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Match Report vs Cavaliers 28 July 2015 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Kim, report Pabs)

A fixture for the casuals always posses some interesting questions
The Cavaliers game on the 28th was no different.

Pre Game questions

How the hell are we playing after all this rain?
Well, the ground was quite dry actually; the pitch wasn’t great but flat and not bad.

Would Kim win the toss?
Yes he did, and he made a good decision and batted

The most vital question in a Casuals game is are we going to bat?
Also are Kim & Cheese going to get some runs?

Well, we did get a total and Kim retired after belting a few sixes and Cheese ran his legs off and smote a few balls himself before he was run out just before retiring for 26 a perfect throw got him, anything else and he was in so worth a gamble.

The “Middle Order”
What mood is Darren in today?
How many balls for Steve and does he play across a straight one?
What crazy way does Dan get out this week?

Darren was of course in a fowl mood as usual; he is getting worse than me! With the echoes of his new nickname freckles ringing in his ears because of all his dots he went out when Kim retired on 58 and was blameless in Ed’s run out, he started with a single or two and then went mad hitting three fours before getting caught for a good 18, in the meantime Rob had gone for 2, bowled by one that didn’t bounce much.

Steve’s arrival got the betting circle awake on the sidelines, anything up to 5 balls was predicted, not many were confident of a Cook like innings from our wildly swinging hero it must be said and after a couple of well played singles the straight one did do for him again I’m afraid. 85 for 4 in the in the 12th over.

Dan and Shakes were partnered next and Dan turned down a third run and was out next ball for 3 in much the same way as Steve. Shakes was out caught next caught, I didn’t see it as I was padding up, we were in the nineties at this point with not long to go.

The final question with our batting is would out tail wag?

In fairness it rarely does, Rolf and I got a few before Rolf got caught and before me Goff tried to glide a ball on middle stump down to 3rd man with a very predictable outcome. And Ritchie came in for the last ball closed his eyes and swung like a rusty gate resulting in loosing his middle stump.

Casuals 111 for 9 in 18 overs

Kim 30 retired
Ed 26 run out
Darren 18 ct
Rob 2 bowled
Steve 2 bowled
Shakey 1 bowled
Dan 3 bowled
Rolf 8 ct
Goff 0 bowled
Pabs 10 not out
Ritchie 0 bowled

The bowling, I think we are more confident with bowling than batting, we can get hit around a bit but I think we are more confident about controlling the game with the ball than the bat.

So the Questions

Can we defend 111?
Did we have a plan?
If Dan got a chance to catch one would he fuck it up?
When would Shakes get an injury and what body part?

As for the first question you will have to wait and see but Kim did have a plan.
In the car on the way up he said he wanted to start with slow straight bowling, limiting shot selection and frustrating the batsmen. My brother and I were tasked with this plan and it sort of worked. It turned a little, their bald opener got frustrated/bored and smacked one in the air, guess who was under it? DAN.

I was actually quite confident to be fair, I thought he was going to catch it, and he did, much to everybody’s relief and some surprise, 1 for 8 after 3 overs. I ended up with 1 for 9 off my 3 overs and Shakes went for 17 off his 3. 26 for 1 off 6 overs.

Now Mark is a bit of a Jonah in the field, there was a sharp caught and bowled that clipped the end of his fingers and that of course resulted in immediate and constant pain for all of us, him in actual pain and the rest of us watching him trying to hide in the field. The ball followed him like a magnet, both legs, ankles and some other body parts were used trying to stop balls to varying results and some fellow casuals had to run to his fielding positions to help throw ball back and do his running for him.

The middle overs, Dan and Steve.

Could we keep the pressure on?
Which Steve would turn up with the ball?
Can we catch today?

Dan bowled very well, no wickets for 17 runs and six of those from 1 shot into garden next to the pavilion was followed by a snorter that cut the batsmen in half.
Steve also bowled an excellent 2 overs followed by a dodgy third with plenty on bonus balls as his line deserted him. Steve took a wicket as well, the Cavs were getting a little desperate at this stage, the bloke who hit a six had retired but we had made him struggle to do so and their skipper was not going quickly either and after the retirement a slog to wide long off from Steve’s bowling resulted in a fine catch from Rob. 59 for 2 in the 12th over.

After the 12th over they were 69 for 2, Steve had gone for 19, and 43 scored of the Dan – Steve partnership.

Death Bowling

Can we hold on?
Can we still catch?
Can we get through the overs before it pisses down?
How quickly could the crafty cockney get through an over?
Is it possible for Cheese to bowl an over without the ball hitting the floor?

Goff went for a single off his first over and Cheese bowled the obdurate opener for 24 in his first over, 77 for 3 in the 14th.
Four off Goff’s next over, 81 for 3 off 15
Seven off Cheese’s next over 88 for 3 off 16

During this a massive cloud loomed over Wenvoe, spots were falling, and getting more frequent. It looked like the end of days for about 20 minuets.

Last but one over, 24 needed, Goff, the craft cockney with the rain belting down bowls what he says is his quickest over he can remember. The quickest in time not speed you understand. They only got 8 off it, so down to Cheese for the last over and 18 needed.

The last over in heavy rain was an odd affair, not many deliveries hit the pitch, there was a no ball that hit the batsmen in the stomach (not a no ball by the way as he was 3 yards down the wicket!) the non striker ran with the batsmen doubled over in pain and shock and he was run out off a no ball. Then their hefty middle order bat swiped at another full toss in the air to Steve at deep square leg, wind blowing, rain coming down and he caught it. Nobody ran or congratulated him because we wanted to get the game over. It was a great catch though. Cheese finally got one low enough to bowl someone off the last but one ball and after 2 runs off the final ball it was all over.

They had 101 off 18 overs, Casuals win by 10 runs.
A good feeling to beat the Cavs for the first ime in a while and a good laugh at the pub afterwards as usual.

Pads 3 overs, 1 mdn, 1 for 9
Shakes 3, 0, 0 for 17
Dan 3, 0, 0 for 17
Steve 3, 0, 1 for 19
Goff 3, 0, 0 for 7
Cheese 3, 0, 3 for 17

Catches for Steve & Rob, a dropped caught and bowled for Cheese and a run out (I Think)



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