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Match Report vs Cardiff Bay Barbarians 05 May 2011@ Wenvoe (Skipper and report, Ed)

After a decent morning it was worrying to see the storm clouds cover over in the afternoon, after a couple meteorological posts on the forum, it was not looking good but on arrival, Wenvoe was fit to play. Cheese was captain for the day and “won” the toss (can you win the toss if you are the flicker?) and elected to bat. JF and JR opened the innings with JF fresh off a couple of fifties looking to pass his 5’000 runs for the club.

JF saw off the first over edging one through the slips for four and a couple extras. JR taking the next and after getting the pace of the bowler and wicket, JR plundered 3 fours off the over, taking the score to 23 off the first two, great start.

The next 6 overs where taken at a more sedate pace with boundaries coming more sporadic, even so after 9 overs the caz were 63 without loss. After giving us a good foundation JR looked to hit out and was finally caught out for a near run a ball 27. Gaz Thomas entered the arena for his first innings as a casual and started with a very uncasual like square drive for 3. This was followed by a smashed four and it looked the accelerator had been floored. Unfortunately the brake was hit in the next couple of balls with Gaz being bowled by one that kept low (welcome to Wenvoe).

Ash was in next but this time JF had lost the middle of his bat and was finding fielders regularly. In the last 8 overs we only managed to find the rope once but this did not stop the run rate as it continued to tick over at 8 over. During his partnership with Ash, JF brought this club total to 5’000 runs (congratulations John a feat that few if any casuals will match) and shortly afterwards delivered his 3rd fifty of the season.

The caz reached 100 after 14 overs and looking for over 150, this expectation was reduced when Ash was bowled off a full toss that he lost in the back ground; Goff was next out of the hutch to support JF. Goff played nicely rotating the strike and turning those singles into 2’s. Though the rate continued to drop as it came increasingly difficult to get the ball passed the inner ring.

With the last over to come, the score stood at 140 for 3, Goff unfortunately could not lay willow on leather for the first three balls and was bowled by the fourth. Gwion came out for the last two balls of the innings, missed his first delivery put was called through for a bye. JF got hold of the last ball but not enough and was out caught.
A competitive and defensible total but after a good start, felt that over 150 was possible.

JF – 61 caught
JR – 27 caught
G. Thomas – 8 bowled
Ash – 8 bowled
Goff – 10 bowled
Gwion – 0 not out

The caz turned around quick and were out in the field for a good 5 minutes before the oppo decided enough time had been wasted.

Nadders opened up and bowled a good first over fell away in the second with a couple of full tosses. This prompt a break in this spell but came back well in this final over conceding only two runs.

Dion had two spells starting both of them with good first overs in both spells though the second overs were best forgotten. Paul bowled well keeping the ball up on a length and contained the batsmen well conceding only 1 boundary in his 4 overs, unlucky not to get a snick behind after continually beating the bat.

Gwion; picked the second over disease from Dion and took some punishment but kept plugging away. Though bowled slightly too short and was cowed a lot with Easy and Nipun unable to make up the ground to cut the ball off.

Winkie got the only cazh wicket of the day bowling the number two, though strangely this was the turning point on the game as the number three came in and with no gloves and smacked 48 off 30 balls. Winkie finished without conceding a boundary.

Ed took the penultimate over in the hope of taking the game to Winkie’s last over unfortunately the first balls three took care of that getting smacked for 3 fours all passing the fielders within 5 yards as they were unable to see it.

Dion; 4 overs – 0 maidens – 31 runs -0 wickets
Nadders; 3–0–19– 0
Paul; 4–0–18–0
Dafydd; 4-0-30-0
Winkie; 3-0-15-1
Cheese; 0.3-0-12-0

Cazh lost by 9 wickets, in hindsight should have dropped the overs to 15 a side due to the light or lack there of. Though scoring only 1 run in our last 2 overs was not in the plan.


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