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Match Report vs Llanarth 28 April 2013 @ Llanarth (Skipper and report Cheese)

On a pleasant but windy day the brain trust met on the Llanarth wicket to decide what to do, though most of the conversation proved to be academic, bar the hope we would not be met by a ploughman’s at tea with green stuff on it, as the captain cheese lost the toss and we were thrown the newest ball they had.

Winkie coming down the slope and Shakey coming up were given opening honours and though the first 5 overs went past with no adventure it was clear the outfield was lightening with a couple toe ends and mis-hits flying to the boundary.

In the 9th over, Winkie got us a breakthrough inducing an edge with Will taking a smart catch behind the stumps. Shakey had kept the brakes on his end, but with no award, in no small part to Steve-o’s fielding, who chased down certain boundaries that no else was getting near. In fairness to the old lad he managed to continue this through the game, after the fifth stop I did think all this would either cause him injury or he would roll over the rope but to the spectator’s relief neither happened as either would have started a tirade of swearing.

Steve-o had a five over break from his fielding work; the first couple of balls were short and got slapped, after that bowled tightly and was unlucky not to get a wicket with both Bowesy (he did say either is throwing or catching would be good and let’s just say his throwing was impeccable) and cheese dropped catches they will feel they should have taken.

Drinks were taken with the opposition on 98-1 with the cazh staring down the barrel of 200+ chase. Winkie had finished a good opening spell and had replaced by another debutant for the season Pete. After having a chat with cheese at drinks saying the field settings were too attacking for his first two overs, a more sensible field was set. The field changes allowed Pete to relax, who then sent down a peach of a ball to remove the remaining opener clipping the top of off.

Pablo had started coming up the slope and bowled dealing with the short cover boundary quite the ball tight to the off stump enticing a couple edges and false strokes but the ball either evades and drop short of the waiting fielder. Pablo finally got his reward bowling the captain just as he was about to start their charge to the end

Pete after no more joy was replaced by Goff who started on the money bowling wicket to wicket with Richie and Pete T closing down on side and with no width from Goff the runs started to dry out. Once Goff had created the pressure the batsmen tried to start forcing the ball away through the off side. Goff exploited this with aplomb darting the ball back in and castling all his three victims in exactly the same way. Really great spell of bowling from Goff put the brakes on their innings just as it looked like it was getting away from us.

Tickle took the penultimate over with Goff having a blow though it did not quite work out for him with the oppo looking to hit out.

Bowesy had a short burst up the slope for 3 overs trying to knock over the tail, a couple of lucky edges to the short third man boundary could the gloss of his figures but Mr Tickle prowling at mid-wicket made a couple great stops which started some suicidal running which Tesh and Bowesy could advantage of to claim two late run outs.

Great effort from all to keep going with the constant buffeting of the wind and quick out field to keep the target under 200 was testament to that.

A Hood – 8 overs; 0 maidens; 15 Runs; 1wicket
M Stephens – 5; 1; 23; 0
S O’Reilly – 5; 0; 37; 0
P Tangney – 4;0;28;1
P Stephens - 7; 0; 39; 1
G Day – 7; 1; 17; 3
P Bowes – 3; 0; 19; 0
M Hirani – 1; 0; 8; 0

Tea was ok but I can’t say it will live long in the memory.

On with the batting though I am not going to draw this out. Only one of the top 6 and allowed himself to get settled. Cheese was plumb lbw for a duck; Tesh was bowled by one that kept while looking to pull; Bowesy sliced a full toss to cover and was caught after a couple of lusty blows; Richie was finally caught after getting a reprieve after he was dropped first ball; Pete can feel aggrieved after getting a good ball slightly too early in his innings and being castled.

This left the cazh reeling on 55 for 5 looking for a bit of stability to get the innings back on track, now there might be many cazh suited to the job but I do not think that Steve-o would be top on anybody’s list.

Will on batting debut (after taking 3 wickets last week) had been surveying the destruction from the other end and wondering what he had got himself in for.
Will & Steve-o put on 51 together with Will smashing the left arm over high over the midwicket boundary and Steve-o punching the quicker coming down the slope back over his head for 6. Although the pair were not content with hitting boundaries and even took on the most risky run in the cazh locker, the quick single. This was in fact negotiated without a loss of a wicket but left steve-o dealing with the slower left arm which he never really got to grips with and was castled trying to give himself room to slash into the off side.

Winkie strode to the crease confident in his job for the team and that was to feed Will the strike and stay in. A partnership of 84 insued between them with Will taking the senior role, mainly dealing with boundaries but with a deliberate jogged single off the fifth or sixth ball to retain the strike.

As the over went by the runs coming off the first four balls started to increase with Will playing some great shots one in particular cover drive raced up the hill with the covering boundary rider only starting 10 yards away did not get within 5.

With both batsmen getting increasingly comfortable against pace the attack changed to spin and Will rather than going for it straight away ala most cazh batsmen played himself in again.

The target quickly came within sight, Will & Winkie exchanged singles at start of 34th over until Will launched his biggest 6 of the day into the car park to bring us home.

Really cracking knock by Will with no chances that I can remember, waited for the ball to hit and invariable sent to the boundary.

Cazh won by 4 wickets

E Stewart; lbw 0
M Hirani: bowled; 5
W Mason-Wilkes; not out; 116 (5x6)
P Bowes; caught; 16
R Holliday; caught; 0
P Tangey; 0
S O’reilly; bowled; 23
A Hood; not out; 8
P Stephens; DNB
G Day; DNB
M Stephens; DNB

Well done Will great ton and off to a winning start


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