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Match Report vs Cavaliers 10 May 2015 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Kim, report Rich)

Sunshine, Cavaliers, Starburst, Spilt Milk, Dots & Crust-less Sandwiches

Arriving at the ground it appeared that word had spread that the Casz were back in town with event staff directing traffic down the little lane towards the Wenvoe pitch. Alas it would transpire that the event wasn’t the ‘glorious’ game of cricket which was about to commence but our noisy football neighbours who were having an end of season children’s football tournament.

Now I can’t recall who won the toss but as we were put to grass and the Cavaliers were asked to grasp willow I assume that one of the two captains chose to do either of the aforementioned as this is the structure in which the game commenced.

It was rumoured as we took to the ground that Dan would open the bowling but with two Dan’s on the team sheet which Dan would it be? Big Dan the skipper exclaimed …. still the team were bemused as to which Dan it would be – again Kim bellowed – Giant Dan …. and again no clue as to which was to open …. Finally the skipper made it clear – Fat Dan to open from the pavilion end and the team took their places.

Confusion then reigned as Dan was also opening up from the football ground end …. But Kim was eager to clarify that this was tall Dan.

Did I mention there was promise of homemade cake at the interval too? …. Blowers and the team would I imagine be very jealous although there is a distinct lack of buses around the Wenvoe oval.

Dan (pavilion end) made the first breakthrough in his third over removing the Cavaliers #2 batsman with the support of a sharp low catch at slip from the skipper …. Nobody was more shocked than Kim who later indicated that it was down to the fact that he didn’t have time to think about the catch which is why it stuck. A wicket maiden – 16 for 1 in the fifth.

The two Dan’s finished their opening spells with Dan (football end) bringing it back nicely after an expensive first over and Dan (pavilion) being very economical (as usual) – 27 for 1 off 8 overs

Rob Owens replaced Dan at the pavilion end and Richie took over at the football end.

Rob was unlucky not to take a wicket in his tight five over spell in which the batsmen found it difficult to get the ball into the gaps …. Although not quite as difficult as we found it … but more of that later.

Richie made the next breakthrough in his first over …. The skipper’s advice was to concentrate on line and length …. He didn’t mention speed so I guessed the slower the better. As luck would have it the batsman was concentrating on something else as the # 3 was clean bowled having played his shot and then watched the ball inch its way towards the stumps followed by not so much a death rattle rather a gentle tap – 29 for 2 in the 10th

Obviously the next batsman in hadn’t been watching the demise of his colleague as a few balls later the same fate afforded itself to #4 and the Cavaliers were three down with 31 runs on the board with a little under three quarters of their innings remaining (<75% in Cheese terminology).

At the end of the 18th over, and at the end of both Rob & Richie’s spells the score, mainly down to the latter, had moved along to 84 for 3.

Kiwi Pete (pavilion) and Foxy (football) were next change

At drinks the Cavaliers had reached 105 for the loss three wickets

The Cavaliers lost their next wicket with the score at 109 with the opening batsman run out for a solid 45 in the 22nd over – I unfortunately have no recollection of who did what with whom though (although rumour has it that Darren managed to carry out the task unaided).

Foxy after a loose first over took the next wicket again in the 22nd over bowled with the one that went on with the arm (#6 bowled for 2) …. 112 for 5.

Kiwi gained just rewards for a tight opening few overs to take the sixth wicket (batsman #7 caught by Rob for 1) in his third over to reduce the Cavaliers to 113 for 5 in the 23rd over

After a 5 over spell where Foxy brought it back really well the Cavaliers were 128 for 6 off 28 overs

Richie came back for his second spell for a couple of overs from the football end with Kiwi Pete continuing at the pavilion end.

The final change saw the opening bowlers resume their ‘Dan off’ with the score at 149 for 6 off 32 overs. Batsman #5 was now well in and finding the gaps along with the odd aerial volley

The homemade cakes were calling …..

Dan carried on where he left off from his first spell with a tight line and length and had the prize of the final wicket in the penultimate over removing batsmen #8 LBW with the score on 194

The Cavaliers ended on 202 for 7 off 40 overs

The Casz fielded well with only a couple of drops off very difficult chances. Kim diving in the deep in an attempt which looked like it could be painful, and resulted in a very sore neck, and Richie managing to tip one over the boundary for for six trying to snaffle a howitzer.

D Lewis 8 (overs) 1 (maiden) 20 (runs) 2 (wickets)
D Gregory 8 (overs) 0 (maidens) 59 (runs) 0 (wickets)
R Owens 5 (overs) 0 (maidens) 17 (runs) 0 (wickets)
R Holliday 7 (overs) 0 (maidens) 51 (runs) 2 (wickets)
P Tangey 7 (overs) 0 (maidens) 21 (runs) 1 (wicket)
J Prior 5 (overs) 0 (maidens) 30 (runs) 1 (wicket)

There then ensued carnage at the tea table with almost a ‘milktastrophy’ due to the pour (!!) positioning of the creamy substance on a wobbly table. Tea has been reported upon prior to this match report but suffice to say it was plentiful, pleasing and tasty. From hotdog sausages to homemade sponges, from crust-less sandwiches to pork pies and from dancing girls to ….. and so to bat

Openers Kim and Tesh went out with optimism and full bellies

The optimism disappeared quicker than Foxy’s tea

Cavaliers’ opening pair were very canny and accurate and those balls which Kim or Tesh were able to get away always seemed to find the fielders.

The first run came off the 14th ball of the innings – their opening bowlers bowled four maidens in the first five overs ... the writing was on the wall

After the opening pair had finished their spells of six overs each the score had trickled along to 15 off 12 for none. The Casz were behind the eight ball …. In fact we were behind all the balls …. this wasn’t going to be pretty.

At drinks the score had raced along to 50 …. 153 required off 20 overs (the asking rate had risen from 5.075 per over to 7.65)

Our chances were disappearing faster that the packet of starburst which had been left on the scorers’ table …. the Britpop F’s had seen their chance and taken it (or them to be precise).

As luck would have it for the little Britton’s dad was in at number three and with the promise that if he achieved a certain score they could again indulge themselves in the fruit-tastic contents they had been enjoying behind his back. They were gutted as deep down they both knew there was little chance of this paternal indulgence bearing fruit.

Dad was called in at the fall of the first wicket – Kim bowled for 30 in the 21st over (50 for 1)

As Darren strode out to bat to ensure his offspring had sustenance they were already conspiring the starburst’s downfall …. In all honesty the doomed fruity contents were devoured before he’d reached the square.

By 30 overs the score had reached 86 without further loss – 117 required off 10 overs (which would also require a slight acceleration in the scoring rate)

Britpop was the next victim bowled for 23 in the 34th over (107 for 2 – only 96 needed off 6 overs)

Andy Hood in at #4 fell for 4 (caught) in the 36th over (116 for 3), Rob Owens in at #5 succumbed to the same fate without troubling the scorers in the 37th over (116 for 4) with Ash next in at #6.

Tesh had gallantly held his own until he too perished four short of his half century (bowled for 46)

The final loss is recorded as P Tangey Bowled for 2 (I say recorded as our book’s not looking too good by this stage – the Cavalier’s book in comparison was looking rather neat and an accurate record of post tea events [editor’s note: must ensure I score the Casz book in future when scoring].

Our final score was 125 for six off 40 overs – a loss by 77 runs

K Swain bowled 30 (2 x 4’s ; 0 x 6’s)
M Hirani bowled 46 (0 x 4’s ; 0 x 6’s)
D Britton bowled 23 (2 x 4’s ; 0 x 6’s)
A Hood caught 4 (0 x 4’s ; 0 x 6’s)
R Owens caught 0 (0 x 4’s ; 0 x 6’s)
A Akbari not out 2 (0 x 4’s ; 0 x 6’s)
P Tangey bowled 2 (0 x 4’s ; 0 x 6’s)
D Gregory not out 0 (0 x 4’s ; 0 x 6’s)
D Lewis DNB
R Holliday DNB
J Prior DNB

To be fair their bowling was far tighter as a team than ours and only one of their batsmen were able to score heavily – in fact this batsman was really the difference in the result with an unbeaten 86 (his innings included 4 x 4’s and 3 x 6’s) – I guess this slow and low wicket was his pitch .... then it was off to the Wenvoe Arms for some banter, beer and buffet.



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