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Match report vs Colwinstone July 9 th @ the field (skipper Richie, report A Furnham)

Our book was absent and I have not details but here is a brief summary.

Despite the rain the game was on with the ten Casuals ready for the 1.30 start which was 1.40 in the end and 30 overs. Will and Shakes opened with Will going first, caught for 13. Shakes was eventually bowled for a painstaking 25. Jamie however was pulling and cutting to his first 50 which was about 63 not out when he was six and out (the rules at Colwinstone due to the neighbouring farmer not giving balls back!!!!). Paul hit about 8 for 6 and out and Fitz managed to be caught at fly slip for not many.

Muff was bowled and a victim of variable bounce and Steve despite struggling with the pitch finished on 34 not out with Andy stumped off the last ball leaving Rich and me not needed. 166 in 30 overs.

We have had some strange games here over the years but recently its been more a case of get the kid out and that’s enough.

Anyway Hood and Muff opened up. Andy took a wicket but Muff didn’t as he forgot we don’t play LBW (another local rule). This pissed him off somewhat and I think you can count him out of availability for this game next year.

Paul bowled really well and took a wicket. Steve to be fair fielded superbly at short extra or short mid and took a superb catch for Andy’s wicket which saved his good looks. As he said "ooh I had my weetabix this morning". This also reminded me of the comment Paul made earlier, "Discuss, Steve O- idiot or genius? You decide viewers.

Fitz bowled seam and created two run outs- well actually one because the first wasn’t given which I am told was ridiculous. It just so happened it was their kid - the best bat. Steve was involved in both run outs. The kid then went 6 and out off Fitz. It was clear now that they were way behind the rate.

Steve was having a great day and came on to bowl with his unique style. Cybermen don’t play cricket but if they did I think they would bowl like Steve. He bowled a complete load of shite but took two wickets with and easy catch to me and a great catch in the wind from Andy.

Shakes at the other end was taking out the bats at the other end who mostly were of no great shakes (excuse the pun) and a great catch was taken by Muff along the way.

The kid came back and they needed about 33 off the last over from Shakes. It went dot 6 (you can carry on if you hit a six and are last man)6 dot dot one with Shakes running out the one guy going for the second. We never got the kid out properly but it didn’t matter and we won by about 20. Mark (who was pissed off as he had to go to the boxing last night (tough life) couldn’t remember if he had taken 3 or 4 wickets. We think four. When he out earlier though his words as he looked at the book were "cu*t, 3 more and I would have passed 3000 runs".

Not my favourite fixture but I would rather be playing than not. Full marks to Jamie for his knock and Steve for a good all round game despite being told repeatedly "Pitch it up Steve". Also some fine catching and bowling meant that the game was never in doubt pretty early into their innings. All over by 5.30 and free beer after.


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