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Match Report vs Chartered Trust 20 May 2015 @ St Fagans (Skipper Jesus, report Shag)

A bit of jiggery pokery with the team selection and everyone was on time and ready to go against CT on the St Fagans main pitch. Skipper Will won the toss and elected to bat first.

The team, spectators and scorers had to be on the ball as openers Tesh and Luvvers were at the crease...for a while. Tesh got the Cazh off the mark with a 2 in the first over. Luvvers, playing his first game of the season started with an elaborate cover drive that he missed. Head down for the 2nd ball after shouts from the sidelines. His confidence regained – he followed with another full drive which turned into a top edge which was caught at point. Tesh had unfortunately managed to scamper to the other end, as next ball also tried a cover drive and was bowled. Bambi approached the crease on a hat-trick, which he defended. 2-2 off 2. Jesus and Bambi looked to repair the innings. The bowling was accurate, not particularly quick, which made it even harder to play, both Jesus and Bambi struggling to get to terms with the pace and bounce of the pitch.

Bambi faced 13 deliveries, scoring 2 singles before being the 3rd victim of Craig Mohring – bowled in the 6th over. 13-3. Britpop now in. The change of bowlers introduced a quicker pace and a bit more bounce. This actually helped the batsmen, however, there were quite a few very good deliveries that just beat the bat and a few chances of those that were close enough to the keeper, were thankfully put down. Typically, even though more balls were connected with, a combination of ball placement and fielding, the score never rocketed or indeed left the ground. Britpop lasted 24 deliveries before expertly fetching an exceptionally wide delivery from off the square and managed to not only connect with it, but also directly to point for 11. 47-4 off 14overs. Pressure was increasing on those remaining and on Skipper Will still at the crease. It induced a big 6 from Will. Ash faced 9 balls and his scoring shot was a nice 4 in the middle of his innings before being literally run out by a mile. With just 2 and bit overs to go, the Cazh were swinging at everything. There was a bit of discent in the field to a couple of full toss no-balls called by Tesh (CT have since apologised for this minor indiscretion, plus the individual punished heavily by the CT fining system). Will finally fell for 42, playing on; Rolf out for 1, Kiwi Pete out for 3 and finally Dan out off the last ball playing on for 0. Matt Purnell on debut carried his bat for a 2 ball 0. The Cazh finishing on 75-9.

Tesh – 2 b
Luvvers – 0 ct
Jesus – 42b
Bambi – 2b
Britpop – 11 ct
Ash – 4 ro
Rolf – 1b
Kiwi Pete – 3b
Shag – 0b
Shakey - DNB

An uphill struggle faced the Cazh, and the target was to pick up as many wickets, and therefore bonus points as possible. Will had divulged that he was going to ‘mix it up a bit’ with the bowling, reminiscent of the 1 over spell tactic employed by Shakey several years ago (and also led to Shakey not being selected for captaincy for a number of years). Shag opened the bowling from the sun end, and was successful at get the first wicket bowled. Shakey opened from the other end, and was himself a victim of the single over spell after throwing in a few wides and going for 9 (though, I’m assured this wasn’t the reason he was replaced – especially as he was unlucky not to pick up a wicket as Britpop put down a chance on the boundary). Matt P on debut replaced Shakey from the bowling green end, and Tesh replaced Dan from the sun end. It was Tesh that picked up the second wicket inviting the batsman to go large with a lofted off drive which was comfortably snaffled by Luvvers.

Enter Rolf. First 2 deliveries can only be described as ‘looseners’, the 3rd the batsman took pity and when chasing a wide multi bouncing delivery scoring 2. He tried the same the next delivery, only to scoop it up to debutant Matt P at mid-on. 3 down. Rolf galvanised by the previous wicket, was this time up against Craig Mohring, and out of the blue – bowled an absolute snorter which got a tickle from Craig and potentially even more a surprise was expertly taken by Ash behind the stumps (on his 100th appearance for the Cazh). The batsman remonstrated that he didn’t hit it, but the umpire agreed with the Cazh and gave him out. 4 down and Rolf on a hat-trick. To restore the equilibrium, the batsman smashed a straight 4. 51-4 off 8 overs. Tesh continued into a third over and was to take another wicket caught by Kiwi Pete (after a juggle) at mid on. Tails were up, the Cazh felt a sniff of victory (even if the required CT chase was almost at the end). Rolf’s 2nd over was much better, in as much that most hit the strip and went for less runs, Kiwi Pete bowled what turned out to be the last over, going for singles and a thumping 6 in the 11th over.

Dan – 2-0-10-1
Shakey – 1-0-9-0
Matt P – 2-0-14-0
Tesh – 3-0-13-2
Rolf – 2-0-19-2
Kiwi Pete – 1-0-10-0

Even though it was a pretty convincing victory (or loss), the Cazh did themselves proud in the second innings – bowling well and fielding very well – looking eager to chase down the ball or being alert to stopping the singles. Batting – needed to be patient, especially after the early loss of wickets, but the bowling was very good and the pitch as low as Wenvoe. Gaining 2 bonus points against the best team in the league should be taken as a good result.

After changing, the St Fagan’s bar was unmanned, so it was off to the Plymouth Arms to discuss the state of the Willow league, and options for inter-league competition with Full Toss league, plus argue extensively about whether KP should be in the England side (or available for selection)...after looking at today’s debacle against NZ maybe he should have been in....?



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