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Match Report vs Barry Wanderers 26 June 2016 @ Hayes Point (Skipper Jesus, report Cheese)

Always a pleasure to turn up to Hayes point ground but at 1pm didn't think we would see the ground until later this year. After a quick ring around and no word the game was going to be called off, we turn up to the stumps in the ground and the wanderers ready to get something going.

Jesus was drawn out of the warmth of the changing room for the toss; which most of the caz thought the outcome would decide who would have first crack at tea but alas no, the decision was that we would play a 20/20 then if the weather allowed another 20/20.

The caz was asked to field first, Cheese was given the new ball with his patented long run up off spin and clappers took the other end, came as no surprise that the damp deck was giving no purchase and the bowlers were going have to keep a disciplined length. JC bowled through with his normal economy dealing well with the left / right combination with Jesus doing his normal bail bothering to no effect.

Pablo had a torrid two overs not helped with the left hander having an easy flick to the tennis courts on the leg side, DT took over at the hospital end and had four overs of cat and mouse between DT, the RHT hand bat and Shakes. DT generally beating the bat in the flight but the bat muscling the ball away with it dropping around shakes though not close enough. Tim took one in the chest from a full blooded drive to interrupt the DT & Shakey show, finally shakes got under one but cold hands and wet ball combined for him to shell it.

Richie had two overs from the wood end and bowled well apart from a couple of times the ball slipping out his hand with a full bunger for all his hard work the only reward was a having the ball smashed back at him which he was unfortunate enough to get hand on and take a nasty knock. While all this was going on Rob was treading a lonely furrow out on the coast boundary where he was left for the whole innings.

Cazh had managed to get to the final 4 overs with the rain still drizzling down and thoughts turning to hot cup of tea, Cheese and shakey to finish the caz innings with no wickets down the batsmen started to open up, Shakey stemmed the tide by managing to slide one past the outside edge and Jesus on his 15th attempt took the bails off with aplomb. The first break through with the score 138-1 off 18 overs.

Cheese managed to double the wickets tally with a bowled not before having a growl at Tesh for yet another misfield and the innings closed on 163-2, to be fair pretty good display considering the conditions.

As the caz rushed off the pitch to get in the warm it was decided to take tea at 15:10 to see if the rain would abate, though as the caz tucked into tea it came apparent that was it for the day as members of the opposition started to slope off and a cover had appeared on the wicket at 15:45 the game was called with the feeling that at least we had provided the opening bats with some live nets



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