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Match Report vs North Harrow (Tour Game) 11 September 2016 @ Almondsbury (Skipper and report Shagger)

After an eventful previous 2 days on tour and the match vs Purley-on-Thames being rained off the previous day, the Cazh dragged themselves over to Almondsbury from Reading for a midday start against another touring side North Harrow. The pitch looked nice, though there was a short boundary on the one side and originally a massive boundary on the other – fortunately, the Cazh decided to bring this in about 30 meters! The sun was shining and the 2 captains decided that the Cazh would bowl first. Dan and Jeff opened the attack and started solidly going for just 16 off the first 5 overs. The batsman looked assured and not really in any trouble and probably could have run a few more singles. Jeff bowled out his 8 over spell and was unlucky not to get a wicket – a theme of the Casuals fielding was the number of dropped catches – Jeff was a victim of a couple of drops off his spell. Dan was replaced after 4 overs by Dave, he was not able to exact the same spin he had previously in the season and the consistent bounce allowed the batsman to hit through the line and score well. After 10 overs the score was 39, but after 15 it was 72, still with no loss.

Pete replaced Jeff and took the first wicket in the 18th over – the Cazh finally holding onto a catch – Shakey. Pete took the second wicket this time caught by Richie on the boundary. Shakey replaced Dave, but the number 3 continued to smash the ball round the park until he retired on 55. After 25 overs the score was on 146. Shakey was the person to pick up the next wicket – caught by Jesus – who had agreed to come over to Bristol for a game even though he’d managed to avoid the boozy tour. Jesus assisted in the next wicket – stumped off the bowling of Shakey once again.
Dan returned for the remainder of his spell, and got a wicket caught by Richie on the long on boundary – the ball reached him fast there he was expecting – but held onto a good catch. Steveo, Richie and Cheese bowled the last 8 overs – Steveo and Richie both picking up a wicket a piece – Steveo catching Richie’s wicket and Rob taking Steveo’s. North Harrow finished on 256-7 off 40 overs.

Dan 8 overs -0 maidens – 27 runs – 1 wicket
Jeff 8-0-39-0
Dave 8-0-56-0
Pete 4-0-33-2
Shakey 4-0-37-2
Steveo 2-0-13-1
Cheese 4-0-23-0
Richie 2-0-18-1

It was going to be a strong ask to reach this total, but we’d give it a go. Tea was taken – and was fantastic – hot curry/stew – more than we could consume (which is unheard of).

Tesh and Rob opened the batting and started steadily against good bowling. After 8 overs the score had moved on to 29, but the first wicket fell in the 8th – Tesh bowled for 15. Jesus in next and there was a wave of expectation (and hope) in the air. Will started with 6 dots and then a maximum. Followed by four dots and a boundary, a dot and a single, but unfortunately another dot and wicket – given out lbw. 55-2. Richie and Rob continued to build the innings and were batting well. Rob fell next caught in the deep. Steveo joined Richie. The pair put on a 70 run partnership with some unorthodox shots and some that looked vaguely familiar! The one point of note within the partnership was the first time Steveo was out...given out caught a bowled. From the side lines (a long way off) it all appeared odd..he’d hit it, he was caught, he was given out. He began to walk, then turned and returned, appeared to be speaking to the umpire and bowler..then returned to the crease and re-started his batting routine. It was decided after a conversation that it was a bump ball. I think the oppo realised that we weren’t going to get close to the total and the game throughout had been played in excellent fashion and mood, plus they had seen Steveo batting for quite a while now and probably realised that he could be out at any given moment!

It was actually Richie that was out next – 25 in the 29th over. Steveo fell in the next over for 35. This brought Cheese and Pete to the crease with a 120 required off 10 overs. Pete scored a couple of fours before being bowled in the 33rd over. Cheese meanwhile was back to form with his Cheese slice and enthusiastic running. Dan replaced Pete and went onto the attack straight away with a 4 and 6. With Dan and Ed scoring mainly in boundaries, the oppo skipper decided to put a halt to the quick scoring and brought on one of their better bowlers who had been left in reserve for this sort of situation. Dan was bowled first ball faced. Ed meanwhile smashed a massive 6 into the tennis courts before also being caught out. 197-8 with a couple of overs to go. This brought Shakey and Jeff to the crease to see us over the 200, which they did (the quick accurate bowler had finished his 2 over spell after doing his job. Both players took the total up to a very respectable 215, leaving Dave not required.
A very good game, played in fantastic spirit at a lovely ground. It was a long day, which helped remove some of the alcohol in the system and recover from the hangover. A couple of drinks were had after the match before the small drive home (for the Cazh) and the rather longer drive home for North Harrow.

Tesh – 15 bowled
Rob – 33 caught
Jesus - 11 lbw
Richie – 25 stumped
Steveo –35 caught
Ed – 31 caught
Pete – 9 bowled
Dan – 12 bowled
Shakey – 13 no
Jeff – 9no
Dave DNB



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