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Match Report vs Llanarth 24 April 2011@ Llanarth (Skipper Muff, report Ash)

So after a collection of us met up at B&Q and the rest braving their own way there, the whole team arrived at the picturesque ground at LLanarth. With the sun out, no clouds to be seen and a lovely little breeze in the air the Casuals all made their way out to the wicket to check on the state of play. After a little discussion and a lot of banter, we made our way back in and left the captain out there to complete the toss. Now it has been rumoured to say that Muff had been told the week before that "Tails for Wales never fails" - well that wisdom was ill advised and once again El Capitan lost the toss and we were put into field!

It was a show or something similar to see the Casz at their second game of the season practising the fielding before the start of the game, easing the other team into a false sense of security with the less than professional methods and practises which we bring to the game. Never the less, 2 young sprightly looking batsmen came to the crease and play commenced.

Dan opening from the first end up the hill and Paul coming down the hill from the other, the pair continued from their good work the week before, with the first 4 overs going for not many runs and the batsman kept guessing at the crease. Breakthrough came in the 4th over with Paul trapping the batsman LBW 7-1-4. Once again both bowlers keeping it tight for the next few overs with Dan then taking a lovely wicket with the last ball of the 8th over, a ball staying low and smashing middle stump 17-2-8. Dan was then taken off by Muff to the shout of "Are you sure?" coming from the keen as mustard bowler.

Gareth Lovers then replaced Dan coming up the hill, and with it being his last game before going on tour for a few months was keen to make an impression on the game. Not the best starting few overs, bowling some varied length, bounce and lines. The key to his rythym coming in his 3rd over, taking a wicket caught by Dan, with the information coming that Dan had been telling Gaz to bowl with the shiny side of the ball on the wrong side, probably not aiding him but once sorted was bowling some corkers! 55-3-13.

Dave then replaced Paul coming down the hill and was being hit around a little by the keen batsman at the crease, until his 3rd over when another well taken low down catch was taken by Dan, which not many thought was going to carry. Llanarth at this point were 60-4-15.

Dave continued to bowl his full alotment, with the Fox replacing Gaz and the 2 batsmen at the crease finding their feet and proceeding to knock us around for the next 15 overs. A well deserved knock of 50 from one of their youngsters was clapped by the home and away team, followed by Cheesy making another great attempted stop in the field but this time using his chin to stop the ball, luckily nothing to serious. Muff then came on taking only a few overs before bowling a loopy delivery enticing the batsmen down the wicket, he missed and was keenly stumped by Ashley behind the wicket. 131-5-32. The next batsmen in and only lasted 2 balls before being clean bowled by Muff 133-6-32.

With Dan back on coming up the hill again, and Paul coming down the hill, Cheese then took a catch which looked like the ball would never come down to earth and with 40 overs gone the total was 173-7-40.

DAN 8-3-25-1
PAUL 7-1-38-2
GARETH 4-0-20-1
DAVE 9-1-40-1
FOX 6-0-29-0
MUFF 7-0-23-2

Next up was tea, and we were provided with a true ploughman's lunch - the cry of "There is lots of green stuff on my plate" was usually followed by "I don't eat that stuff?" but luckily grasped out of the jaws of contention there was about 4 plates of cake presented, which most of the Casz proceeded to put away.

None so more than our opening pair Cheese and John, who between them had put away a few plates of cake each. With John's first words to Ed at the crease being "I don't want to burn off this cake to fast so no silly singles!" the game was afoote.

Both started well putting away the bad balls and defending to the good ones. With opening bowlers looking keen to make an impact, both Ed and John were happy to wait for the bad ball and knock it away keeping the scoreboard ticking. Ed was undone in the 10th over being clean bowled for 21. With Kim coming to the crease the pair continued to knock the bowlers around the park keeping pressure up on the field and happy to take boundaries and run 2's. With Kim rotating the strike nicely John proceeded to get 50 which was well clapped by both teams. John then departed for 54 in the 21st over, with Steve taking his place at the crease for a short time before being clean bowled for 1. Gareth then took centre stage and with Kim being caught for 24 in the 23rd over with Casz on 104. Things were looking at that balanced stage we have so been in before were we fall over and lose games after looking very much in the game. Ashley then went to the crease and with him and Gaz knocking the bad balls away Ashley then fell for 4 in 26th over bowled by one which stayed low.

Paul then went to the crease and with Gaz looking like he was up for the challenge, proceeded to rotate the strike well between them, before Gareth in a truely inspired performance took the game by the scruff of the neck and got 50 off 33 balls! The Casz went on to win in the 31st over 177-5-31. Gareth finishing on 61 not out and Paul on 3 not out. Gareth walked into a standing ovation and the game was won.

After the game in a special Easter treat the home team had put on a raffle, and wouldn't you know it Gareth not only taking a wicket and scoring 64 not out - then went on to have the first prize and a box of black magic chocolates - Not bad for your last game of cricket for a while!

A truly enjoyable day in a great setting - bring on the next game and continue the winning streak!

ED 21
KIM 24



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