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Match Report vs Rogerstone 15 April 2012@ Rogerstone (Skipper and report Ed)

The team arrived at the ground hoping for a break in the inclement weather; this being a distinct change from the sunny weather that we have become accustom to in April over the last couple seasons.
The game was to go ahead but on the artificial with a lush and as it turned slow outfield. Cheese lost the toss and Rogerstone decided to bat first. Gareth Davies was in for his debut game and a late change meant Junior heroically stepped down to allow Luvers in at late notice.

Dan opened up from the pavilion with a massive off side boundary and consequently a short leg side one. Started with a maiden and kept it tight with the only boundaries off his bowling coming from glances that could not be cut off at the fine leg rope. Dan bowled his 8 overs through but built pressure that others would benefit from

Luvers opened from the tree end and made the first breakthrough extracting some extra bounce from the artificial and JF pouching a ballooning ball off the splice at point.

The first opening 11 overs of the season saw some competent fielding with no miss fields to speak off with the only chance taken leaving Rogerstone on 27 – 1. Then JF stepped up the standard with a great catch in the covers from a ball that looked destined for the rope. There was a hint that he fell into the catch but it was well held and the nod from the batsmen was testimony to how hard the ball was travelling.
This was at the end of Steve-o’s second over, this was the zenith of his spell that dropped away sharply (like Massa’s tyres, hope you have watched the grand prix now Dan) with a couple full toss going for four without many dots in his last two overs.

Pete had a couple of overs but with the artificial giving a consistent bounce the batsmen started picking him off at will. Though this meant that he could continue his great work in the covers stopping everything that came is way and some that he had no right to stop. Pete was backed up on the other side by Gareth who went with the more unconvectional approach using ankle and shin though directed Winkie and Dan to where the ball was when ot got passed him, which had Dan blowing after finishing his spell.

Pablo had a couple of overs between Steve-o and Pete before changing to the pavilion end having 5 overs contending with the short leg side boundary which meant balling a 5th stump line and milked through the off side, though its fair to say that as always the variations had the batsmen in bother at times.

Muff took over from Dan at the pavilion end and apart from one leg side delivery dealt with the short boundary well. Muff changed ends half way through his spell and his first over from the tree end induced a lofted drive into the covers with the ball sailing over Pete’s head who was tight saving the single, cheese made an ambitious call for the ball and started a vain dash with his little legs pumping he somehow manage to get there and took a catch, that was more about saving face than glory.
This broke a partnership that had put on 103 and left Rogerstone on 136 – 3 with 12 over’s to go it looked like the caz would be chasing over 200.

Muff continued with his spell and had a chance put down in the covers though Luvers made up for this at the end of the over by running out the new batsmen with the help of Ash behind the stumps. In the next over Muff employed his patterned hover ball inducing a skier from the batsmen that dollied to cheese and the flurry of wickets continued.

Luvers took over from Muff for the last 3 overs from the tree end hoping to continue the good work from earlier in the day, though pitched too short and was hammered through the leg side (on Tuesday he blamed me for this as he strained his back due to the two spells).

Winkie had taken over from Pablo at the pavilion end and would have up rooted the off stump if it was not attached to the base in his first over claiming their number 6 who looked like to could put it around the park. Winkie continued his spell being straight and allowing the batsmen no room swing their arms. Eventually one of the batsmen heaved one off middle with a bit of leading edge and looked like it was going to drop inside the boundary but a bit of wind and mis judgement by cheese, the ball and cheese ended up in a heap just inside the rope but managed to hold on to give Winkie a deserved second wicket.

The late flurry of wickets had curtailed the Rogerstone innings just below the 200 mark. Rogerstone had put the bad ball away but cas had kept hold of the wagging tail and end up with a positive caught to drop ratio!

Shagger: 8 overs - 1 maidens - 25 runs - 0 wickets
Luvers: 7-1-37-1
Steve-o: 4-0-33-1
Muff: 8-0-31-2
Pablo: 8-0-36-0
Pete: 2-0-16-0
Winkie: 3-0-8-2

With the caz finishing well it was off to deliver a performance in our best innings, Tea, it was a pleasant surprise that the tea lady had remembered that we were coming though the tea was functional at best and at least added a sideline to the clamour for the number 11th berth which Muff won.

JF and Cheese opened up hoping to rediscover their form from a couple season ago nothing amazing but solid. As some of you might have read on twitter (yes we are now on twitter) the top order collapsed contributing a combined 14 to the score leaving the score on 27 – 5 after 13 overs. Though Gareth our debutant took charge in the 11th over intimidating the bowler into 3 wides one of which went for four, though the legal balls had him flashing at thin air.

With the top order failing it brought the unpredictable combination for Steve-o and Luvers together, who started to rebuild the innings with controlled aggression, Steve-o’s off drive being one of the shots of the day. Though to say there was a change in concentration when the attack turned from pace to spin would be saying Francis Maudes’ advice was slightly wayward. The left arm off spinner (that means the ball moves from leg to off for the right handed batsmen, Luvers!) did for Steve-o, swinging across the line to the dreaded straight one, this partnership had brought the casuals back into the game with a run ball 60.

Pete came in and looked to be aggressive flashing the timber around and getting bottom edge that flew away to the boundary though it could not last long and was bowled playing inside one that moved away.

Luvers was still going well though the field had been set slightly deeper cutting off the boundary chances. Pablo came in looking to anchor his end and allow Luvers to continue the charge. This worked well until Luvers mistimed a cover drive and spooned the ball up for an easy chance.

With 10 overs still left it was a good chance for 9, 10 and 11 to have time in the middle. Dan and Muff felt differently with both playing immaculate defensive shots but failing in the most important area; hitting the ball and were both bowled.
Though Muff felt this was coming as his last words were “see you in a minute.”

JF: 2 caught
Cheese: 11 (4x1) caught
Ash: 0 bowled
Gareth D: 1 bowled
Winkie: 0 bowled
Steve-o: 38 (4x5) bowled
Luvers: 32 (4x2) caught
Pete: 5 (4x1) bowled
Pablo: 12 (4x1) NOT OUT
Shagger: 1 bowled
Muff: 0 bowled

Although we lost by 71 runs, I felt this gave us something to build for the reason of the season, though this does start the fielding at high standard.


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