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Match Report vs Chartered Trust 2 June 2010@ Wenvoe (Skipper Dan, Report Big Willy)

A lovely evening, with sun in the sky Dan walk out to the toss with one less eyebrow and a fetching bald spot on his head and promptly lost the toss.

C Trust decided to Bat. Winkie started down the hill and at only the second ball the Number 1 bat showed his intention by hitting Winkie back over his head. Then came Dion running up the hill and starting with a tidy first over. Andy and Iain bowled their overs straight through with Andy ending with figures 4-0-25-2 and Iain picking up two wickets. Ian got Bat 1 caught and Bowled and Cheese taking a nice catch for Bat 2 leaving Dion with figures 4-0-26-2.

Then came The skipper who took a wicket in his first over bowling Bat 4 with on coming back. Pablo came up hill trying all he new to take wickets.

C Trust then had a stand 50 stand with clean,mighty hitting to all parts of the ground. The Casuals chased hard in the field. Pablo bowled 3-0-30-0 and then in Dans last over and his last ball he took the wicket of Bat 5 with Pikey taking a good catch at Long on. This leaving the skipper with figures 4-0-22-2.

Then came Muff. It has to said that now Bat 3 was in the grove and ready to hit a few runs. I think the six he hit over long on off a yorker was breathtaking. At the other end Goff bowled well with figures of 2-0-15-0. Muff bowled the last over and managed to stop Bat 3 from getting his hundred ending on 97. Unlucky Muff 3-0-49-0. Well done in the field Casuals.


Now casuals time to bat. With the skipper still finding cuts and bruises from his Stag do in some distant east european country, JF and Will went to bat.

With Casuals needing 8.4 per over Jf and Will set off at a steady pace. The ball popping on a good length and keeping low at other times.

JF and Will shared a stand of 81 JF been dropped one or two times and finally holing out for 38 to S Shupta. Then next ball Will got bowled by a ball that bounced twice for 35. So that left Kim and Cheese in a good situation. Unfortunately Kim got bowled for 2 playing a very gay shoot. This brought Pikey to the wicket who started with a few nice dabs and pushes and then got run out for 2. Next in was Goff who looked like he was still trying to win the match. Unfortunately Cheese ran himself out for a nicely played 22. This brought the skipper to the wicket to face the the last few overs. The last over was bowled by a somebody who had obviously learnt to to ball just before he was handed the ball. Skipper and Goff swiped at a few and in the end Goff was bowled on the last ball for 9. Leaving the skipper not out 6.


Casuals loss. But a batsmen in the oppo who could clear the boundry with ease. Still good to have the sun.


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