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Match Report vs Lisvane 11 August @ St Mellons (Skipper and Report Cheese)

After two weeks of wash outs it was slightly rusty Cazh team that came together at the lovely ground at St.Mellions to play Lisvane. Cheese won the toss and to the oppo surprise decided to bat first, after which the oppo captain explained there was a home umpire who was umpiring as part of his hospital treatment and he said he would recall batsmen if there were any howlers made.

Tesh & newbie Steve “stormin” Norman opened for the cazh, after a slow start Stormin opened his cazh account with a huge six over long off, Tesh was dealing with the other end especially a back foot nudge around the corner that flew off the bat to the rope. It was going to need something special to remove either batsmen and Tesh got a brute off the pitch that hit his glove and ballooned to slip.

Will walked to wicket with the new ball still moving around and Will gave a couple of chances to slip one was an awful drop, would they rue these missed chances?

Stormin and Will built a solid partnership that more about sporadic boundaries than rotating the strike. Stormin fell just before drinks but had given the cazh a position to jump on from.

Ash joined Will at the crease finally after spending the walk in playing an array straight bat shots, (he might as well get these out of the way before the ball comes near him!!!!) In fairness he played a straight bat to his first 11 balls and made contact with some, on the twelfth ball he cut the ball straight to cover point and was out caught.

Pablo strode out to the wicket twirl his bat in the sunlight took guard and pumped his first ball straight back over the bowlers head; the second he Dilshaned to the fine leg boundary; the third ball he clipped off his legs over square leg placing the ball just two yards left of the watching toddler after which deciding that his innings might end in tragedy strolled down the wicket gave Will some advice and retired himself.

The last paragraph may have had a little artistic license, I must apologise to Pablo I missed his innings as a heated debate had started on the side lines over the weeks until tour and percentages, just to say if you argue with an idiot he will always bring you down to his level and you will lose, he has more practice.

Shakey entered the fray played and missed a bit but Will was into is stride taking one over for 18, working mostly in the V, one of his sixes barely got off the ground and clattered into the fence about 7 foot up. He reached yet another fifty for the club with a punch through the covers that raced to the rope up hill. After a couple of lives early on Will was destroying the bowling.

With Shakey getting into his stride he looked for a single but was sent back by Will, the bails were removed after Shakey had run his bat in by a good two foot even so the finger was raised and as the captain had thrown the ball in, no call back was offered. Shakey slumped off and made his way to the dressing room. I think Shakey’s comment on the episode sum it up succinctly - such comments can't possibly be aired on the internet!

Jonni T made his way to the square and nudged a couple to singles to get Will back on strike. With the innings coming to a close Jonni freed his arms only for one to keep slightly low and peg back his off stump. Though as little treat for Jonni the over before Will had mauled the bowling with a 4-6-4 to bring up his second hundred for the club.

Cheese wandered to the wicket watched Will hit another 6 with all the hard work done in the previous 37 overs, cheese threw the timber around managing to get some late boundaries.

Will finally fell in the last over trying to get back for a quick second run, this allowed Goffy 3 balls to demonstrate his talent with the bat. Goffy finished with a strike rate of 300 with him and cheese buying a hard run 3 at the end that should have only been a single.

The cazh finished on 223 with 115 runs coming in the last ten overs.

Tea was ok, there was a very anaemic brew available that looked like a tea bag had been waved over it. Good variety of cake though.

The cazh started how they finished with Cheese and Goff opening the bowling, with cheese finding early swing was unlucky not to get the more aggressive opener out early. Not as unlucky as Goffy though who took the brunt of the early onslaught with the opener who had been dropped punishing anything wide and short (lucky he did not take the bat to cheese!!). In the end Shakey removed the opener taking a great catch at mid-wicket, this allowed Goffy gain some rhythm.

Matt replaced Cheese and started with on long hop unfortunately a theme that would continue on through his spell though some of the old magic started to return and rapped the pads a couple times. Goffy was still running in bowling this 8 overs through. In his last over got the wicket he deserved removing the other opener by nipping one up the slope and pegging back the off stump.

Matt was bowling better and better and found some shape in the his last couple of overs enabling the ball to go past the outside edge but never take it. At dinks Lisvane had reached 93-2 though with the knowledge of what we had taken in the last overs a lot of work still to do.

Jonni T and Pete Obee had the honours after drinks and bowled in the face of the settled batsmen moving through the gears to up the run rate. Pete Obee was unlucky not to get a couple of wickets with Cheese and Will dropping at Long off & on respectively they were better than 50/50 chances and on another day both would have been taken. Jonni bowled an excellent line giving neither batsman a chance to free the arms. Again an apology Jonni may well have taken a wicket but I can not draw it from my ever increasing decaying memory banks [Jonni infact took 2 wickets - a wicket maiden first over - caught and bowled and another bowled in his 4th].

Shakey had an uneventful 2 over spell after Pete Obee and then Cheese bowled his last 3 tidily though did get pumped for a massive six over mid wicket.

The game was left with Pablo and his 6 overs, after bowling a miserly two overs, the batsmen went after him with the only out come a huge top edge that looked destined to land in no-mans land, while we watched the ball go on we missed Goffy putting on the after burners to get underneath it. Which he duly did and took a great catch that pushed the door of hope ajar. Then with the last ball of the 38th over Pablo and Will smashed through door with the former beating the outside edge and latter after a bit of juggling to take the bails of the number 5 who looked like he had the game in the bag. This left Pablo in the last over with 10 runs to play with:-

1st Ball – hit for 6!!!
2nd Ball – Single to cover boundary, well fielded by Tesh to keep in to one.
3rd Ball - Dot
4th Ball – Wicket, Under 11 (who had pulled cheese for 4 through mid-wicket!), was that a good wicket to take!
5th Ball – Single to third man
6th Ball – Wicket; bowled

Cazh won by 2 runs

As they say the silence was deafening from the Lisvane crowd; I have to say when I look back we gain those two victory runs everywhere from turning singles into twos when batting to doing the reverse in the field.

Well played all and sorry for lapses in memory!!!



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