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Match Report vs Barry Wanderers 19 September 2010@ Hayes Point (Skipper and report Shag)

The return match at Hayes Point and the rain was holding off. The team assembled almost on time, the toss was won (big shock) and even more shocking to the rest of the team was that Captain Dan chose to bat…could the promising batting line up capitalise…? Cheese and Ash opened up and after a maiden from Fenton, Ed opened up against Ashton. Fenton’s 2nd was also a maiden, and Ash went large against Ashton gaining the maximum. Ashton’s 3rd over saw the removal of Ash, stumped trying to get his backfoot back in the crease (10). In strode a chirpy Kim suffering from lack of sleep, though he did say he usually plays better when either hungover or tired…like many of the Cazh! First ball rapped the back pad, 2 dots, then Kim deciding that was enough when for a biggie, he connected well, but he was the only player on the pitch or sidelines that did not see the long-on fielder, who took the catch well. Kim out for 0. Bugger. So 21 for 1 went to 21 for 2 off 6overs. Mahesh joined Cheese.

After a blip of runs coming from Fenton…7 whole runs, he reverted to maidens, leaving the batting pair going after Ashton once again. They battled away until the 14th over, scoring shots were in short supply, and Ed got hold of a full delivery, unfortunately, the fielder on the boundary also got hold of it. Ed out for 26 with the score on 42. The Cazh were in a spot of bother. Next in – JR. The 2 bowling openers finished and had done their job, runs kept to a minimum and wickets taken.

Scoring continued to be difficult, the bare wicket acting up occasionally, but most often the bounce was low. Mahesh dealt mostly in singles, apart from a lovely controlled lofted drive for 6 and a couple of 4s. JR played his forward prod to great affect, but when he decided to go after the ball he hit some lovely shots – two glorious cover drives and a flick that was timed so well you couldn’t even hear the ball off the bat, which flew to the long boundary. The stand of 36 was ended when Mahesh chipped one to mid-on (21). 77-4-24overs.

With Ashton’s overs complete, his bunny, Steveo felt quietly confident was he made his way out to join JR. First ball survived a lbw appeal from an equally slow bowler. The next 2 overs the pair trickled along, until Steveo took a liking to the quicker bowler from the Sully end, he crashed a 2 and 3 consecutive 4s which gave the Cazh a much needed boost. It obviously wasn’t going to last long, as next over he was bowled by the dreaded straight one (19)!! Worse, two balls later JR was also bowled trying to sweep. JR scored an important 20, he was in for a total of 61 runs off 15 overs and scored his runs off only 7 deliveries – you can see how difficult it was to score. 102-6-28overs. Shag and the Lesser Spotted Muff were at the crease, Shag’s only aim at the start was to score the 1 run that would take him to his 2000 run milestone, which after a wild thrash first ball which he missed, he obtained 2nd ball sweeping to leg. After discussing with Muff to stay around until the end, Shag hit a well timed sweep to square, which he was convinced would get to the boundary, it didn’t, was well fielded and no run was scored….to make amends he went for the next deleivery only succeeding in hitting it straight back to the bowler, who held on (2) – mindless batting from the skipper. 103-7-29overs.

Muff needing 13 for his 1000 career run milestone was intent on sticking around. BA who had now joined him looked very comfortable and played some lovely cover drives, always looking for the gaps and often finding them. The partnership of 23 came to a premature end when Paul was well caught at midwicket for an important 19. Muff was also looking comfortable apart from one lbw appeal which was close, however, disaster struck when he chipped a double bouncer straight to mid-off (9)…agonisingly short of his milestone – one for next year. Winkie and JB were now in and neither had chance to score as JB when for an expansive shot and was fooled by the lack of bounce (0). A poor but better than anticipated at the halfway stage total of 134.

Ed – 26 caught
Ash – 10 stumped
Kim – 0 caught
Mahesh – 21 caught
JR – 20 bowled
Steveo – 19 (2) bowled
Dan – 2 caught & bowled
Muff – 9 caught
Paul – 19 caught
Andy H – 0 not out
JB – 0 bowled
Extras - 9

Tea was taken and was very good – plenty of sandwiches and loads of cake – marvellous! As the Cazh were a little subdued by low total, the tea was therefore devoured.

The Cazh made their way back again, Ash taking the keepers gloves, Winkie opening from the hospital end and JB the other. Winkie started with a speedy maiden, and JB with one in his second over. First delivery of Winkie 3rd over was blistering, the batsmen got an outside edge, Ash stuck his outstretched hand out and took an excellent catch, and the batsman walked. The over was played out without score. Not wishing to be out done, first ball up JB bowled a sharp off stump delivery which was again taken well by Ash. Suddenly the Wanderers were under pressure, 3-2 off 6overs. JB bowled another maiden, whilst Winkie took his next wicket bowled, it did stay a bit low. Next over he bowled another wicket maiden. The Wands now in a lot of trouble. 17-4 off 12overs.

JB continued his spell as Winkie was changed for Muff. In JB’s final over, the batsman chipped one into space on the square…the ball hung in the air as Ed raced down the hill towards it, a full stretch dive and a cheese grating bump along the bare strip, he took a spectacular catch. He probably wishes he hadn’t as he lost most of the skin on his forearm! 30-5 off 16. Muff continued, and was economical apart from the 4th over that went for a couple of boundaries. Shag took over from JB. Shag’s first 2 overs were maidens, he then got slapped for a 3 in the third…before resuming the maidens thanks to some good fielding especially from JR and Kim on the offside downhill slope. Muff was rewarded with a deserved wicket in his last over, Kim taking the catch. 52-6-27overs.

Even though the Cazh were in control, the total was so low that if any of the batsmen got in the score was definitely gettable. BA took over from Muff, and first ball took the leg stump of the Wands top scorer Fenton. Kim came on to replace Dan and although started by trying hard not to pitch the ball on the wicket, eventually found his line. The pair of them battled away, keeping the scoring shots to a minimum. Dan though not taking a wicket, got in on the action with a direct hit run out in the 38th over. The game was finished off without further loss, and the Wands finishing well short of the total 84-8.

A fantastic effort from the Cazh, in as always a very friendly and high spirited game. All the Cazh played very well in the field, everyone putting all their effort into cutting down the runs – even Winkie with a full stretch dive on the boundary to stop the ball. Batting – the opening partnership was healthy, but the middle order of Mahesh, JR and Steveo got the team out of the mire. Paul’s innings at the end helped push up the total. In comparison the Wands were behind the run rate from the 2nd over and the excellent bowling from Winkie and JB made it very difficult for the them to regain momentum.

It was then off to the pub for a couple of cheeky ones. Another good game, and a much needed win.

Andy H – 6-3-10-3
JB – 8-4-9-2
Dan – 8-6-4-0
Muff – 8-1-20-1
Paul – 6 -0-16-1
Kim – 4-0-14-0
Run out - Dan
Extras 19.



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