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Match Report vs St Fagans 18 August @ St Fagans (Skipper and Report Cheese)

After a washout on Saturday, there was a little hesitation in the ranks if the game was going to be on. As it was the outfield was slightly damp and very slow but the wicket was dry though a little slow.

Cazh won the toss and batted first, Steve-o and Will opened for the cazh and straight away it came apparent how slow the outfield was with shots from Will that we have been applauding to the boundary stopping a good 20 yards short.

With the bouncer from early in the season finding a better length though not full enough for Steve-o to flog him, it was slow going with runs coming in two’s rather than fours.
Steve-o was the first to fall, missing with a straight drive and having his middle stump clipped. JR entered the fray with the non bouncing bouncer still getting through his overs, in fairness Dallas played him well even getting out of the way for the only bouncer of the day. Will had settled and was now looking to push on, this started with a half tracker that he dispatched through cover unfortunately this is where it end as the cover fielder pounced and Will was sent on his way.

Tesh strolled out to the wicket and was timing his back foot pushes straight away and with Dallas started to build a partnership although not running the first as hard as I would have liked at times!

With the bouncer coming to end of his spell with Dallas doing most of the fending off, Tesh was given the last three balls to see off, he didn’t. Gloving the ball behind which the wicket-keeper did well to dive forward and take.

This started a mini collapse with Dallas; Stu; Pete Obee and Cheese all falling in the space of 5 overs though Pete’s straight drive for four was a shot of the day.

Shakey brought some order to the proceeding settling in with the steadfast Richie to bring the total up to 100, with well taken singles and creaming the bad ball to the boundary with an ever drying and quickening outfield.

Shakey was out next trying to work a straight ball to leg and spooning a catch up to the bowler. With partners running out Richie looked to go big and hit two sixes straight over the bowlers head with the newly arrived Pablo rotating the strike back to him as quickly as possible.

Into the last 5 overs of the innings and the difficult decision of taking what we could or taking a bit of risk to up what was a meagre total. Pablo chose the latter and lofted a drive into the covers that took a very good one handed catch to bring it down.

Matt was last man in and was not asked to play a ball as the rest of the over went by him, Richie was going after every ball now but increased aggression meant a loss of form but inside edges were still going deep into the outfield with Matt always pushing hard for 2.

Richie was on strike for the beginning off the 37th over and was undone with a full toss what bowled him.

Not a great total from the cazh 123 all out but would have been a lot worse if firstly Tesh and then Richie had not got their heads down and scored more 70% of the runs off the bat between them.

Tea was a good array of sandwiches, pizza slices and cake. Among the topics of conversation was the definition of a cake and more exactly package, I will try and distil the discussion into one sentence – “an individual wrapped item can not be called a cake regardless of content” also after watching Shakey pick the cucumber out of his sandwich maybe this needs a focus group as well.

After tea, the cazh sauntered back to the wicket knowing that a couple of early wickets and the below par total would start looking like a winning total.

To cut a long and tenuous story short, we didn’t in fact we didn’t make any break through as much as all the bowlers tried with the pick being Pablo. Only ‘highlight’ was Pete Obee bowling to an 8 – 1 field trying to get the batsmen playing across the line, they duly did and hit a few boundaries to tarnish Pete’s figures which would have been good but for the captains bizarre fielding placements.

Cazh lost by 10 wickets although the margin could not be bigger, I think we have lost by less but been more battered.



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