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Match report vs CBBies Cup Game 12 May 08@ Wenvoe (Skipper Jonny F, report Andy F)

Vyas and P Stephens opened up for the Casz in the 18 over cup match versus CBBs who we beat last week in the league. Cup matches as we know are a different story especially for us. It was tough going for our openers and despite clearly looking to get on with it, this didn’t quite happen but we were going at 5 an over from 5 and when Paul fell to a catch in the covers the score was 36 in the 8th with Paul getting 8 off 24 balls.

Steve came in and Blink (joke) you would have missed it with 3 singles off 5 balls before missing a straight one. The score being 50 in the 11th. Kim had a rare failure with 3 off 4 balls as he was stumped by the keeper who by this time had already managed to miss stumping Manish twice and did so again later. Kim’s verdict was “shit shot”. Steve who now had time to contemplate his innings was telling us what a shit game it was and didn’t know what to do with himself. Answers on a postcard please!

By this time our 11th man had turned up who had forgotten he was playing. Will arrived, sat down and asked who the fat bloke over there was? It was Dan. A bit of top totty had passed with a pair of cute puppies and he thankfully filmed her.

On the pitch we were now 55 for 3 in the 12th over and despite Manish still being there it had been a struggle to score quickly and a boundary only arrived in the 15th over with the score on 66. Manish finally fell with the score on 84 when he was caught by a decent catch for a well made 34 off 45 balls, 6 short of having to retire.

By this time though M Smith had entered the arena and despite starting off relatively slowly for him (he was on 3 after 10 balls), he soon moved through the gears and began to hit much needed 4s and suddenly the scoring rate began to surge. The Skipper JF had joined him when Manish fell and gave good support to Smith who raced to 36 not out off 24 balls and Furnham finishing on 6 not out off 5 to take the total up to 119.

We were 50 off ten and 84 off 16 and finally 119 of the full 18 for the loss of four wickets. Ten minutes earlier we looked like posting a poor total but now this looked very good indeed.

Things looked even better when second ball Dan had Imran bowled (playing across the line of course) for a duck. Imran came off and said “I am fucking shit and that’s why I keep asking to be moved down the order”. Muff came second and bowled a very tight first over for 2 but his second went for 9 to finish with 0 for 11. Dan finishing with 1 for 8 off his two. Mogridge was at the crease with M Davies and with all due respect to Davies they were like chalk and cheese. Davies was nearly out two balls before he actually was, bowled by Paul. I will let you lot discuss Dave’s catching. This left them on 21 for 2 in the 5th. Paul finishing on 1 for 12

The sixth over was one Will may try and forget. Not his best bowling moment. The score went from 21 to 43 in this over, 17 against the poor bowler including 5 wides, don’t worry mate, we have all been there. This meant after 6 they were on 43 while we had been on 27.

Nadders and JPF were up next with Nadders bowling 2 for 17 (5 from a no ball hurting the figures) and JF bowling excellent variety i.e. brilliant or shite. Firstly he took out the stumps of Jones who although not the most stylish had become very dangerous with a quick 17. This brought in Walker who likes to give it a smack but Furnham also bowled him for 11 to finish on 2 for 13. “That was a fucking brilliant ball” was the batters verdict as he walked off. It seemed that any bad ball was being punished but we would hit back with a wicket. This left them on 83 for 4 at the end of the 11th. At the same stage we were 54 for 2. All the while Mogridge was playing some class shots and looked very comfortable as he approached 40, in fact he reached it by hitting a 6 off Manish and knew he had to retire and walked back to his team mates. It was now a different game.

Hagger and Clark (he of the upside down hands) were now at the crease. Hagger looked a decent player but looked to have been out stumped which umpire Imran turned down. Nadders was heard to say “that was fucking out”, or were your team mates hearing things?

Not much was lost though as Clark was soon out bowled by Dave for 2 and then a comical run out as Hagger popped one up back to the bowler who stood there as Smith behind the stumps had called. The ball dropped into no mans land and thankfully only Hagger decided to move quickly as Dave threw the ball back to Smith for a run out. 98 for 6 in the 14th. We were 65 after 14.

I must pass comment on the bowling of Dave Thomas here and say how well he has bowled over the past two days. His figures of 1 for 5 off his 2 were very important at this time. Dart was now at the crease and better than many before him but realised that there was not much to come behind him. This meant he had to basically try and win it on his own and despite being well in front of the rate meant he went for his shots. This he did with a quick fire 9 with 2 fours off Manish until our man got his revenge and bowled him. Nareem came in next and the view from the boundary was he is a back foot player who is sometimes good but usually...not. Two balls later he was on his way back after being bowled by Manish which I was pleased about as I had my fellow scorer back. The CBBs were not very confident on the boundary but the fact that they were only 14 runs away with 3 overs left gave them hope. The Casuals in the field may have been also thinking the cup curse may strike again.

Kim came on and to be fair to their number 10 Mullins he looked like he could do it and indeed took 6 off Kim’s over to leave 8 needed off 2 overs.

The skipper now looked for somebody to bowl over 17. Will laughed at the suggestion but there was a man who was willing to step into the heat of battle and in his own words, “I am too stupid to be scared”. This is of course Mr S O Reilly. Nerves were jangling and it suddenly went quiet as we watched Steve prepare for every ball he was to bowl. 1 dot dot wide 2 dot meant four were needed from 7 balls with Mogridge waiting in the wings to come back in. The 7th ball of the over was hit firmly by Mullins but straight to Dan in the covers who took a great catch. A yard either side and they would have been almost certainly within two runs of winning and maybe even level. As it was they were now 9 wickets down with 4 needed to win but the most important factor was Mogridge not being on strike. The field was tight as Kim came in to bowl over 18 with four needed by the batting side and one wicket by us. Could Mogridge get on strike or Peddle sneak a 4? My fellow scorer Nareem was so nervous he had to get up and walk away. Kim kept his nerve and after two dots bowled him with ball 3 of the final over to leave Mogridge stranded at the other end and to finish what was a fantastic game to watch let alone play in.

The 40 and out rule worked in our favour and the 34 from Manish and that quick fire 36 from Smith especially proving crucial.

Dan 2 0 8 1-
Muff 2 0 11 0- 1 wide
Paul 2 0 12 1
Will 1 0 17 0- 5 wides
Nads 2 0 17 0- 1 no ball
JF 2 0 13 2- 3 wides
DT 2 0 5 1
M Vyas 2 0 17 2
Kim 1.3 0 6 1
Steve 1 0 4 1- 1 wide

They hit 99 off the bat and us 90, a fab game.


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