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Match Report vs Rhiwbina 16 July 2015 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Dan, report Steveo)

Format: 18 overs, retire 30 and maximum of 3 overs per bowler

Dan L
Paul S

So, a dullish afternoon in Wenvoe. A quick view of the strip reveals some childish vandalism. The groundsman hadn't seemed to notice ( or care) that just on a length the ground had been gouged making it unplayable. frustrating to say the least. Paul blamed the tiny footballers in the distance ( or were they just much further away than we thought?) and other wild accusations were aimed at the horsy woman who lives over yonder ... or even the parky, who was seen to be looking wistfully at the clouds in the hope of an early finish.

Anyway, we chose to play on the other strip.
The Casuals chose or were put in to field first.

Paul opened the bowling and struck early - it may have been the first ball, or i may not have been concentrating and it may have been slightly later. But it was certainly a very early breakthrough and the opener Brown went for nought. First blood to the casuals.

At the other end our antipodean didgereedooer also had some success, trapping the No.2 with an LBW decision.

Luke bowled well but struggled with his line at times ( ie bowled wide!) he also got a new nickname but i can't for the life of me recall what it was ... luke warm, tepid, skywalker .... Richie came up with something new, which seemed hilarious at the time - or it may simply have been a very dull game. some other people bowled - of which Goff Day was the most successful, gaining a wicket of two overs and conceding only 11. Dave also did very well, getting a wicket caight by Goff - who if memory serves made a bit of a big deal of it, misjudging the flight, allowing many of us to start taking bets on the drop and turning away in disgust, but eventually he realised it couldn't have been simpler and he pouched it.

Jesus also took a catch, once he had managed to find the ball which for some minutes remained lost in his ample bosoms.

Despite the excellent work ( and a noted couple of overs from yours truly which went for only 8, which is two less that Dan i notice...) the oppo put on a miserly 99 - this should really be well within the casuals sights!

bowlers overs -maid's -runs - wickets
Rolf 3-0-15-1
Dan L 2 -0-10-0
Goff 2-0-11-1
Luke 3 -0 -29 -0
SteveO 2-0-8-0
Paul S 3-0-12-1
DT 3 -0-13-1

However, as loyal readers will be aware, theres nowt as queer as folk. or as the casuals. so we decided quite simply to bat like twats. Britpop, who had seemed distracted and even grumpier than usual ( i suspect he is still in recovery from his recent jogging competition) hit a couple of singles and a four before being put to the knife.

Winkie got a good ball ( 0 ) and no-one else made any impact, except Jesus hit a couple of fours and ran a couple of twos and it was left to Kim to play some actual cricket, as he played well with 4 x fours and 4 x twos. He retired, but sadly the rest of the team didn't manage to get out quickly enough to get him back in. Which is almost hard to believe.

So we were all out for 70 odd, short of the total by some way.
Britpop 7
Winkie 0
Kim 31
Jesus 12
Dan L 1
SteveO 1
Goff 0
Rolf 0
Paul S 4
Luke 2
DT golden



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