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Match Report vs Sudbrook 19 April 2015 @ Sudbrook (Skipper and report Kim)

And so the new cricket season began against Sudbrook. We left Cardiff under glorious sunshine and arrived in Sudbrook with grey clouds and bloody freezing. With 10 men and Osama [aka Steve] running late skipper Kim went out to the middle for the toss hoping to win and bat (as he didn’t have a clue how late Osama would be – history shows this could range from 5 mins to several hours). The good news was yours truly won the toss and elected to bat.

Kim and Cheese [Ed] opened the batting and batted steadily and was closing in on a 50 partnership when in the 14th over, with the score on 49 Cheesy mis-timed a drive and was caught at cover for 15 (2x4s). By now Osama has arrived with his young ones. Vice-captain Jesus [Will] joined Kim and the two kept the scoreboard ticking with a mixture of nudges and boundaries. Upon reaching his 50 (6x4s, 1x6) and with the score on Australia’s devil number, unlucky 87, Kim perished in the same manner as Cheesy as he drove the ball straight to cover too (24th over)! Ash came in and with Jesus put on a mini partnership until the latter was stumped for 24 (5x4s) with the score on 101.

What followed next was a familiar, yes that’s right, a Casuals collapse as we were bowled out for 142. However, the collapse wasn’t your usual wham-bam thank you mam but carefully constructed plan to keep the opponent out in the cold as long as possible (which may affect their batting, [we hoped])! It wasn’t until the last over of the innings when we were all out. Imagine what we could have done have 11 players!! The collapse wasn’t helped by Rolf [Chris] calling a ridiculous single and running out Pete for a diamond duck. In fact when Rolf hit the ball straight to mid-wicket and shout ‘yes’ Pete immediately said ‘no’ which really meant ‘really’ or ‘are you having a giraffe’! He definitely owed Pete a pint! On the positive note Rolf did hit two cracking 4s to cow corner in his score of 13! Another highlight, (so I have been informed) was Steveo playing a late cut off middle stump and scoring some runs.

Kim 50 (5x4 and 1x6)
Cheese 15 (2x4)
Jesus 24 (5x4)
Ash 3
Richie 1
Rolf 13 (2x4)
Pete 0 (diamond)
Steveo 7
Pabs 9
Luke 7no

The tea was lovely – sandwiches of all types, pizzas, mini Cornish pastries, sausage rolls and for afters – an assortment of cupcakes and chocolate bars with the main event being the scones (jam and cream). This was washed down by a nice cuppa or two!

The Casuals took to the field to defend 142 and the signs immediately looked good as the sun broke through which increased the temperature from ‘don’t throw that ball to me’ to ‘ok, throw the ball but gently’.

Pabs and our newest debutant Luke ‘The enforcer’ Edwards [his username needs changing] opened the bowling. Pabs bowled very well and was rewarded with the first wicket, caught by Jesus using part hands but predominately, his midriff. Score was 60 for 1 in the 11th over (I think – the scorebook was incomplete). Batsman number one out for 34. Luke also bowled well but learnt the tough lesson of not to bowl short on a slow wicket. He should had a wicket with an edge going straight to first slip, but unfortunately the skipper decided to stand somewhere between second and third slip.

Steveo and Pete was the next double act to bowl. Again, both bowled very well. Osama had a wicket for literally a second but then lost it as the skipper shelled a straight forward chance at mid-wicket. Apparently, Steveo had already started celebrating until the fatal moment when the ball hit the ground! Pete, at the other end got the second and third wicket with consecutive balls. The first was a straight looping delivery which their number 3 batsman tried to heave-ho to Mars but missed it and was stumped by keeper Ash for 31! Next ball was another looping delivery which batsman number 4 (first kid to come out to bat) played down the wrong line and was clean bowled. Hat-trick time! Pete on a hat-trick and all the casuals are brought in. Their number 5 batsman looked like he could bat so the delivery needed to be good…Pete bowled…another looping delivery straight at the stumps, their batsman flicked it to short mid-on where Steveo was fielding…the ball hit Steveo’s hands on the full and then fell to the floor…alas no hat-trick for Pete who now is owed two pints! No idea what the score was as this stage as their scorers didn’t do the book correctly! However, it is fair to say they were way ahead of the run rate and the only way we could win was if we bowled them out.

Steveo and Pete finished their spells and were replaced by Richie and Rolf respectively. At this stage about 30 runs were needed with 18 overs remaining. What we need were wickets and Richie delivered, firstly batsman number 5 clean bowled with what can only be described as the extra slower ball. The batsman played his shot so early he had time to turn around and watch the ball roll onto the stumps, yes that right, rolled on to the stumps! Richie also got the next batsman out caught by Jesus who again decided to use his midriff to take the catch at mid-off. Whilst all this was happening the other opener has slowly accumulated to 41 runs. With 10 still needed the match became what would they do, would they captain try and get their opener to 50! Would he fuck! Their captain batting number 7 tried to smash every delivery and the opener was left on 49 not out when the target was reached.

Pabs 6 – 0 – 19 – 1
Luke 6 – 0 – 44 0
Osama 5 – 0 – 28 – 0
Pete 5 – 0 – 25 – 2 (should have been a hat trick!)
Richie 3 – 0 – 21 – 2
Rolf 2.5 – 0 – 9 – 0

A very enjoyable day and a good first up display by the Casuals especially with the ball!



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