2-1
Extras – only 9

So we had tea – which I thought was excellent, we made sure we’d show the home team that we were at least good at something and demolished most of it.

Now tricky...who to open with...Dan had a man in nets often played a good forward defensive and looked ‘solid’, this person would be required to stick around and wait for the bad ball in about the 8th over and then hit the accelerator pedal. Pete was therefore asked to open up with Rob. From the off it appeared Pete had changed his style somewhat from nets and like a drunk Tyson came out swinging. The pair hurtled along to 3 off the first over, until Pete fell at the end of the 4th over. 3-1 off 4. Ollie joined Rob. Both batted very well and by far the highest partnership of the innings – putting on another 69 until Rob gave a chance and was caught (30). Neil in a 4 stuck around for a while with Ollie, but Ollie was also to fall too soon, again caught for 41.

Until that point it did look like we might easily reach and pass our target score of 124 (beating the non-appealed lbw’s score), however, the Cazh collapse was no longer a distant sight on the horizon, it was hurtling down the hillside with ever growing pace. 97-3 off 23 overs. Paul did very well and looked like we might stable ourselves, unfortunately he was caught (10) at mid off. Neil fell a few overs later for 6. Rich’s walk to the middle took longer than his innings (a shiny 0). Dan started with a four then was on his way back. Tim lasted the same amount just without the boundary and Dave (promoted as Porno didn’t want to come in before he absolutely had to) lasted a ball before being bowled. 113-9 off 30overs. Some shreds of respectability was found however, in the shape of Shakey and Porno – fortunately both were quite a long way away so their shape wasn’t too offensive – they put on the 2nd highest partnership of 31, finishing with a double boundary from Mark. Well done both. 144-9

Rob – 30ct
Pete O- 1b
Ollie – 41ct
Neil – 6ct
Paul – 10ct
Rich – 0lbw
Dan -5b
Mark – 24no
Dave -0b
Andy F – 12no

The Highlights – Tim’s bowling, Porno’s catch, Ollie’s catch, Shake’s bowling being too pacey and Neil’s fielding efforts – running 50 meters along the boundary to cut the ball off, only to boot it over the line when he got there – welcome to the Casuals – you’ll fit right in!
Milestones – Dave 250 wickets; Ollie 100 runs; and Shakey 450 appearances - brill




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