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Match Report vs Tintern 16 August 2015 @ Tintern (Skipper Kim, Report Rob)

Casuals v Tintern.
Sunday 16th August. Tintern Abbey Green.

Dan L
Kim (Captain)

The day started on a positive note. We’d had a fair bit of rain in the week leading up to the match. A quick look on Google Maps shows just how close the River Wye was to the pitch. We later discovered that the pitch had been under water all day Friday. And later again found out that the football season had started two weeks previously on the very same pitch. But apparently it’s a bit like this whether under water or not, and 250+ had been successfully chased on it this season.

At least the quizzical American tourists might make a bit more sense of soccerball, compared to the mystery version of baseball being played out in front of them. No mitts! We must be mad. They might be right.

Tintern decided not to fill in the scorebook, theirs or ours. How they managed to accurately track the score is a mystery. Which leaves me with a mystery - how to solve the problem of completing a match report with no over details, fall of wicket and all the other gumpf required when doing this job. I’ll give it my best!

Kim won the toss and decided to get a look at the pitch by putting them in. Sound reasoning, but I bet he called tails? Dan and Pabs opened the bowling. A nice mix of pace and spin to test the pitch out. Answer - pretty low with the odd lifter. The first 4 wickets fell quickly, all bowled. Dan’s wickets were wrong line and having a swing to cow. Pabs’ wickets were the standard slow bowler flight deliveries. Bit of air, short boundary, batsmen’s eyes lit up… in their minds the umpire was already raising his arms to signal 6, but no - swing and a miss. Strike – you’re out. They had already been given a few chances. Pabs had several catches dropped off his bowling, two by myself (Rob) at long-on, and another through the slips (Kim Drop 5). No excuses, all three should have been caught.

Tintern were 4 down for about 10 runs. Dan and Pabs were taken off to give Tintern a chance, and replaced by Pete and Foxy. Though this picked up the run rate, the wickets kept on falling. Pete took 3 wickets with his Jedi mind-tricks, one bowled and the other two caught by Shakes, who was doing his best to keep out of the way - but no such luck. The catch at square leg was a stormer. A pull shot, hit hard and flat - Shakes didn’t have time to think about getting out the way, which was the sensible choice when your fingers are held together by blue tape and hope.

Foxy took two wickets - one a catch at mid-wicket by Steve, which was going pretty quick, and another spinners wicket - swing and a miss. The short boundaries had allowed Tintern to put on some runs through these overs and get past 100.

Steve came on at the end for a few overs, conceding 8 runs, but with only 10 men, things were wrapped up at the other end. 112 all out in 20 overs.

With such a quick innings, tea wasn’t ready, so the Cazh went out to bat on empty stomachs. The inevitable result was thus sealed. Both openers were bowled with the ball keeping low, Rob played on and Kim missing one that seamed and skidded a bit. 1 / 2 off two overs. Extras top, and only scorer.

The openers were into their rhythm now, with scoring shots rare, but Steve seemed to be seeing the ball well and started putting on a partnership with Richard, who was making his debut. A few dabbed singles off the pads from Richard, and he was off and away. However, some indecision when looking for a second run ended up with Richard being run out. He might not have been aware of the recent trend, but plonking a Cazh hat on had ended in the inevitable run-out. Steveo was then out to the slowest of slow deliveries.

Pete hung about for a bit, scoring 6 runs, but like those before him, was bowled. Pabs quickly followed, also bowled, with Taylor taking his only wicket. This brought Dan to the crease with a nice little period ensuing (21 runs) with Goff, which was the only real partnership for the Cazh. You could sense the concentration from both players, caused by some chirping from the fielders which focussed the minds - perhaps the umpires should try this in the future if the opposition don’t pipe up? Most of it was friendly stuff until...

A delivery was no-balled for bowling over waist height - which was questioned by the bowler who was also the captain. After already needing the rules explained to him of how to run someone out if the stumps had been broken, you’d think he’d have learned to leave it, but sadly not. If you’ve bowled 8 overs of medium pace off 10 paces, not turned the ball once and your excuse is you’re not a medium pace bowler but a spinner, then try again. Though the rules are applied to all bowlers, whether spin or pace, this fact was lost on the skipper.

Dan was out with a ‘pop-fly’ top edge to the keeper, which brought on Charlie to bat with his Dad. He swept his first delivery, with a nice contact and hit it straight at the fielder, who hadn’t done anything for ages and dropped it as he was half asleep! A few more sweeps and Charlie was eventually caught by the keeper strangled down the leg side.

Goff was next to fall -a hard pull (!!?) - he was caught by the skipper after it appeared (by most) to have bounced. He claimed it bounced off his wrist and Goff walked. Shakey and Foxy following in the next two overs - all out for 56. Top scorer was extras with 17. I was told to say that Foxy stood undefeated and took 2 wickets. Well played Foxy!

This left us with a quick tea and a pint in The Anchor, where we were accused of trying to steal someone else's chips even though Goff had bought them. Perhaps us city folk look suspicious?

One of the opposition made a brief apology for the pitch, but it was totally understandable as it was under water 36 hours previously. Of the captain, no sight was seen at tea or in the pub, which was a shame but possibly for the best. We could have bowled them out for 20-30 but let them have a game. Sadly, this behaviour isn’t always reciprocated.

Tintern won by 56 runs.



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