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Match Report vs Sudbrook 01 June 2014 @ Sudbrook (Skipper Shakey, report Dan)

With another rare sunny day landing on a Sunday all the Cazh rushed to the ground for the 4th game of the season. Well, I say rushed to the ground...Dan was 7 mins early, Chris Harris was 1 minute early and Goff was 10 mins late, but the game started on time and the Cazh were fielding.

Dan and Ed opened the bowling on a very flat wicket. Both opening batsman looked solid, but Dan and Cheese got them both to play and miss a few times. Dan had been somewhat unlucky not to pick up a wicket by the exceptionally static Kim who failed to move a half a foot to his right and at least attempt the catch. His slowness was due to a ‘friendly’ game of Aussie Rules the day before – after saying on recovering from his knee surgery that he would ‘never play it again’...22-0 off the first 8 overs.

As Goffy was late and was the clear favourite amongst the team before kick off to keep wicket, the Cazh scanned the possibles within the team for the new favourite. I think it’s fair to say that when Shakey emerged with the pads on – it came somewhat as a surprise and tactically thoughts turned to what would Roy Hodgson do in this position – put 10 men behind the bat...or keeper? Even after Goffy eventually turned up, Shakey stuck to his guns and held on to the gloves – which was fortunate as it looked like he was not going to hold on to anything else!

Goffy replaced Dan and Britpop replaced Cheese. Goffy, appeared to be pumped up after being late (or not being handed the gloves) proceeded to give the batsman the ‘stare’ after most deliveries – either that or he had left his contact lenses at home. Darren bowled a 2 over spell and bowled some really good deliveries, though the right-handed had started to find his rhythm and punched a few boundaries to long on. It wasn’t really helped by the field being to set to a sort of ‘half way house’ – neither in catching positions nor stopping the boundaries, so in Goffy’s 5th over a fielder was brought in close on the on side and left almost all of the on side from square leg to long on free. The right hander lost some concentration, and Goffy put one down just outside off to claim the first wicket of the day – this came as massive surprise to Shakey who found the ball somehow lodged in his gloves.

Goff was then promptly removed for the attack and replaced with Chris whose surname has been in the news recently and as a young lad then walked into bat – prompted the new nickname of Rolph.

Pablo replaced Darren. Both began to stem the flow of runs. Fortunately it was Pablo removed the young lad, with the other opener then looking to open his shoulders, and was undone by hitting one down the throat of Tesh at backward square leg off a deserving Rolph. Paul picked up the next, enticing a lofted cover drive to Cheese, and Rolph finally managed to groom the new boy into spanking it to Paul at point. The game had become a lot more manageable with 5 wickets down for about 110 and 30 overs. At drinks in the 21st over, Shakey had been persuaded to hang up his gloves after catching one off Paul and not appealing because he didn’t hear it – even the umpires were left scratched their heads (thought it was only a slight nick), and a very comical stumping chance also off Paul where he appeared to juggle the ball before scooping it over the stumps whilst the batman was still short of his ground. Darren was the next in the firing line.

Tesh had a bowl and encouraged the new adult batsman to take a 2 – little did he know the dead-eye accuracy of Obee1, who with only 1 stump to aim for took a direct hit at the non strikers end to see the end of what could have been a formidable batsman. Dan had returned at the other end, but failed to take a wicket, he was replaced by Goff who enticed the batsman to loft high to Shag at mid-off. With a bit of forward backward movement, the catch was eventually taken safely. And like buses, 2 balls later a similar shot was played with the same result. Obee1 had a bowl too and didn’t go for many. It was Cheese who took the final wicket in the last over bowled. 159ao.

Lewis – 8 overs - 1 maiden – 20 runs – 0 wickets
Stewart – 8-1-20-2
Goff – 7-1-30-3
Britton – 2-0-14-0
P Stephens -8-0-26-2
R Harris – 5-0-13-2
Obee – 2-0-5-0
Hirani – 2-0-14-0

Tea was lovely – sandwiches of all types, pizzas, pork pies, sausage rolls and for afters – an assortment of cupcakes and chocolate bars with the main even being the scones (jam and cream).

Kim and Tesh opened the batting, Kim with his crocked knee and Tesh slowly recovering from his groin ‘strain’. The pair looked very comfortable and reached 50 without loss after 12 overs. Kim having scored the lion’s share of the runs was then undone by umpire Cheese, who gave him out lbw (33). It had hit Kim quite far down the pitch which upset him, but it had stayed very low which more than justified the decision. Enter Britpop who had been practising his Shakey dab in the nets prior his innings. Determined to play the dab or Cheese slice anything outside off, found it frustrating when the bowling didn’t really allow this shot selection. He was out 5 overs later chipping one back to the bowler (6). 60-2 off 17.

Pete Obee1 was next in and first shot followed on from his indoor improvement – a solid defensive shot. Next over Tesh hits one towards the boundary and calls 2, Pete, not known for his excessive speed, got to the other end turned and set off for the second to see Tesh paused half way back wondering if the 2 would be completed. The pair continued with their original plan and the outcome was no, Pete would not make it – run out for 0. Débutante Alan Pateman was next in. He surveyed the outfield and position of the fielders before he was caught behind off the 3rd delivery (0). Cheese in next to steady the ship and make up for his duck at Blaina. The ship was as steady as the titanic as Cheese trapped the ball in front of the stumps with his foot and was out lbw (0). 52-0 off 12.3 overs had become 62-5 off 20overs.

Dan, promoted up the order was uncommonly seen playing out the rest of the over with forward defensives…He and Tesh looked for runs when on offer, but Tesh’s hamstrings had begun to seize, so Dan went boundary bound. This was fine until Dan holed out on the said boundary (15). Paul took over and started with a square cut through point. By the time Dan had been for a shower and returned, Tesh had retired due to his body failing, though it was negotiated that he would be allowed to return if the remaining batsmen failed. The question was – would Goffy turn up or would it be another tour moment?

As it turned out he turned up – he and Paul pushed the score along to 111 off 30overs – just 48 required off 10 overs – admittedly not many lives left. Paul was then caught out for 12. Rolph joined Goff. The pair worked steadily against the mixed bowling attack, Chris hitting a couple of 4s and running well with Goff. The score crept along and soon only 22 runs were required off 5 overs. The adult bowler returned to try and take the much needed wicket. It was this point that Goff decided to throw a curve ball – at the end of the 35th over shouted back to the boundary asking if Tesh would return if required. Unbeknown to those on the sideline and Tesh – this question had a rather severe meaning – the answer being yes if all went wrong he would return. First ball next over, Goff demonstrated what his question had signified – like he was on Strictly Come Dancing off - our very own Michael Vaughan, quick stepped down the track with a massive yahoo and missed the ball by a mile. Fortunately the keeper had a bit of a fumble and an exceptionally close stumped decision was given not out by a head scratching Obee1. Still, not to be deterred Vaughny tried again 2 balls later (even after shouts from the boundary of ‘head down’ and 'play for your average'), this time he succeeded in being stumped by a country mile (11). 140-8.

Shakey up next lasted a ball or 2 from the adult before being bowled. So Tesh was thrust back into the action. He and Chris looked to see the Cazh home with the added hilarity of Goff being the runner for Tesh. The bowling remained tight and the spinner was bowling a very good loopy length. Chris lasted just 1 more over before finally his very good innings came to an end being bowled for 20. All out for about 145 (even with an adult Kim scoring the book didn’t add up). But it did highlight that Tesh had effectively carried his bat for a full innings (ok about 35 overs) for 32 runs – including zero boundaries!!!!

Tesh – 32 no
Kim – 33lbw
Darren 6 c+b
Obee – 0 ro
Alan – 0 ct
Cheese – 0 lbw
Dan – 15ct
Paul – 12ct
Goffy – 11st
Rolph – 20b
Shakey -0b
Extras 21 supposedly.

A very enjoyable game, one which many might think we should have won, but no one is pointing the finger at anyone…Goffy!
A few beers later and a chat with the oppo before everyone set back off to sunny Cardiff.



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