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Match Report vs Michaelschurch Esclay 13 September 2009 @ Michaelschurch (Skipper and Report Dan)

On arrival at B&Q at 11.30, Team Cazh had their pre match warm up – cheese burger and onions from the gourmet burger van. The route to Michaelchurch was mapped out and the thought was a) it was going to take longer than the estimated hour, and b) we were going to get lost. As it turned out only Winkie, Shag and Dion got it slightly wrong following on from Shagger’s map reading from the week before on tour…looking for the ‘shortcut’….the team arrived at the lovely scenic & sunny ground in plenty of time for the scheduled 1pm start time, though needn’t have worried as the oppo were still setting up the pitch when we arrived, well rolling out the mat on the concrete wicket. Captain Dan won the toss and decided to bowl first not knowing how the wicket was going to play.

Shag and Dion opened the bowling attack, Shag struggling early on to restrict the swingy new ball and narrow matted, bouncy wicket, but only when for 1 of the opening over. Dion began being slapped for 4 of his first ball, but from then started to find his line. Eskley were a team made up of young (late teens, early twenty’s) and old(er) players, it became apparent pretty early on that the young ones all had a touch of the ‘Goughy’ about them not so much chipping at each other – rather aggressively and loudly verbally abusing each other, which as a by-stander was quite amusing. Anyway, the opening pair were pretty good, the left hander played sensibly, putting the bad ball away (anything short or over pitched) and his partner starting that way but then began to swing across the line but connecting with quite a few. Even though the run rate was pretty high, the fielding was excellent, Andy F and Ed often in the firing line whilst covering the area sloping down the hill. Shag and Dion persisted and both got their reward in their respective last overs – Shag bowling the cross batter (cross in more ways than one) and Dion bowling the no3 with the last ball of his spell. 61-2 off 12overs.

With local rules off max 6 overs per bowler, the cazh were fortunate to have plenty of bowlers to choose from. Winkie and Goughy taking over the attack. Winkie sent down some blisteringly quick deliveries, including a full toss that was somehow no-balled…which only increased the speed of the subsequent ball, and Goughy with a slightly leg side line to the left hander who tried to take on the Gough attempting to cart him to cow corner, until Goughy moved JF to cow corner exclaiming very loudly that that was the batsman’s favourite shot!! Both bowled tidily and it was Winkie who took the next wicket getting their skipper caught behind by Kim. 88-3 off 20 overs.

Winkie continued from the one end whilst Foxy took over from Goughy at the other. Foxy was slightly concerned that the left handed opener might take a bit of a liking to him (I guess he meant his style of bowling…), however the fielders were able to defend the long boundary (as both batsmen were lefties) as well as Foxy bowling a superb line and length. In the 23rd over and Winkie’s last, after being clipped for a 6, sent down a slower delivery inducing a false drive from the opener, straight into the save and secure hands of Mr Hand at mid off (for 51). 111-4.

Next over, Foxy’s fourth, the batsman took a suicidal second run to Winkie at fineleg, good communication in the field ensured a simple run out with Kim whipping off the bails. 116-5 off 24. Winkie was replaced by Jeff, and as normal he strangled the scoring opportunity. In his 4th over (after only conceding 1 run thus far, got the next wicket, bowled. 132-6 off 31overs. His following over he got the next also bowled…not before the batsman ‘ruined’ his figures taking a 4 and 2 wides! 148-7 off 33. Ed by this stage had replaced Foxy and after getting thumped for a 6 in the first over fought back with a double wicket maiden 2nd over bowling one and the second (the remaining left hander) caught by a back pedalling Shandy at gully. the left hander tried to force the pace (41). 158-9 off 36overs.

Goughy came back on bowling a maiden with his first over back. Ed took a bit of slap from the tail enders, but Goughy got the last wicket caught and bowled. Eskley finishing on 173ao off 38.4overs. An excellent performance all round by the Cazh fielding and bowling was superb.

Lewis – 6-0-26-1
Warwick – 6-0-35-1
Hood – 6-0-36-2
Gough – 5.4-1-14-1
Foxy – 6-0-28-0
Clapham – 6-2-10-2
Stewart – 3-0-21-2

Off to tea and the Cazh set about finishing it all off, and did so in the main.

We guessed that we’d restricted the oppo to a score which was a bit below par on a very bouncy track, but the outfield was slow in places. Jam, standing in for Steveo opened up with Ed who in the absence of any other willing parties volunteered. The Cazh batting line up was unusually strong, as Porno said over tea, anyone of the top 6 could score the runs (cheeky b’stard) with Kim at 3, Shandy at 4, Goughy at 5 and Jeff at 6….Dan at 7.

The opener was quick, and was bowling a little short, 2nd ball glanced through slips for 4 by Ed. The other opener shocked the batsman, scorers, Cazh spectators and Umpires…as the bowler off a long run up blatantly threw the ball. Third ball in he chucked in a short delivery that cleared Ed’s head by about 2foot, at which point Winkie called a no-ball and was forced to have a chat with one of the older members of the opposition. The umpires were well within their rights to call no-ball every delivery, but in the interests of Sunday cricket no-balls were only called if deemed dangerous. Ed to be fair didn’t look too interested to take the strike when this lad was bowling, especially when he took one on the elbow that was rising sharply towards his face and another in the ribs.

The pair played very sensibly and only went after the bad ball, Ed hitting some exquisite cut shots. The opener bowled through, but the ‘chucker’ was taken off after 4 and was replaced by a left arm medium pace swing bowler. After 10 overs the Cazh were on 38. The pair continued to defend the straight balls and punish the bad. At drinks the score was bang on target 80-0-off 20overs. Ed looked completely at ease against anything and everything sent down his way, and was scoring almost twice as fast as Jam at the other end. His only slightly worrying trait was not running his bat in when taking the quick singles. The pair run some excellent singles and turning them into 2’s where possible as the youngsters in the oppo side started to get a bit restless having taken no wickets. Ed moved towards his maiden 50 for the club shortly after drinks and with everyone willing him on, he did it nurdling one to leg. When he was applauded for his feat, he didn’t raise his bat much to the annoyance of the spectators!! The 100 run opening partnership was also reached in the same over (24th). Soon after the only real chance was put down by the oppo opening batsman dropping the Cheese at slip – he should really have taken it.

Jam, not wishing to be outshone, began to up his pace and clubbed a big straight 6 and a couple of boundaries. With the speed attack over, the batsmen started to really open up. Ed clattering a flat bat sweeping 6 to fine leg over the hedge. Heads started to drop even further in the field, and at the same time so did Kim’s (batting at 3) as the lad who put down their only catching chance came on to bowl…had Ed been on strike he might have reached his maiden century…however it was Jam on strike. Bowling slow full tosses, the over went 4,6,4,4,2 (inches from a 4),4. Leaving the Cazh only 2 required for victory, which was gained in the next over.

Who would have thought it. A stunning batting performance by John and Ed – both batted absolutely superbly, only one chance given against some sharp and accurate bowling. This was highlighted in the fact apart from the ‘carnage’ over none of the bowlers returned with bad figures. Ed was just pipped to the post for top scorer finishing on 75 not out, and Jam on 77 not out. With 22 extras. 174-0

It was back to the pub for a pint or two (The Bridge Inn – a lovely little pub in the middle of no where), where the oppo presented us with plentiful sausages, chips and bread. The Cazh then moved onto the charm offensive to secure the fixture for the following year…pointing out that we’re really not that good, and we got lucky….fortunately this was an easy task – all we had to do was show them the book from the previous week!!

Excellent game, very nice opposition, super weather and plentiful tea and ‘meal’ after. What Sunday cricket is all about!


Scott - They were fuckin' hilarious. One ashen faced lad left the field moaning in pain with his little finger at an alarmingly jaunty angle only to complain when his mates mum offered to take him to hospital, that they'd all think he was a fuckin pussy!

It is possible that one or two of em had seen us play at Clytha from the windows of the house that overlooks the pitch. Some sort of day release scheme I assume!

All in all a great day.

John - They were all fucking mad, hurling streams of abuse at each other but laughing & joking and generally very nice to us. The game was played in a great spirit but I wouldn't be surprised if one or two of them had webbed feet or six toes or gills instead of lungs or something!

More to the point, it was a good contest with some tough but fair cricket played - Ed & I have got the bruises to prove it! They have a couple of very handy batsmen & bowlers and on the whole, they were pretty athletic in the field. On another day, I feel the result could have been very different (bowled out for 12, maybe!) so to come away with such a convincing win was testament to the way the Casz performed with bat, ball & in the field.

Well done, JP, for getting us a game at all.

Ed - If I had looked at the wicket before I answered the call for opening volunteers, I don't think I would have.
The banter from the fielders was great especially the folorn shouts of catch it as JF mauled the bowling in the penultimate over, wish I had gone for single off the last ball of the preceeding over now!
Thanks to JF to getting me through to my maiden 50 for the cazh and from the support from the balcony.
Sign me up next season for this one, two teas is what it is all about.



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