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Match Report vs Rogerstone 8 May 2011@ Rogerstone (Skipper Ed, report Dan)

After months of sunshine, the rain showers from the previous couple of days seemed to have disappeared as Cardiff was again basking in the warm stuff, that is until we got close to Rogerstone that harboured a large black rain cloud above it. The rain finally stopped prior to the game and both teams debated, pondered, and then decided to go for it reducing the game to 35overs each. Unfortunately, Gwion’s new jumper seemed to shrink drastically in the rain – ‘small’ it said on the label – never before seen on a casual...though I don't think it'll stay small for long.. Ed, skipper for the day won the toss and decided to it turned out there was only a splattering of rain during the opening overs and then it completely cleared and the game finished in the warm sun that that we have become accustomed to.

Winkie and Shag opened the bowling, against two young classy looking batsmen. Andy had obviously paid the umpire as none of his wide leg side deliveries were called.., Dan came close to an early breakthrough with a delivery that crept through the batsman guard and trickled past the leg stump. The pair battled away and bowled very well, but the batsmen were at ease defending and putting away any deliveries slightly off target over the surprisingly quick outfield. Committed fielding by the Cazh helped stop some certain boundaries, after 10overs Rogerstone were 48 for no loss.

Winkie bowled through his allotted overs with only one difficult chance going to Steveo in the covers, whilst Shag was replaced by Dion after 5overs. It took a couple of overs for Dion to find his line and length, but once in his swing, bowled well. Shakey took over from Winkie and the batsmen’s eyes lit up like a Cazh in a pie shop. With Rogerstone on 95 from 16 overs with opener Holdaway on 49 and M Lazaar on 41, Holdaway decided to take a large chunk of the pie delivered and hit straight over the head of bowler Councillor Shakey, this was the first wicket as Dan took the catch running in from the boundary. The very next ball Lazaar also went large, mistimed it and Andy took a brilliant catch over his shoulder running back towards the boundary. Suddenly Rogerstone were 2 down, two new batsman at the crease, and Shakey somehow on a hat-trick. Shakey was unable to let go of the next pie and dragged down the subsequent delivery which was easily left by the incoming batsman.

Following on from this Dion was the next to take a wicket soon after – bowled. 112-3off 20overs. Shakey took his 3rd wicket again taken by Shag in the deep and can you believe it, bagged another in his next over – a skier caught well by Gareth at mid-on. 122-5 off 24over went to 125-6 two overs later with Gwion taking his first cazh wicket – bowled.

Suddenly, the runs had dried up from Rogerstone mainly down to good bowling and very good fielding – the newbies Martin, Gareth and Gwion flung themselves the field, as well as the old boys – JF stopping anything coming his way and Shakey doing a ‘JF’ dive trying to trap the ball between ground and belly, not to take away everyone’s effort in the field – eg, Ed scampering from mid-wicket to fine leg on many occasions. Gwion took his second in the 30th, Dion came back after Shakey and got his next wicket caught by Steveo and Dan finished off and got his wicket in the last over. Rogerstone finishing on 165-9 when the total had promised to be much higher.

Winkie – 7 overs - 0 maidens – 41 runs – 0 wickets
Shag – 7-1-23-1
Dion – 7-1-34-2
Shakey – 7-0-27-4
Gwion – 7-1-38-2
Catches – 2xDan; 1xSteveo; 1xGareth; 1xWinkie

Following a fantastic fielding display, including only a single bye let through by Ash behind the stumps and thank god we could catch, the Cazh were treated to a piece of cake and cup of tea as the tea lady had failed to turn up - there was close to mutiny. The Cazh batsmen threatened to strike – claiming they couldn’t perform without a full belly – which looking at some of them is a hard task to manage without an army of tea ladies....this may explain what happened next....

Master tea man JF and polar opposite newbie Martin Rogers made their way to the middle. JF facing the 1st team spinner managed just 2 balls before tickling one to the keeper. Steveo next in with new fresh faced bat was able to tickle the next ball to 2nd slip careful not to mark the new bat...2 for 2 rattled on to 4 for 3 when Martin got a leading edge against the spinner from the other end. Gareth had upped the rate somewhat with a boundary before he was stumped for a massive 11.

With tour roomies Cheese and Ash coming together again (...) once again the Cazh were looking to rebuild or should I say build....not to be – Cheese was evicted - bowled by spinner number 2. 19 for 5 off 8 overs became 27 for 6 with Shakey pushing one back to the bowler. Thoughts of MacDonalds was obviously on the minds of some of the Cazh, Ash looked to confirm this by playing some right royal ugly slogs to mid wicket. At least we had passed our worst ever score. Gwion joined Bubbles and gave him much of the strike. Gwion came a cropper given out abw (arse before wicket) by league umpire JF and Winkie went in to watch Ash continue with his leg side attack. 42-7 off 16overs.

Rogerstone brought on some very slow bowlers, one of which rivalled the Chris Durnall bowling style – launching it high in the air, collecting a spot of snow before returning to earth. Whoever was batting was on a hiding to nothing – if you didn’t score boundaries you were rubbish and if you were bowled you’re rubbish. Andy took the latter route and was deceived by the flight trying to play a proper cricket shot...unlike Ash !! Although Winkie hadn’t scored many runs, he aided Ash to somehow get close to his 50 and some respectability in the score 85-8 off 24overs. Had the Rogerstone skipper moved all his fielders to the legside between square leg and mid on Ash would have still been on single figures...

Anyway, fellow slogger Shag came to the crease. Once Ash got to his 50, Shag stopped doing what comes completely unnaturally to him – leaving the ball and defending and replaced that with going large. Unfortunately, as the Casuals score started to get closer to the target score, the 1st team spinner was reintroduced who took Ash’s wicket in his first returning over. An ugly but effective 63 bringing respectability to the Cazh score. 119-9 off 28overs.

To try and ensure victory the oppo brought on their Welsh under 15’s fast bowler to finish off the Cazh. First ball he dug one in short and was dispatched over square leg by Shag, the next 2 deliveries were just as short just quicker. A single was taken towards the end over leaving Dion to defend against the quick youngster. Realising that the spinner was more to Dan’s liking, 14 was smacked off the next over, leaving Dion to defend (himself) again against the quickie. A seemingly body line attack ensued until the 4th ball that Dion hit a beautiful mid-on drive for 4.

Another 9 was taken off the spinner and suddenly the Cazh were in the with a sniff of victory needing 14 off the last 2 overs....Unsportingly the quickie put in a straight round the wicket slower delivery first ball of his last over and castled Shag’s middle stump!! The Cazh all out on 151.

A thoroughly enjoyable game for all – the Cazh fielding was the best all team performance I’ve witnesses in a long while (though last year’s game vs Barry Wanderers will take some beating). A pint and chat in the pavilion followed – with an array of cricket sporting questions being asked by one of Rogerstone’s elder statesmen - usually involving the year 2006 for some reason!

John F – 0 – ct
Martin Rogers – 1 – ct
Steveo – 0 – ct
Gareth Thomas – 11- st
Ed – 2-b
Ash – 63- ct
Shakey – 0-ct&b
Gwion – 4-lbw
Andy H – 9-b
Dan – 30-b
Dion – 7no


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