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Match Report vs Abercarn 6 May 2012@ Abercarn (Skipper and report Ed)

A quick thanks to Abercarn for getting the game on.

With the skipper turning up late, Shakey scouted out Abercarn and with a couple of good bats around a virtual toss was taken with Abercarn taking up the willow first. The wicket looked green though bare in places and the out field looked big and lush which conspired to result in only one boundary in the match.

Winkie was given the new ball and opened at the bowls end. Straight away a couple outside the off stump died off the wicket it looked like it was going to struggle to score runs. Winkie sent down a leg cutter that the opening bat pushed at hard but it beat him to find the edge heading towards third slip, Britpop standing at 2nd got his hands to it but could not cling on (0% success rate).

Luvers opened up at the rugby end with good pace and a out swing action, after his first life the opening bat decide this might be his day and tried to go after the bowling but only managed a miss-timed off drive that went straight to Britpop, who took a regulation catch (50% success rate).

With the wicket playing around a bit and Abercarn rocked by the early wicket the bowling was on top and with both Winkie and Luvers continuing with immaculate line and length no run was scored for the next 4 overs.

After a bit of banter between the umpire and Winkie over attire; a tyre; retire, it caused a narrowing in the eyes from one of our premier fast bowlers castling the solid looking number 2 and the next batsmen before his ire had abated.

After 10 overs Abercarn were 7 for 3 and the skipper looked around for the next tandem to continue the good work unfortunately he found DT and Goff!!

To be fair both bowled well and Goff picking up a wicket in his 2nd over removing the static number 3 who had stayed around 34 balls. For the rest of the spell they kept the shackles on a partnership that was trying to rebuild the Abercarn innings with subdued batting but very good running.

Drinks were taken at 22 overs with Abercarn on 40 – 4, with the partnership looking solid and considering the wicket and slow out field it was more like 80 – 4; so not wanting the first 22 overs of effort to be wasted the captain decided to bring back Winkie to break the partnership, this worked much better than planned with Winkie removing both of them in consecutive wicket maidens.

Pablo was keeping the pressure on at the other end again going through his variations trying to prise out a wicket, this did produce an upward off drive that went straight and hard at Britpop who shelled it (33%) but he then clung on to the next opportunity at mid on (50%).

DT changed ends to finish his spell and opened up with a wicket maiden of his own, a Swann like spinner where the batsmen miss judged the line and had his off stump pegged back.

Cheese and Shakey were in for the death overs but with only two wickets remaining they were not going too challenging. Shakes bowled a couple of immaculate overs though not enough to get into a rhythm for a part time bowler with cheese snaffling the last couple of wickets with a full toss that was top edged to Mr. Tickle who did the hokey cokey before taking a simple catch and bowling the number 10 who went for a haymaker.
This did just give time for Britpop to shell another one at gully leaving him with 40% success rate for the day!!!

It was a good day for the bowlers led by the rapier bowling of Winkie but everyone managing the often mentioned ode of bowling straight. Also great display from Ash behind the stumps only conceding 2 byes neither of which should have been attributed to him.

Winkie; 7 overs – 5 maidens – 4 runs – 4 wickets (3 wicket maidens)
Luvers; 6–3–6 runs–1 wicket
Goff; 6-2-14-1
DT; 8-1-18-1
Pablo; 6-1-11-1
Cheese; 3.1-1-3-2
Shakey; 2-1-4-0

Tea was a good affair if not particularly memorable with another showing of the mini half scones though no pepper in the egg sandwiches, there was also a strange offering that they called watermelon most casuals stayed well clear though the intrepid Adam O, who was scoring for the day, took they bait (he’ll learn).

On with the batting, with Abercarn defending a low total; the wicket having the odd demon and the slow out field this was never going to be to quick smash around the park to get home for Julia Bradbury on country file. So we all settled in for the long haul.

Tesh and Britpop broke the siege in the 7th over and then continued at 2½ runs an over with good strong running when given the opportunity in particular off a great cover drive from Britpop and continued dogged the defence. They were finally parted in the 14th over with Britpop being undone by the change of angle from the bowler coming around the wicket. Though they had done the job of blunting the Abercarn onslaught and unflappable Shakey was in next.

Tesh was out a couple of overs later after being deceived by the lack of pace from the 1st change bowler and being through his shot too early leaving his stumps at the mercy of the ball. This left the cazh in the context of the game in good order 22-2 with Shakey and Kim in the middle.

Shakey took the lead in the partnership scoring 9 out of the 14 runs while Kim got himself settled. Shakey left the fray after trying to manoeuvre a straight one down to third man and being bowled.
Ash joined and Kim in the middle with the score at 36-3 started whittling away at the score with ones and twos with good rotation of the strike. Though getting bogged down a couple times, once the target was in reach the Kim opened up hitting twos and threes and Ash giving all the strike possible.

With Kim looking to finish the job quickly, he miss timed a pull and was out caught from a top edge. Thus allowing the cheese to come in and watch a wide go past and then loft the ball over mid on for the winning run. While Ash finished on a steady and hard fought 12 bring the team home.

Apologies for the report but it was not the most exciting game for the observer or the players and all the pitch side banter is not repeatable from what Pablo would do to Sacha Baron Cohen to reasons behind Ash’s’ backing up pose.

Britpop; 11 runs, balls faced 44, bowled
Tesh; 6 runs, balls faced 36, bowled
Shakey; 10 runs; 34, bowled
K Swain; 19, 65, caught
Ash; 12, 38, not out
Cheese; 1, 3, not out

(I have added balls faced not to show up the low strike rate more as I believe it to be a better indicator of the batting display than runs scored at the match.)

Caz won by 6 wickets, while demonstrating the fundamentals of the game bowling straight and solid top order batting.



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