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Match Report vs Hockey 30 May 2012@ St Fagans (Skipper and report Ed)

Cazh arrived at St. Fagans ready to play on the main square, though the wicket was over to the far side making for a short boundary into the trees. The toss was made; Hockey won and decided to bowl first.

The cazh opened with the new partnership of Adam and Tim, with the sun shinning down the length of the wicket the new pink ball was hard to pick up though it was as difficult for the bowlers to control. Coming to end of the first 4 overs the casuals were on a health 23 without loss though apart from well timed straight drive from Tim, the bulk of runs had come from wayward bowling. Then Adam was caught out by the first good ball of the innings, pitching middle ‘n’ leg and swinging back into the left hander trapping him right in front lbw.

JF joined Tim at the crease with the captain slightly worried after Jam divulged that he had scored a total of 22 runs batting at 3 in his cash career. The runs kept flowing from Tim’s bat with another 4 and rotating the strike, though Hockey were doing a lot of the work keeping run rate up with extras and sloppy fielding.

JF had the next good ball from their captain it rapped him on the pad and was back in the hutch. Luvers was next to keep Tim company, this coincided with a upping in the run rate that the change bowling brought. The slow bowler coming up the hill against the wind did not find his length early on and sent a couple full toss (and ultimately no balls) Luvers way, who smashed them over the mid wicket boundary, one of these in particular was over Luvers head who still managed to get enough bat on it to send it over the rope.

This partnership continue to up the rate with boundaries coming in a flurry with Luvers swing the timber with aplomb connecting sweetly with every ball and Tim driving well until he brought the off drive out of the bag and missed one and was castled.

Bowesy for the first time failed in a casual shirt and was bowled trying to heave a straight one. Tesh was in next and looked to give Luvers as much of the strike as possible while also whipping a couple of balls to the boundary when they were in his area.
Tesh was bowled in the 15 over looking to get on with it and cheese joined Luvers with neither managing to find the boundary the running between the wickets became important which culminated in an all run four. During this partnership Luvers reached his second fifty of the season though was then promptly bowled playing a loose shot.

The lower order although looking strong on paper failed to fire and only put on 12 off the bat between them with Maria and Gwion running hard in the last over.

Although not putting on as many runs in the final couple overs after a great set up from Luvers, Tim and Tesh, a score of 150-9 was par, the only slight worry was that on a track that was medium paced and that had started to turn we had an all pace attack.

Adam, lbw, 6
Tim, bowled, 26 (3x4)
JF, lbw, 3
Luvers, bowled, 51 (5x4; 3x6)
Bowesy, bowled, 0
Tesh, bowled, 14 (2x4)
Cheese, caught, 6
Winkie, caught, 0
Shagger, caught, 1
Gwion, not out, 0
Maria, not out, 5

The cazh went out to defend the total, Shagger was taking the first over downhill with the new type pink ball that was soft and pretty battered after the first twenty overs and getting 10 wickets looked a long way off.

Shagger, off the short run up, started with a probing first over and dealing well with the left/right combination keeping them bottled up.

With the real speedsters coming down hill, the workman like medium pacers where coming up the hill into the wind. Gwion was on first and had a struggle with his length at first but after a couple sighters the opener looked to paddle Gwion around the corner but got a top edge and sent it straight towards Shagger who took the spinning catch safely.

Shagger came back with a tight over topped off with a beauty that knocked over the number 3 that looked that like he would get the oppo off to a good start.

Gwion came back for his second over and with early set backs Hockey looked to open up early with the new batsmen picking up the length quickly smashed one with a baseball shot straight back past Gwion but not past Luvers who took a great catch with the sound of ball hitting the hand reverberating around the ground.

Cheese replaced Gwion coming up hill and after a full toss first settled into a good rhythm. In the second over got a leading edge with the ball not coming through as quickly as the batsmen thought and cheese taking a dolly. With each ball getting faster and faster cheese decided to bring the bouncer(!!!!) out of the locker and surprised Sanjai with the extra pace and bounce, the ballooned off the top edge with JF pouching the catch behind.

With Shagger saving an over for the death on the skippers request, Winkie took over and bowled through his four overs and managed to more out of the pitch than any other bowler and most of his dots were balls that were unplayable rather a batsmen swish. This bowling culminated into the ball of the day swinging into the batsmen then cutting away to take the top of off. Then killed off the match by removing the other opener who had been living on borrowed time, castled by a ball that would have been too good for any batsmen.

Maria took the next spell from the road end and picked up a wicket in his first over getting an in swinger through the batsmen defences but then struggled as the skipper asked him to move through his variations.
Gwion came back for another spell picking up his third bowling the number 9 with a you miss, I hit approach.

Cheese had changed ends and after bowling wide finished the innings picking up another caught and bowled.

Shagger; 3 overs, 0 maidens, 7 runs, 1 wickets
Gwion; 4, 0, 15, 3
Cheese, 3.1, 0, 6, 3
Winkie, 4, 1, 9, 2
Maria, 2, 0, 14, 1

Another great bowling display from the cazh, with the other bowlers reaping the rewards from Shagger’s early pressure.

Cazh win by 95 runs.


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