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Match Report vs Dinas Powys 25 August @ The Common (Skipper Cheese, report Ash)

Casuals turned up to a slightly overcast and murky day at the common with both teams hoping that the rain would hold off long enough for the wind to blow the clouds over.

The captain won the toss and decided that we would have a field.

Paul and Stu opened the bowling, with the first 6 overs only going for 6 runs (3 maidens for Paul) with the breakthrough coming in the 8th over with Stu taking the opening bat with an edge taken well by Will. The other opener had been lucky earlier to escape a glove which went through to Will off his gloves and with an outstanding rebound catch taken low to his left by Pete Obee. Fate must have been on our side though as in the 12th over he got another glove this time carrying almost past 1st slip if not for an amazing diving high catch taken one handed by Pete 'Buckets' Obee at first slip.

This had two new batsman at the crease and they looked to up the rate quickly with some very lofted shots down the hill for a mix of 4's and 6's.
Stu went for a few too many off his last few overs but a great start to his spell, picking up both openers, with Paul holding up his end very well with great figures but no wickets.

A debut for Jake Cryer bowling at 3, with the captain taking the other end. Jake had a promising first over but got punished a little bit in his second with the batsman looking to push the rate and hit big boundaries charging down the wicket. He was replaced by Shakey and between him and Ed they pushed on aggressively with the field trying to take wickets, whilst the batsman looked to play aggressively.

With the number 3 on 50+ and playing expansive shots, and the number 4 still finding his feet, this brought about drinks. An amusing 4 overs then came about with the number 4 trying to smash the ball to every corner but missing the first 5 balls each over and then getting a single from the last ball. This brought quite a few shouts and jeers from the awaiting batsman, and quite a few laughs from the Casuals as well. The next over with the number 3 on strike an easy single was declined in favour of keeping the strike, however this lead to his downfall with ball from shaky taking a bottom edge and Will taking a tidy low catch to dismiss him for 67.

Ed and Shakey came off after 4 overs for 11 and 23 runs but no wickets, Ed bowling some great swinging deliveries that had contained the batsman's scoring rate and this brought on Rich. Shakey had been unlucky with a few half chances not being taken, bringing on Pete Obee.

The number 5 who had got himself in was trying to get going and holed out to Shakey at midwicket off the bowling of Pete in his 2nd over. Richey at the other end had been bowling some enticing loopers and had earned a 2nd over from the captain with his figures. Another good 2nd over earned him a 3rd which unfortunately conceded a few more than the first two which in turn produced a shout from the captain of "Why do we always risk the third :) "
Pete had another couple of overs going for a few costly runs but had chances in there.

This brought Ed and Shakey back on, with the number 4 looking to make up for his earlier low scoring rate and hogging of the strike, he had been on the charge and started hitting a few boundaries and also upping his rate. He was out off Shakeys bowling, with another awesome catch from Pete 'Buckets' Obee at midwicket taking a screamer which looked more likely to go steaming to the boundary but was taken brilliantly.

A run out late in the game and a good high catch taken by John Furnham off the bowling of Shakey (which could have easily been a comedy collision between John and Ashley in the field if not for a well timed call of mine from John) brought an end to the innings.

Bowling figures:

P Stephens 8 overs, 3 maidens, 13 runs, 0 wickets (0 no balls, 0 wides)
S. Harding 8 overs, 0 maidens, 44 runs, 2 wickets (2 no balls, 5 wides)
J. Cryer 2 overs, 0 maidens, 28 runs, 0 wickets (0 no balls, 2 wides)
E. Stewart 7 overs, 0 maidens, 42 runs, 0 wickets (0 no balls, 4 wides)
M. Stephens 8 overs, 0 maidens, 52 runs, 3 wickets (0 no balls, 2 wides)
P. Obee 5 overs, 0 maidens, 30 runs, 1 wickets (0 no balls, 1 wides)
R. Holliday 3 overs, 0 maidens, 13 runs, 0 wickets (0 no balls, wides)

Tea was the standard good quality which we expect at Dinas, a good range of sandwiches, cake, bit of coleslaw and pasta if thats your kind of thing and some random things like pate and french stick :)

With John and Richie opening the batting, John got off to a nice start putting away the bad balls for the first couple of overs keeping the strike. Unfortunately for Richie, he went for a 1st ball duck with a thick edge carrying and taken at 1st slip. Will went out to bat and along with John played the bad ball well. John was undone in the 12th over with another good catch taken at square leg to send him on his way for 19.

Jake making his debut at bat was in at 4, he knocked the ball around well rotating the strike with Will and going a few overs later being caught for 4.
Ashley went out to meet Will, and was met with a new bowler. After the first over which Will faced all 6 balls of the comment was "we need to wait, wait and wait a bit more and then play your shot as the ball is coming that slowly." Ashley heeded this and went on to enjoy himself finally managing to score some runs and rotate the strike with Will who also continued to score whilst being slightly frustrated by the lack of pace on the ball.

This continued through drinks, bring the captain on to bowl who was more to Wills liking, but not to Ashley's who whilst trying to up the rate only managed to miss and see the ball go past the bat at every attempt. Will then went for a very tidy 83 being caught, bring Ed to the crease. The same comments were made between Ed and Ash, but after missing opputunites off the first 3 balls Ashley took a few too many strides down the wicket to the quickie and was caught after skying one miles in the air which was taken by the bowler - Ash departing for 27.

With Paul and Ed at the crease they continued to score from one end and try and keep the captain out at the other end, squeezing singles where possible. The captain finished his spell and then Ed looked to up the rate, unfortunately Paul was out stumped for 5, bringing Mark to the crease. Mark was at the crease for a while running good 2's with Ed, with taking a single from the last ball of each over to keep the strike. The casuals then suffered their 2nd 1st ball duck of the game with Shakey being bowled bringing Stu to the crease. This then brought the casuals 3rd 1st ball duck with Stu going bowled as well :(

With Pete and Ed now at the crease and needing about 7 - 8 and over, Ed went for some big shots to keep the rate in range and was caught and bowled for 44 trying to going to hard but a great catch. Andy 'Junior' Furnham went to the crease with Pete and him needing a massive 9 an over off the last 4 overs to win the game.

Andy was bowled for 2 with Pete not out for 1.

The brought an end to the game with Dinas winning by 30 runs, but a good game overall between two well balanced teams.

J. Furnham 19 runs (2 4's 1 6)
R. Holliday 0 runs
W. Mason Wilkes 83 runs (4 4's)
J. Cryer 4 runs
A. Akbari 27 runs (2 4's)
E. Stewart 44 runs (7 4's)
P. Stephens 5 runs
M. Stephens 0 runs
S. Harding 0 runs
P. Obee 1 run not out
A. Furnham 2 runs




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