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Match Report vs Barry Westend 05 May 2013 @ Barry's Island (Skipper Ed, report Ash)

The casuals turned up in less than familiar conditions to Barry Island, bright sunshine and blue skies. With some of the Casuals not sure what to make of these strange and hostile warm conditions, some of the discussion was as to whether this was a 2 or 3 jumper day, the common judgement was that it was a Tshirt day but to keep the spare jumpers on hand in case the sun took a turn for the worse.

Before the game started we had a couple of the casuals taking aim into the bollards outside the club in the car park making nice additions to their car's paint work - and as both were bowlers, we could only hope they were keeping their aim for the overs to come later in the day. Not to much damage we hope.

Not sure who won the Toss as its not noted in the book - but we were batting first.

Darren and Tesh went out to the middle, making a slow but steady start. In the baking heat the west end were fielding well, or just lucky to be having a man in the right place a lot of the time, and with darren carrying a bad leg the two batsmen were not pushing the ones into twos but looking for singles were possible - however made 2 3's. After 10 overs the Casz were 30 for 0.

The run rate after 10 started to pick up but unfortunately Darren was bowled in the 12th over by Miller. This brought Kym to the crease who was happy to knock singles into the gaps and give the strike back to Tesh. The two remained together for 5 overs starting to up the rate both picking up some boundaries until Kym was caught trying to hit one to the boundary for 12 in the 17th over.

Steve came to the crease picking up a single off his first ball ending the over. Unfortunately the first ball of the next over was Bowled by Harris trying to go after a straight slow one which clattered his middle stump, for 1 in the 18th over.

Richie came to the crease looking to push the rate up, knocking the ball around to all corners of the. ground and picking up runs. Both Richie and tesh taking some good singles and building the total nicely through the next 8 overs. Richie was caught in the 27th over for 26.

Ashley was out to the crease next, after making comments at the club house like "Its too bright I can hardly see today", nobody thought that he would be out there very long, himself included. However the next few overs Tesh and Ash started to build the total quite well, picking up some good boundarys and runs building the score up. After a conversation at the 30th and 32nd over, the decision was made with 5 wickets in hand they should both start pushing harder and try and get some more runs or get some fresh legs into the middle. As such by the 36th over, Ashley took a few too many strides down the wicket looking to smash one over cow and was clean bowled, out for 33.

This brought Captain Ed to the crease, looking to run a 36 over tired Tesh as hard as possible for 4 overs. They ran a lot of 2's into 3's and even a 3 into a 4!. With some good runs and good boundaries Tesh fell just 2 balls short of playing out all 40 overs run out by the Captain pushing for that extra run. A great knock of 73 and a loud applause back at the club house.

Dan took a stride out to the crease (not) knowing we needed 5 runs to make 200 off 2 balls -- something of a nets scenario so the rest of the team felt quite confident. 1st ball was a dot not a great start, 2nd ball was smashed 1 bounce to the boundary for 4. Ed coming in not out for 19 and Dan for 4. Casuals 199.

Thanks to the combined work of Andy and some nice coloured pens here are some over the top stats for the batsmen:) :

D Britton: 17 runs, 42 mins, 45 balls (36 dots, 4 singles, 3 2's, 1 3's, 1 4's) Bowled
M Hirani: 73 runs, 139 mins 88 balls (53 dots, 18 singles, 3 2's, 3 3's, 10 4's) Run Out
K Swain: 12 runs, 17 mins, 19 balls (9 dots, 3 singles, 3 2's, 1 3) Caught
S O'Reilly: 1 run, 2 mins, 2 balls (1 dot, 1 single) Bowled
R Holliday: 26 runs, 32 mins, 33 balls (20 dots, 8 singles, 1 2, 4 4's) Caught
A Akbari: 33 runs, 33 mins, 37 balls (20 dots, 9 singles, 4 2's, 4 4's) Bowled
E Stewart: 19 runs, 11 mins, 11 balls (3 dots, 2 singles, 3 2's, 1 3, 2 4's) Not out
D Lewis: 4 runs, 2 mins, 2 balls (1 dot, 1 4) Not out
P Obee (DNB)
A Hood (DNB)
A Orfila (DNB)

Extras: 13 wides, 1 bye

So with a half decent score on the board to defend the casz took to the tea - lovely Victoria sponge, with some people nipping off for a quick icecream from the beachfront before we took to the field.

With Barry west end knowing that they needed to stay at 4 an over to keep to the run rate, the experienced R. Howell and I. Gadd took to the crease.

The stats for the bowling are a little harder to do as whoever was doing our book stopped about half way through and had to be scribbled in at the end. As such the flow of the game went as follows:

Opening was Andy and Dan on what was now turning into a very dry and dusty wicket. Adam replaced Dan after 5 overs and bowled 6. Ed came on as did Pete, with Andy, Dan and Adam coming back on at the end.

There were a few chances through the day, with some very hard catches going down, or short on people in the field close and one on the boundary. There was a stumping chance that was not given (which if you ask the keeper on the day he would feel very harsh about seeing as the square leg seemed to be not watching), and a run out that looked like a very good shout (which once again the umpire did not seem to be watching). But that aside the opening batsmen both looked very accomplished and not troubled through the 36 overs. Dan took a wicket in the 36th Bowling I. Gadd for 90, but R.Jones came in at 3 with 12 runs needed off 4 overs and never looked in trouble.

The game finished in the 39th over with Barry west end getting the 200 with 9 balls to spare and winning the game.

I Gadd. 90 runs bowled Lewis
R.Howell 71 not out
R.Jones 14 not out

Extras: 14 Wides, 2 byes, 2 leg byes

Bowling figures (once again apologies as the book was only half completed)

A. Hood: 7 overs, 0 mdns, 43 runs, 0 wkts
D. Lewis: 8 overs, 1 mdn, 24 runs, 1 wkt
A. Orfila: 8.1 overs, 0 mdn, 43 runs, 0 wkt
E. Stewart: 7 overs, 0 mdn, 30 runs, 0 wkt
P. Obee: 8 overs, 0 mdn, 50 runs, 0 wkt

All in all a lovely day of weather but a bit of a disappointment at the result.


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