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Match Report vs Bargoed Outlaws 08 May 2016 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Jesus, report Dan)

It was a day of records, so rather than write a traditional match report; here are just a few snippets from the day.

All in all it was a good game, played in a friendly nature on a lovely sunny (if a little windy) day. I hope Bargoed Outlaws are not tarnished too much by this result, and look back at this fixture in 10 years time and compare how far they have come since this game. Rather than calling us a bunch of twats (especially that batsman and bowler).

Never before:
- First fixture for Bargoed Outlaws
- Biggest tea (both quantity and expenditure) – apx £120
- Highest partnership – 207 (Will Mw & Richie)
- Highest score by a individual batsman Will MW – 165no
- Best 5for - 5-4 (Dan)
- Biggest single expenditure by one individual to a 'contribution' tea - £47 (Goff)
- First time the casuals have been regarded as ‘responsible’ and given the keys of Wenvoe
- Both Will WM and Richie passing their 2000 run milestone for the Cazh

Not for the first time:
- An opposition thinking it might be a walk over after an early Cazh collapse – only to finish the innings thinking ‘what if’
- The Cazh finding more room for more tea at the drinks break and post match
- A Casual turning up more than 30 minutes after the game started (Cheese)
- Shakey turning up to watch after it was all over
- The (oppo) scorers/umpires not signalling or recording byes, wides or leg byes
- Losing half a dozen balls in the stream
- Due to a late withdrawal we have a team of 10 (Ash)
- Ed bowling ‘spin’ at the same pace as a ‘seam’ delivery
- Ed bowling spin without pitching it
- The opposition wishing it would all come to an end quickly
- Paul bowling well for no reward
- Will being dropped (more than once) when not on very much and going to score a lot
- Tesh umpiring for more than 25 overs

Not very often:
- Richie scoring double figures, let alone a 50
- Two Casuals reaching double figures
- Dave taking a catch
- All the Cazh finishing tea, feeling ready to burst and there still being over half the amount left that started with
- Being awarded an lbw (or bbw) for box before wicket
- Fruit being spotted near a Casual
- 2nd time a Casual (called Rob) has lost something (spending ages looking for it in a panic) only to realise they were wearing it (glasses!!!!)
- Goffy being unusually quiet - due to taking a erratic bouncing delivery in the chin whilst keeping
- Pete breaks the shackles and plays (a number) of aggressive shots....not that he connected with any, but there was a sublime leg glance
- A batsman not retiring when reaching a century...(but at least a record was reached)
- Paul bowling the flipper and not being smacked to the boundary
- Changing the bowling wishing it would all come to an end quickly and it actually happening.
- The ball bouncing off the pavilion roof more than once
- The ball bouncing in and out of the tennis courts

Tesh – 4 bowled
Rob O – 2 caught
Will MW – 165no
Richie – 50 bowled
Pete O – 8 no
Ed, Dan, Goff, Paul S, and DT DNB

FoW – 3, 13, 220
Extras w=13; lb = 3; b=2; nb=2

Paul – 5 overs – 0 maidens – 24 runs – 0 wickets
Dan – 3 – 1- 4- 5
Pete O – 4-0-35-1
Dave T – 6-0-22-1
Ed – 4-0-27-1
Rob O – 0.2-0-0-1

FoW – na
Extras w=na; lb = 1; b=na; nb=na

May I also thank all the Cazh for helping clear up the tea remains and premises after the game - it was military precision and quickly completed - thank you.
Plus everyone who contributed to the food which was of a very high quality....and quantity.



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