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Match Report vs Baltonsborough (Tour) - 06 September 2009 @ Baltonsborough (Skipper and Report Dan)

The Cazh all set off at the same time from the hotel in Exeter on our jaunt back up the motorway to Dan’s ‘other’ team – Baltonsborough, Somerset. With only one possible junction to get wrong on the way, Captain Dan was confident that all the Cazh would get to the usual meeting place – the Greyhound pub in time for a swift half before the game….Understandable Dan and passenger Jonny F arrived in plenty of time before the scheduled 1.30 kick off…unfortunately all other Casuals got lost going via a detour of Glastonbury and arriving at the pub on the crossroads from all directions bar the correct one. However, this allowed for an extra ‘half’ and the negotiation of the toss…it was decided that BB would bat first to make a game of it….

After the ‘half’ was finished everyone made their way to the field where there were more slabs of beer and cider to go round. Kick off was re-arranged for 2pm and overs restricted to 35 (also it was decided to be a 12 a-side game as Shakey declared himself fit…. And BB’s Barron junior junior was blooded in his first senior game for BB).

Captain Dan opened the bowling for the Cazh against the batting attack of Skirton and Hammond. Skirton playing the first over defensively. Winkie took the other end and 2nd ball got the breakthrough bowling Skirton (1) with a low one and completed a wicket maiden. 1-1off2overs. Miller Jnr joined Rosco, and Shagger’s 2nd over was more expensive with Hammond looking to drive. 8-1-3overs. Winkie continued to cause problems with the ball mainly staying low, but the odd one biting off the pitch. Shagger’s 3rd over produced the next wicket, dangerous Miller playing on, bowled for a duck. 10-2-5. Dan’s next got Hammond looking to launch one to mid-on but playing a tad too early and was bowled middle stump(10). 11-3-5. Winkie’s 4th over was again destructive, bowling both BB’s 5th and 6th (D Adams 1 and M Sorril 0) batsmen, suddenly this looked as though it might be a very quick game after all….and BB’s skipper Baj Barron (snr) wasn’t looking too happy (for the first time of the year after BB’s undefeated season – the only 1st team in Somerset to do so). 12-5-8overs.

After a blistering opening spell, Dan and Andy were replaced with Jeff and Muff. Jeff continued his normal accurate line and length, whilst Muff continued where the openers had started – with a wicket, bowled (Barron Junior 3). 15-6-10. Worrying times for Baj as he was joined by Stevie B. The pair put on a steady partnership, until Muff struck again in his 3rd over, bowling Baj (8). 40-7-14. Somerset over 50s star, Steeler came to the middle. Things were plodding along for BB with the pair looking to push the singles and club the bad ball. DB took over from Muff. The batsman, Beauchamp faced with a glut of legside fielders decided to manipulate the off side, however, first ball slapped one straight down the throat of Winkie at point (21). 56-8-18.

Tesh took over from Jeff and first over was a maiden. Carl Garrett was now batting, but DB managed to get his man half way through his second over, bowled(0). 65-9-20. Junior Junior Barron (Joe) made his way to the crease to join Steeler. With Tesh having to alter his bowling action to accommodate the youngster plus Joe playing some sound shots, a much needed partnership developed. Joe, holding one end up and Steeler looking to cart it. Jonny F put down a chance in the deep, but with one hand crocked he preceded to injure the other whilst trying to protect the injured one! Tesh eventually got a deserved wicket of Steeler, caught by Shag at mid-on for a well made 42. 100-10-29. This brought last man Ivan Garrett to the middle. Shakey and BA replaced Tesh and Dave. The innings should have been put the bed, but Dan infront of ‘home’ supporters put down a simple chance (Garrett) at mid on when BB were still on 100. However, Shakey lasted 3 overs before his body gave up – what he pulled no one knows, but usual look of pain returned to the Councillors face and he was ‘pulled off’. Jeff returned, and the final wicket was taken by a throw from Dan to Smitts behind the stumps who casually whipped the bails off in one movement to eventually run out Joe Junior Barron(4). The total 111 ao (off 32.2 overs). I Garrett finishing not out 7. Even with a modest total, The Cazh (or Dan) knew what to expect from the BB bowling attack.

Lewis 4-0-10-2
Hood 4-2-2-3
Clapham 6.2-0-27-0
Foote 4-0-24-2
Thomas 5-1-10-2
Hirani 5-1-15-1
M Stephens 3-1-12-0
P Stephens 2-0-3-0

Tea was lovely and provided by Dan’s sister, who had spent the previous day in the kitchen baking (unknown to Dan, who thought all the cakes had been bought…apologies Hannah!)

Needing to be solid to start…the Cazh opened up with 2 ‘solid’ figures of men Jonny F and Paul ! Baj and Steeler opened the bowling for BB. After 4 overs the score was on 0 still….the bowling bowling very accurately and the Awesome Foursome making do with blocking. This worked right up until neutral umpire Mines gave Jonny F out caught behind…Jam looked bemused as he had hit a chunk of the wicket rather than the ball, but in the spirit of Sunday cricket (and the very friendly nature of this game) Jam was called back…only to be bowled middle stump next ball and last in the over (0)! Straight bat Bari was next in, with Paul on strike, the Casuals first run was scored, a single by Paul in the 6th over!! Unfortunately, that wasn’t much of a help as Paul was out next over, caught for 1.1-2-8overs. Smitty in next trying to get over his run out from the day before, however that wasn’t to be as he was also caught (0) in the 9th over along with Ash been adjudged lbw for 1. Suddenly the Cazh were in the same shit that BB had been an hour or 2 earlier. 5-4-9overs.

The previous day’s top scorers were now at the crease, looking to get the Cazh into double figures! Baj had just 2 ball to try and get Dan out, but fortunately Dan managed to nurdle a 2 off the last ball. The pair put on a decent partnership of 30 before Dan stupidly swished at one he should have blocked (or indeed stepped away from as he was still taking guard when the bowler (keeper Beauchamp) was at the end of his delivery stride), either way he was caught by Steeler (8 ). 33-5-16. Tesh joined Richie and was looking good right up until he was bowled (3).47-6-19.

Andy Hood next up, but it was Richie who perished bowled by I Garrett for (what turned out to be the top scorer again in 2 days) 22. 47-7-20. Jeff now in and he and Winkie tried to get the runs where possible without giving away their wicket….the next 7 overs they did just that, taking the score up to 74, but it was Andy that was caught for 10. Muff didn’t last long getting done by the flight – trying not to cart it, instead missed it and bowled for 0. 76-9 turned into 76 for 10 with Shakey not wanting to hang around holed out first ball (0). Bringing Dave to the crease as last man…he lasted two balls before also being bowled (0). The casuals limping to an embarrassing 76 ao!!

With the sun still shining, BB brought out the BBQ and beer/cider and everyone tucked into a second tea! An excellent day out, and marvellous finish to the tour. The cricket may not have been at the highest standard, but Baltonsborough did an excellent job in just getting a wicket prepared after heavy rain for 2 days previous, threatened to scupper the game full stop.
The majority of the Cazh then made the trip back across the bridge, apart from Dan who stayed for a few extra’s in the Hound!



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