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Match Report vs Eclipse 7 May 2015 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Kim, report Cheese)

For most of the morning there was a bit of worry that the match would be cancelled due to recent rain, the pitch was confirmed playable at 2pm. As the cash arrived it came quite apparent that Wenvoe was going to live up to the usual billing of low and slow.

After losing the toss, Kimbo reverted with the tired and tested formula of bowling in the Cup games with starting with the occasional bowlers and finishing with the regulars.

Cheese & Goff were the opening pair, after a solid start cheese was planted over his head for a flat four and signs were there that Eclipse were going to get away to fast start until the opener stepped away from a straight one and was bowled. Goff keeping his form from nets and was regularly beating the bat and the ones that did hit the bat only just evading the leg side field though running surprisingly quickly to the boundary. Cheese was as fortunate with the second wicket as with the first with No 3 misjudging and ballooning the ball to Shakey for an easy catch at cover.

Will G & Shakey were the first change and very unlikely not to get at least a wicket each. Will G was near unplayable with the only runs coming from edges that eluded Jesus with the gloves. Shakey had Kimbo put down a simple chance which I would like to say was a surprise but with his current fielding it would be more of a surprise if he took it.

Paul A on debut and Britpop partnered up for overs 5 to 8, not seeing much of Paul at nets I was not sure what to expect though after the first couple of balls and I was glad I hadn’t with a good length slightly variable line Eclipse were starting to struggle getting the ball away and this build of pressure, Paul sent one through the batsmen's gate after a wild drive and gained his first wicket for the club. I would like to say this resulted in wild celebration and a lot back patting but unfortunately we were all still trying work out how Britpop had got a wicket in the previous over. In the book it’s down as LBW but I think there is a twelfth way of getting out; umpire boredom as soon as the finger went up the umpire was walking off to pad up. Anyways the book never lies unless Dan has not adjusted the figures yet and Britpop bowled ‘well’.

Kimbo & Bambi were next up, mainly we were hoping that Kimbo would not go for too many, he didn’t and then it was time for the (re)-emergency of the new father (congratulations) Bambi, with his extra height (I have never seen the top of his head even when he’s seating down) Bambi had more variation in bounce than most and bowled an over that deserved another but was rewarded with a wicket from a brilliant in swinging yorker probably the best ball of the day.

Then it was time for the old stagers to close the innings, never has the phrase save the best till last been more appropriate with the Eclipse middle order looking to finish was a flourish and up their meagre score, off the last 25 balls there were 13 dots; one wide; no boundaries & 3 wickets.

Dan ripped the heart out of them gaining two wickets in three balls the first caught behind by Will M-W the second from a ball angling in that straighten to take the top of off. Winkie applied coup de grace bowling the ‘busy’ chris stork and finishing with four dots.

Not much more we could have done with the bowling innings maybe made some more catches (after so many drops Kimbo did not run to hard in for one!!) and few less full tosses but that’s being needlessly critical

Cheese 2-0-8-2
Goff 2-0-9-0
Will 2-0-6-0
Shakey 2-0-11-0
Paul A 2-0-9-1
Britton 2-0-6-1
Kimbo 1-0-6-0
Bambi 1-0-4-1
Shagger 2-0-4-2
Winkie 2-0-7-1

With a quick turn around the batting innings had all the hallmarks of cash collapse, low target on a pitch ‘doing’ a bit. Captain Kimbo took charge at No 1 with cheese at No 2, the target rate around 4 an over and a plethora of extras, the start was steady if not spectacular. The strike was rotated with mishit singles and byes. With both batsmens struggling for any fluency, Kimbo took the aerial route managing to pick out the scorer’s table leaving a cherry mark on the book and a slightly shaken Shakes even though he did not stir.

Cheese took his cue from the captain hitting back to back fours before being caught & bowled. Fortunately this just brought Jesus to the wicket who straight away had the pace of the wicket with a couple of clips through leg side although still insisting on bringing a late cut into his repertoire, nearly got him into trouble on a couple of occasions.

Kimbo’s balls faced dropped dramatically during his partnership with Jesus though managed to harvest enough of the strike to get to 25 and retire.

Will G took over from Kim and after a couple of plays and misses looked assured at the crease.

With a no real drama Jesus crashed a beautiful cover drive to reach the target with the suspicion that the cazh had the better of the batting conditions but definitely the better bowlers.

Cazh win by 9 wickets
Semi finals w/c 15th June



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