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Match Report vs Consmen 02 June 2011@ Wenvoe (Skipper Ed, report Paul)

It was a beautiful Thursday evening at Wenvoe, the skipper and I were first to arrive, the pitch looked good and we sat down to relax before battle began.

We had been warned that S4C (the communications division of the Welsh Nazi party, oh sorry Plaid Cymru, sorry I always get those two mixed up) were going to be there to film a bit of youth cricket and ask a Welsh speaker his opinions on a Welsh cricket team.

The head honcho came over and asked Muff and I if it was ok to film, we did warn him we would find no ‘youth’ here and how shit we were but he seemed determined to film away. I told him why there was no Welsh cricket team in a 5-minute dissertation but as I can’t speak the lingo of course my opinions are irrelevant.

Anyway, on to the game, only 6 of them were present at the toss, Muff did the honourable thing and asked them to bat (I wonder how many other teams in our league would have done that). We waited for Gareth to finish his interview with the TV people and the first over was sent down in a mixed fashion by Nadder’s. We later found out that Nadd’s was not that well, hope your ok now mate.

Dion opened at the other end, he was joined by Muff a little earlier than expected after Nadder’s only over, the youthful opener and his partner put on 30 before Muff trapped the adult LBW, he did swipe across the line but it may have been a little high, cheers ump. Muff then got the number 3 in the same style a few balls later, this one was more likely to go under the stumps, stone dead in front for nought and they were 30 for 2.

Four runs later Muff snared the number 4 (looked like he could bat a bit) caught by Dave in the folds of his stomach at backward square leg, 34 for 3. Muff ended with figures of 4 overs 1 maiden 3 for 9, a great effort.

I took over from Dion who bowled well after his first over went for 10 to end with 21 of his 4 overs with no wickets. I got 2 for 18, the number 5 swiping across the line to get bowled and off my last ball a steepler was claimed by Dion at deep cover running full pelt about 20 yards to pouch it in spectacular fashion. It was a great catch and a champagne moment nominee for this game.

They were 76 for 5 at this point in the 16th over; the youthful opener was still in and playing well. Dave was on with me at the pavilion end, he has never bowled at this end before and he was thrown a bit I think, he bowled well mostly but there was a boundary ball an over and 4 overs for 24 was a fair reflection.

There was a funny moment with a possible catch at midwicket by Napalm off Dave’s bowling. A jump was required to get more than fingertips to it and the Saturn 5 rocket was probably required to get the job done as no daylight was spotted between his feet and the ground.

Tesh bowled a good over for 6 and Kim bowled 2 overs for 16 runs at the other end with lots of wides and long hops chucked in. The youngster failed by 1 ball to carry his bat for 44, he lifted the last ball of the innings to Tesh at deep mid on. They set us a target of 104 to win.

Now I have gone on a bit about their innings because not much happened in the chase.

We chased down 103 in exactly 13 overs with the loss of 1 wicket. Tesh played a good knock of 32 with 3 boundaries before being bowled by a submarine ball going for a big shot. Napalm ended on 63 not out, he played some cultured shots but mostly dispatched some average bowling that deserved to go. Ten fours and a six for him and Kim played 1 shot for 1 run at the other end.

The game was played in the right spirit by both sides in a match that we should have and did win.

The streak is three.


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