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Match Report vs Rhiwbina 17June 2014 @ Llandaff Fields (Skipper Kim, report Dan)

The Cazh turned up for our first Cup game vs Rhiwbina at Llandaff Fields on a nice sunny evening. Captain Kim tossed whilst the team changed alfresco and we were fielding. Dan and Tesh opened the bowling, Dan started with a maiden and a wicket (run out by Winkie), Tesh started with a wide and a maximum. 24-1 off 4overs. Britpop and Rolf next up, Britpop bowled very well and took the wicket of the no3 who looked to work in boundaries or missed, the no2 looked measured and competent – nudging the good ball and smashing the bad. Rolf worked mainly in wides and one no ball that Shag caught nonchalantly with one hand at square leg. 70-2 off 8.

Pablo and Winkie brought tightened the reigns with the no2 retiring (25), early in Pauls over the batsman took on Captain Kim’s arm and lost – run out for 23, and Paul got the new batsman lbw in the same over. 85-4 off 12overs. Cheese next up and obviously bowled too well as with a run out via Tesh and completing a maiden – received the shepherd’s crook. The Don and Stu took over and ended the Rhiwbina innings in the 17th over – Matt taking 2 wickets in his first over – the first caught by Kim, the second lbw; Stu bowling his victim and with the no2 back in play, Matt took the wicket of no11. Rhiwbina finishing on 111ao.

Dan 2-1-5-0
Tesh 2-0-19-0
Darren 2-0-22-1
Chris H 2-0-24-0
Paul 2-0-8-1
Andy 2-0-6-0
Ed 2-1-0-0
Matt H 2-0-13-2
Stu H 2-0-13-1
Extras 24

So chasing a relatively low total, Captain Kim opened up with Cheese. The scorer had hardly clicked the pen before Kim was shuffling very slowly back to the sidelines. His record attempt at innings without a duck ended in spectacular style being bowled for a golden. Tesh played the rest of the over cautiously and nicked the strike at the end. The following over Tesh gave any benefit to the bowler – watching the bounce and line, finally going for a shot on the 4th delivery – boundary and then stole the strike again. Cheese was starting to get a little hot under the collar. Next over – miss, 2, 4, miss, miss, 1...Ed still not on over followed Tesh still on strike – miss, miss, miss, 4, 4, wide, wide, wide, wide, 2. Little red Ed finally on strike. 28-1 off 4overs.

The pent up frustration was released as Ed hit 4 back to back boundaries, nicked the strike, had a breather, nicked the strike again, another couple of 2s and a boundary and retired from the action! Tesh followed suit next over. Jesus and The Don the next pair in, though the Don was dutifully run out in the 8th. 65-2. Dan had been hauled up the order and although only made 3 before being caught out, enjoyed a 26 run partnership with Jesus who then retired. Britpop took guard before being bowled first ball, Stu lasted a 12 ball 3 before being caught, Paul finished off proceedings with Winkie watching without facing in the 16th over.

Kim 0 golden – bowled
Ed 28 retired
Tesh 26 retired
Will 25 retired
Matt 1 run out
Dan 3 caught
Darren 0 golden – bowled
Stu 3 caught
Paul 5 not out
Andy 0 not out
Chris H DNB – little bit harsh – Chris was offered the position of 7 but said he didn’t mind so was relegated to 11!

Then off to the Halfway to watch a shite game of world cup football and evaluate if the bar staff rivalled the Butchers ...verdict – still no


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