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Match Report vs Cardiff Cavaliers 22 April 2012 @ Usk (Skipper Ed and Report Paul)

Right, where to start, where to start

Due to a miscommunication (fuck up) the Cavaliers and Casuals were due to play Usk on Sunday the 22nd of April. The best of a bad job was made and a 20 over competition was arranged. We were due to play the Cavaliers first and then Usk directly after but more of that later.

I’m not to sure what happened toss wise, I think Ed won and off to bat Kim & the stricken Darren strode to make battle with our familiar foes. Both made a good start, Britpop hit a glorious cover swat for 4 and another quickly followed, Kim opened with a 4 and steadily accumulated until the end of the 4th over with the score on 25 when the heavens opened.

Cups of tea were consumed with relish as we waited for the rain to abate which it did after about 40 minutes. The groundsman was not happy about us continuing on his square (are they ever happy) but after a good team effort getting the covers off without water spillage we started up our innings again with a delay of about an hour.

Usk informed us that we would be facing 12 eight ball overs from the recommencement making up the full 120-ball allotment.

After the resumption Kim went mad and smashed 92 not out, he smashed loads of boundaries, a huge straight 6, hooked a full toss for 6 and generally made hay whilst the Cav’s fell apart. Darren made a fluent and timely 17 before being castled. Ash was cut short by Kim’s ridiculous call for a run after thinking about the call for about 3 seconds before saying No very loudly followed by a yes, Ash had no chance. Gareth got caught at mid off for 2, he middled it mind but still out and Ed tried his best to get on with it before getting a good one that hit top of off for 11.

Kim was then joined by our debutant for the day, Tim Cox. He mainly dealt in singles giving the rampaging Kim the strike but did hit a glorious lofted extra cover drive for 4. Tim finished on 14 not out.

Our total was 158 for 4 (best score of the day) with 16 extras.

Dan and I opened up and in the first over Dan zipped in a good one and bowled the opener. Ed caught the other opener off me at extra cover. Dan bowled very well, 3 eight ball overs for 7 runs and a wicket; I had 1 for 16 off 2 overs. During Dan's spell a flip to square leg seemed to flummox the flailing Swain who decided to stay down and look for 4 leaf clovers whilst winnkie sprinted 45 yards to ping in a quick and accurate throw to run out their number 3 going for a third run, a great throw.

Dion and Gwion (see what I did there) were up next, the Welshman bowled his 2 overs for 16 and Dion ended with 1 for 21 off 3 overs with the batsman swinging and missing. Well bowled both.

Leaving Andy & Tim to see us home. Tim took 1 for 12 off 2 overs and Andy took 1 for 18 from 3 overs. Andy had Steadman caught for 22 by Dan, yes I did say Dan in a catch it or wear it situation. There was a notable miss field from Dan with a viciously spinning ball and Gareth also has to be mentioned as he dropped one of the easiest catches I have ever seen spilled off his Mate Tim.

Cavaliers 92 for 6 from 15 eight ball overs.

A good win setting us up well for the second match against Usk…..

But wait a minute !!!!

Match Report vs Usk 22 April 2012 @ Usk (Skipper Ed and Report Paul)

Right match 2 against Usk...Wait a mo what’s happening here there is another Usk brainwave. He thinks that as Usk will obviously brush aside the Hapless Cavaliers it would be a great idea for Usk to play the Cavaliers next to set up a “Final” against the victorious Casuals in the third game.

We were informed this is how it would be and off Usk strode into the field to bowl against the Cavaliers, leaving us to the first sitting of tea presided over by 2 SS soldiers masquerading as tea ladies. Only Casuals could eat (nothing wrong with that), no Cavaliers waiting to bat were allowed to eat and the Casuals were asked not to consume too much as they needed food for the second tea sitting. You should have seen my face! However the tea was lovely.

So, we had about a two and a half hour wait for our game. It was freezing cold by this time and Gareth & Gwion promised they would be home early as they thought we were up second and they had to leave. 9 Players, no wait a minute, Britpop’s back has seized up and he has to go as well. We have 8 players for the 'final' after sitting in the freezing cold for hours.

The Usk v Cavaliers game looked like it could get interesting after about 6 overs of the Usk innings. They were chasing 90 ish and a few wickets went down quickly but they did prevail setting up THE FINAL

Well I wont go into too much detail but we got thrashed, we lost by 66 runs.

I have to give notable mentions to Dan’s bowling taking 2 for 15 off 3 overs after straining his side at the end of the first game. Andy bowled brilliantly getting 3 for 12 off 3 overs whilst the rest of us got dispatched to all parts in varying degrees of brutality.

I bought a wicket and Tim took the valuable wicket of a huge youngster who was smashing us to all parts caught very well by Dion at deepish cover. We borrowed a youngster from Usk and he took 2 wickets for us whilst playing for the oppo in the same game. Kim took 2 good catches, Ash took a good one off me, it was quite a big deflection

Usk 148 for 9 off 15 eight ball overs

Kim and Steadman put on 39 for our first wicket. What’s that oh I forgot to mention Steadders had stayed on to play for us and opened the batting and almost immediately pulled a hamstring so couldn't run more than a slight jog and carried his bat for 15 eight ball overs making 25 not out. Kim swatted 19, Dion got 9 and Ed got 12 leaving Tim not out on 7.

Casuals 82 for 3 from 15 eight ball overs, the only other things to mention were a Dan girlfriend sighting and the appearance on the field of a 3 legged black cat in our innings.

3-legged black cats are obviously not that lucky, either for us or the cat.

A good day out and lots of cricket


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