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Match Report vs Consmen 30 May 2013 @ Wenvoe (Skipper Cheese, report Winkie)

The Caz on the whole enjoy a good game of Cup cricket, so it was with a level of expectation of a ‘good game’ that we turned up at Wenvoe ready for the quarter final. The oppo appeared in dribs and drabs. Perhaps this was a sign that they weren’t fully motivated and ready for the game? Eventually the toss was made and the Caz elected to field.

For those not aware of the format: 18 overs a side max 2 overs per bowler = 9 bowlers, batsmen retire at 25.

Little Darren Britton opened the bowling and in a lengthy one over spell restricted the batsmen to 5 runs, unlucky not to get a wicket? Perhaps deserving of a second over? His opening accomplice was a little known aussie who occasions the bowling crease with a variety of left arm twiddlers, on this occasion bemusing the batsmen enough to avoid being spanked around the park (he might have enjoyed that?) inducing a run out as the batsmen were frustrated at not being able to blast the c!?k (lol - apparently this means you can say anything?) out of the park (winky in with a quick throw to Stevo behind the stumps). Bowesy, the casuals youth policy then took up the challenge, upping the pace and in a devastating spell dismantled the stumps twice; (sorry got bored at this point trying to make it sound exciting – it wasn’t, we were simply too good for them)… wickets continued to fall regularly as the Consmen failed to get to grips with the Wenvoe wicket and because of the good bowling and fielding by the Caz. The eventual total from 17.5 overs 67 all out.

Little Britton 1 over, no maidens, no wickets for 5
Aussie Kimbo 2-0-0-11
Bowesy 2-0-2-2
Pete ‘kiwi’ Tangy 2-0-1-5
Shagger Lewis 2-0-1-3
Pablo Stephens 2-0-0-7
Bagpuss Stephens 2-0-2-8
Winky Hood 2-0-0-10
Osprey Thomas 2-0-0-8
Capt Cheese. 1-0-1-6

Admittedly the pitch was not a belter and a score of 110+ might have proved quite challenging but 68 to win looked well short of ‘par’.

Little Britton opened for the second time in one day and showed his all-round potential - the only batsmen making it to retirement on 25. His opening partner Steve faired slightly less well holing out for a juicy 0, zilch, nil, nothing, naught, not a thing, zero…. left to look back on his keeping display to maintain his spirits (perhaps should consider keeping them in a hip flask, perhaps a little too ‘fox’ like?). Again Bowesy, the youth policy (in case anyone has forgotten – early onset alzheimers anyone? Where was I?), upped the pace, this time at the batting crease, dealing mostly in fours before being caught for an entertaining 22 holing out in the covers. It was left to Capt Ed and Kim to see us home with seven overs to spare and no real worries.

Almost too much excitement, but we’re through to the semi’s – Come on the Caz!!!!

[additional Shagger - no mention of the only contentious event of the game – the Shakey LBW....(shakey in more ways than one), can’t really accuse Foxy – yes, FOXY of having a trigger finger as the batsman had taken his guard for the next delivery and the field reset before FOXY decided to give him out after a) hitting it (allegedly – although he looked like an accomplished batsman, he very rarely actually connected with the ball, so having finally done so, to be given out – was ‘salt in the wound’) and b) being so far down the track he was almost within touching distance of the aforementioned umpire. Still, the subsequent abuse from the sidelines was quite amusing as the intended recipient was deaf.....the wound was further opened and more salt applied when his team mate, and opening batsman, had supposedly been told by the umpire – “if you hit, let me know as I won’t be able to hear it as I’m deaf. The same advice had not been passed on to him…. ]


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