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Freezer Set on Defrost as a Warm May Day in Caerleon Allows Pentwyn Weather to Melt into the Memory

Arriving early to soak up the sunshine and to be reminded of Baggy's shocking drop kicking disability the team was up for 'fair' battle following Thursday's defeat against L&G.

Having won the toss I decided to bat only to be told by the oppo captain that due to the fragility of their batting it may be more of a game if we batted first and then put them in - he obviously hadn't seen our previous results this season! - but I heeded his advice and batted we did!

The opening pair of messrs Baggy and Foxy returned a lowly 6 before Foxy was bowled first ball - 6 for 1 bringing Goughy to the wicket.

A useful looking partnership of 24 was ended when Baggy (10) tried to sweep one down the leg side and scooped up and easy catch - 30 for 2 allowing Muff a go.

An equally constructive stand of 24 was finished with Muff (7) departing caught - 54 for 3.

Collapse time? - usually yes, but on this occasion not as O'Reilly (and I've just been informed that he resembled 'a greasy fat slob with no dress sense who would give Baggy a run for his money in a pie-eating contest' [not in character obviously!] on this evening's episode of X-Ray on BBC1 - unfortunately (or not!) by the time I'd reached the TV he'd gone!) strode purposefully to the wicket to plant his mark on the game.

He and Goughy then added an excellent 49 to the total before Steve was caught for 18 - 103 for 4 and it was back to the humdrum in the consumer supporting world of BBC Wales.

Paul was next in and again another good partnership of 43 was built before Paul was caught for 11 - 146 for 5.

I was next on the list, unable to hit the world renowned barn door, and after Goughy had plundered another 12 runs (as I'm sure I didn't) he was well caught behind falling short of his century on 88 - 158 for 6.

Fitzy - 158 for 7, and DB1 - 159 for 8, came and went without troubling the score, both being bowled for 0 bringing Winky to the crease and with me departing soon after bowled for 2 - 163 for 9 (ah! …. the collapse!) it allowed the Furnham Jnr to assist Winky in another constructive tally of 37 before Jnr was bowled for 18.

190 all out off 39.3 overs

NB 1
W 20
B 4

Tea (Baggy & FB both commenting on the lack of choc ices)

Opening pairing of Winky and Fantasy Boy was miserly to say the least without a run being conceded until the fifth over (Oh how we wish that had happened on the following Thursday!) returning superb figures of 4-2-2-0 and 4-2-5-0 respectively.

Their No. 2 batsman was run out without scoring following a dramatic ground shaking 'fall' by Baggy and despite my best efforts to cock it up with Fitzy coming to the rescue in tandem with Goughy.

Jnr and DB1 were next on show and didn't disappoint in figures of 6-2-11-0 and 6-0-19-1 (bowled) with DB1 bowling particularly well.

Muff and Fitzy completed proceedings with 5 overs apiece each taking a wicket in their first overs. Muff finishing with figures of 5-1-15-4 (caught WK, bowled, LBW and bowled - and he was about 10 at a push Muff!) and Fitzy taking 3 in figures of 5-0-32-3 (caught & bowled, bowled and caught JP)

Steve O was to say the least miffed as he was about to come on to bowl after Fitzy and then SF took 2 in his last over!

81 all out

W 6

Our inconsistency is consistent if nothing else is! First Sunday win of the season - Hoorah !

Played 6 won 2 lost 4 ©


Im afraid viewers that the real excitement of the day was prior to the game.......

At churchills, we gathered like the sportmen that we are-fit lean ready alert and it was just so when some old fella collapsed in the car park. Off raced Muff and I to the scene. This old chap was sparko, looking half dead before Muff loosened his tie, made him a pillow and generally soothed him and the distraught wife. Steveo was dispatched to the hotel to call the ambulance. What a hero!

Stevo -"Call an ambulance mate some old guy has collapsed in the car park........have you got any chips going spare?"

Meanwhile the old guy is looking better and is able to stand, he is complete with his own oxygen bottle and tubes. Foxy looks on with jealousy....... He is helped by Muff and Baggy to a seat. Did I spot the Lib Dem publicity machine in the bushes snapping away for future political purposes?

So the old fella is ok, waiting for the ambulance with his slightly less distraught wife.

But whats this we see.....its Muff, the hero of the hour, looking equally distraught. Whats wrong old chap?

Muff - "You fxxking help em and look what happens, the stupid cow has only gone and stood on my £90 Ray-bans!!

Moral of the story "Ignore them they are only looking for attention"
"Dont put your expensive glasses on the floor next to some dodery footed old dear"

Poor muff.......lucky that Foxy had a tool box in his boot for this very scenario. Did I also see an oxygen bottle? Now that would be forward planning.

That was the true story of the day, not some pointless game of cricket.


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