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Match report vs Llanvapley 12 August 07 @ Llanvapley (Skipper BA, report Shagger)

Yet another hot, sunny day and the Cazh rolled up to the ground at various intervals dependant on how many wrong turns they made on the way to the ground (for the first time in history Shag not only didn't get lost, but was also early - it was the Furnham Bros that spent half an hour guessing which of the 5000 roads to take to get the ground).

As this game is a time game, the usual option on winning the toss is to bat (first batting side usually get at least an extra 5 overs more than the side batting second), however it was discovered in the pub afterwards that BA had actually won the toss and inserted Llanvapley into bat……Would this option be rued later…?

So a 'large' Cazh team entered the sun baked field (fortunately there was a breeze, and also fortunately it wasn't coming from the direction of Jonny F). Muff and BA opened the bowling and the Llanvapley openers began very steadily looking for a solid foundation. Muff got the breakthrough in the 5th over, pitching the ball a little shorter than normal, and the ball stopped a little forcing the batsman to loft his drive to a waiting Jonny F at mid-off. 6-1-5overs. The pair continued for 12overs, Muff bowling a very good line and length, Paul also, though after for 4 overs decided to bowl spin - as the pitch was 'taking it'. The fielding was tight, the only notable exception - a Pikey mis-field, where he tried to stop a four with his left testicle - but pulled up last minute. 29-1-12overs

Muff - 6overs - 2 maiden- 13runs - 1 wicket
BA - 6-1-14-0

Shag took over from Muff and Shakey from Paul, after suffering from a case of the yips the day previous, Shag was more than happy when the ball pitched on the strip, though not a particularly consistent line to begin with. Shakey got into his stride straight away and bowled with good flight and dare I say, a hint of turn. Shag took the next wicket in the 15th over - a full pitched, swinging delivery pitching at the base of off stump. 33-2-15overs. The following over Shakey followed suit - bowled 'through the gate' (I guess that means it must 'ave spun). 34-3-16overs. Shag's next over was quite eventful - first ball a lbw appeal which looked a little high, Shag enquired if that was the case to the umpire who replied "I don't f**king care" - encouraged by this response Shag upped the tempo and brought in Richie into a close gully catching position. Two balls later, the batsman went for the cut shot and put it straight down the 'throat' of Andy F (I say throat - it was more - right into the knackers - Andy had expected to take it on his formerly ample belly, but it's reduction hadn't been taken into account when lining up the catch).41-4. Next ball the new batsman also tried the cut shot, he was the victim of a absolutely tremendous catch from Richie in his new position. Richie had very little time to react - and to be fair if he could have reacted he would have probably got the f**k out of the way! 41-5. Next in was the first of the kids, and though on a hat-trick, Shag didn't go for the kill and slowed up. 41-5-19overs.

Coach Pikey was given a chance to shine with the ball in front of the Pikey clan visiting for the weekend (in a stolen car) from Liverpool. It took his first over for him to find his feet, the opening bat was still in and looking to accelerate as his batting partners from now on would be kids (and they were one short). Shakey took his second wicket next over - stumped by Goughy. 55-6-22overs. Pikey bagged the prize wicket of the opener in his second - the batsman playing a mis-timed lofted drive which was 'pounced' upon by Shakey at cover. 57-7-23overs. Shakey was replaced by JR who immediately began with a consistent line and length. Pikey got his second wicket next over - bowled. 59-8-25overs. And JR claimed the last wicket - bowled. 61 all out.

Shag - 4-1-5-3
Shakey - 5-0-12-2
Pikey - 3-1-11-2
JR - 1.4-0-2-1

As the tea ladies were yet to arrive, it was decided that the Cazh would begin the innings straight away. Jonny F and Ash opened the innings. The Vapley opening bowlers, though young, were pretty quick and accurate. Jonny F saw off the opening over. Ash facing his first delivery mid way through the second over failed to move his feet and was bowled (0 ). 5-1-2overs. This brought Pikey to the crease with a standing ovation from his band of supporters. He and Jonny F continued to plug away against the all seam attack - many of the runs coming from byes. Everything was going swimmingly until the wheels fell off in the 13th over. Jonny F nudging one past close-in mid-wicket called the run - on passing the halfway mark on the strip, Pikey sent him back, as Pikey hid behind Umpire Shakey, fatboy Furnham tried valiantly to make back his ground with a skin stripping dive for the finale - unfortunately not successfully - run out 13. The tirade of abuse finally subsided as Jon reached the boundary, and Pikey re-appeared from the shelter of Shakey's ample frame. 43-2-13overs. With just 19 required for victory, tea was delayed and Goughy joined a shaking Pike in the middle. Victory was achieved 4.4 overs later finished with a back foot square cut from Coach Pike (20 not out). Goughy unbeaten on 10.

Tea was eaten, and then the Casuals and supporters embarked on the next task of finding the pub, and eventually home….

Even though the game was short, it was thoroughly enjoyable day, and the game played in a competitive spirit.


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