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Match Report vs Cardiff Uni Staff 28 June 2012@ Wenvoe (Skipper and report Ed)

After a month with no game the last match of June was on and the skipper expected everyone would be raring to go. Unfortunately, Maria could not get back from Wimbledon in time and a quick ring round for an eleventh, after putting it off for as long as possible DT was called and said he could manage it much to Junior's relief.

The toss was lost and Uni Staff decided to bat, just to say that the catchers have not been recorded so please claim yours and not sure the Stephens’ wickets have been shared out correctly so please clear up any errors.

The outfield felt very spongy especially just off the square, the heavy roller had been used on the wicket that seemed to have some horse shoes attached.

Kim took the first over from the pavilion end, bowling some left arm china men, after the first couple of sighters the batsmen started to wander around the wicket and JF had the batsmen stumped though not upheld by the umpire, the next ball the same thing happened and this time the umpire put his specs on and gave him.

Steve-o started quite tentively bowling perhaps a bit straight and getting tickled around the corner though balls 5 and 6 were on a more attacking line and gained his reward with a caught and bowled in which the normal pre and post catch swearing was noticeable absent.

The next 7 overs were a game of cat and mouse with Uni staff trying to keep wickets and casuals trying to get the balance between attack and defence with Steve-o, Luvers, Goff and Winkie getting through their overs. This period was finished with Winkie closing in from short third man catching out the striker who stranded himself half way down the wicket with JF removing the bails.

Pablo started from the quarry end with the run out happening in his first over, piled on the pressure in his second over bowling the new batsmen.

Shakey was on at the pavilion end after a solid first over took hold in his second over Kimbo taking a good catch at mid on and Steve-o taking another one at a short wide mid off.

DT replaced Pablo and managed to extract turn from the pitch straight away, after 3 dots the number 6 looked to mow the ball away but checked his shot and popped it up to Pablo at shot cover. DT continued his tight rein and bowled the number 9, which happened to be lady player (which meant that Goff’s mind could turn back to the cricket), through the gate from a ball that turned a mile by DT account.

Dan after looking at everyone else taking wickets was champing at the bit and bowled a tight over, cheese was sandwiched in with a tidy over with JF commenting on good wobble which Steve-o quick as a flash questioned weather JF was talking about the ball or cheese.
Dan started with his second over with five dots with the number 10 swinging away, with a big fat zero in the wickets column, Dan raced in and beat the bat for the 10th time though this time hit the top off.

Kimbo: 1 over: 0 maidens: 4 runs: 1 wicket
Steve-o, 2-0-6-2
Luvers, 2-0-7-0
Goff; 1-0-4-0
Winkie; 2-0-9-0
Pablo; 2-0-6-1
DT; 2-0-3-2
Dan; 2-1-1-1
Cheese; 1-0-2-0

The run chase was pretty straight forward; JF gave up a frustrating caught & bowled in the first over. Then the next 6 overs kept the same routine with Kimbo nudging the easy single after putting his second ball into the mid wicket boundary and Steve-o giving a half chance every now and again but in general hitting the ball in the V, culminating in a checked drive towards the quarry which should have gone for 4 but ended with Steve-o having to run three.
Steve-o retired after reaching 25, allowing Luvers to come in, had a swish at the first and then smacking the second to the square leg boundary and cas had won by 9 wickets.

JF; caught, runs 0
Steve-o; retired, 25 (4x3)
Kimbo; not out, 12 (4x1)
Luvers; not out, 4 (4x1)

Goff, Dan, DT, Winkie, Pablo, Shakey, Cheese DNB

Semi-Final Monday against Chartered trust at Blackweir



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