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Match Report vs Cavaliers 14 June 2016 @ Cathedral School (Skipper Kim, report Goffy)

A typical flat and dry Cathedral School wicket was served up for this the latest encounter between these two adversaries. Clear skies so perfect for a bat.
Captain Kim duly obliged and opened up precedings with a Casuals debutant! (point of note- a debutant opener- and he had his own racquet!- things were looking promising) So welcome to the fold Rumman!

Kim and Rumman decided on a pretty cautious start with the odd bad one dispatched- we progressed nicely to 16 without loss from the first 3 overs.
Rumman decided to up the tempo in the fourth but was pouched at cow. Jesus rose to join the marsupial. 17-1 off 4.
These 2 pushed on for the next couple. 30-1 off 6.
During overs 7-11, Jesus was crucified out of his ground (20) and Kim was caught as usual (17)- in what order etc I haven't a clue. I was umpiring so obviously wasn't taking a blind bit of notice! 53-3 off 11.
So the run-rate was low and No 1 to 3 in the hutch. We needed a big innings from recognised willow holders. Never fear......Tesh and Winks are here......66-5 off 13 (Tesh caught (9) and Winks caught (quack).

My thoughts at the time "Fucking useless batsmen!" - Perfect conditions- blue sky, flat pitch, fast out field, what fucking more do they need?!?!!

So it was left again to the lower order. Rob and Goff demonstrated the perfect batting conditions to their lackluster colleagues by posting a further 58 runs in 6.5 overs with maximums and boundaries a plenty. Both unbeaten (Rob 25 n.o. & Goff 36 n.o.) and at least giving the bowlers something to play with.

If you want something doing properly- you got to do it your fucking self!!

Kim caught 17 (3x4s)
Rumman caught 1
Will stumped 20 (1x6)
Tesh caught 9 (1x4)
Winks caught 0
Rob NOT OUT 25 (3x4s)
Goff NOT OUT 36 (1x6, 3x4s)
123 for 5 off 20

Now, I may have mentioned earlier the perfect batting conditions- they were absolutely perfect. For example, the Cavs opened with one of their many 'stands in the field and never bats either' members. He managed to get to 17! Mind you- how Dan didn't get his wicket in his opening spell was extraordinary!

Suffice to say, chasing down 124 on that ground in these conditions with 10 wickets and 20 overs to play with was only going to bring one result--unless ofcourse, it was us chasing. That would mean the game would be in the balance!

The Cavs were restricted to only 41 after the first 10 overs - Dan, Goff and DT kept things very tight and DT the pick grabbing himself a brace to boot. (DT wickets were bowled and 1 caught but who was the catcher??) But unfortunately, we didn't manage to clear out any other batsman in this spell giving the Cavs licence to dance freely. Their numbers 3 and 4 helped themselves during the next 9 and paced themselves safely home without any dramas.

Dan 4 overs 1 maiden 0-16
DT 4 overs 0 maiden 2-15
Goff 4 overs 0 maiden 0-17
Pete 3 overs 0 maiden 0-34
Luke 2.4 overs 0 maiden 0-35
Tesh 1 over 0 maiden 0-5

A decent effort in the end but no cigar! Off to the Butchers to watch tits. But even that event was fucked up as we sat outside!!!



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