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Match Report vs Barry Wanderers -07 August 2016 @ Hayes Point (Skipper Jesus, report Dan)

The sun was shining, the wind was blowing but more importantly we had a full eleven in the side! God knows if we won the toss or not, but we were batting. Tesh and Rob opened up and both started cautiously against the solid opening bowlers. The second over Tesh crashed one through the covers for the first boundary. The pair continued to accumulate the runs in either singles or boundaries and by the 15th over had posted a respectable 55 on the board. Rob was first to fall after 50 minutes at the crease bowled for 21. Jesus was next in. The first change bowlers were much slower than the openers, the lack of pace coupled with the slope and off pavilion wind (not Porno) caused all sorts of havoc for poor Jesus – it appeared that he could not hit the slow moving took him 5 deliveries to get off the mark, then another 6 after that to double his score (2), another 6 after that and then the drought of 10 for the next single – 28 deliveries for 4 runs. Knowing that once he gets going (albeit this at snail’s pace) he can destroy the bowling attack, so when he finally unleashed hitting 2 boundaries in 3 balls, umpire Dan thought he was back on the right road...nope out next ball caught 16.

On debut Rikki was next in, and given the slowing in pace of run rate, he was heard on the boundary that he was going to go out swinging from the off. Well, Rikki fitted in with the Cazh straight away, swing he did, miss he did, but stay there he did...well until he was stumped after 13 deliveries for 2. In the meantime, Tesh was bowled for 34 to a very low bouncing ball – very unfortunate as his innings looked very positive. As you may be able to tell from this report – there has not been much mention of runs being scored for a while and at the fall of Rikki’s wicket the Cazh were on a lowly 84 off 29overs. Still...plenty of batting to come...Richie in next with PeteO. 88-5 – Pete caught behind (1). Ash next in. As he and Richie put on a little spurt, Dan padded up noticed that Steveo (next in) had changed his ritual of padding up by putting pads on, instead just put his gloves on. At the point of Steveo being quizzed on this new strange padding up approach, Richie was caught and bowled trying to smack it (8). With Steveo running around trying to find a pair of pads, Dan wandered out instead. With 9 overs left the remaining over was played back to the bowler, a sneaky thought crossing through Dan’s mind – not to let Steveo get a bat...! The following over after a single dan struck a few boundaries and both he and Ash run quite a few singles. The next 6 overs increased the rate somewhat until the plan was foiled, Dan bowled off the pad for 23. 138-7. Steveo made his long awaited walk out the middle and his rather all to swift walk back again next over – caught (3) – to be fair he had tried to get out the ball before but didn’t quite time it correctly, but given another chance he connected with the ball just that little bit better and was safely snaffled by the mid-off fielder. Shakey did his bit to get some runs on the board in the dying overs adding a further 10 before being bowled and the lesser spotted Jeff brought up the rear and finished unbeaten on 4 with Ash holding his bat unbeaten on 16. 159-9.

It was an about average score, one we have won with previously at the Wanderers, but one we have also lost to...Tea was taken (see Casual Tea Watch) and demolished, before heading back out to field. Dan and Jeff opened the bowling, both were tight and Dan got the first wicket bowled in his second over. It was looking promising...after 10 overs the Wands had scored just 28 runs. Unfortunately the batsmen appeared to have loosened up by this stage and Shakey was to bare the initial brunt of this. Going for 2 boundaries in his first over, stifled it to just a single maximum in the second, only 2 singles in the 3rd ...but a hammering of 3 6s in his fourth and final over. Jeff’s earlier hard work was undone also the last over going for 19. The opening batsman deciding that his work was done and retired on 53. Batsmen no4 appeared to only have one thing on his mind – get it over and down with as early as possible – which by now was a favourable position of many of the cazh! As after 20 overs the score was on 133. Steveo did manage to get a wicket caught by Jesus on the boundary, followed by Rikki keeping the batsmen guessing a also getting a wicket on debut also caught by Will in the deep. Thankfully in the 23rd over the game came to an end with G Allen scoring 36 off 15 balls and Fenton not out on 16.

Lewis – 5-1-9-1
Clapham – 8-0-47-0
Shakey - 4-0-37-0
Steveo - 3-0-33-1
Obee - 1-0-20-0
Rikki - 1-0-10-1
Jesus - 0.5-0-1-0

It was then off to change then a swift pint to think – ‘what if’ in the Wenvoe Arms...what if we’d scored another 200, what if they had fewer batsmen!



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