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Legal & General Take the Spoils in Windy Encounter where even Kevin was ‘Bowled Over’

Penarth, the final frontier, aaaaaah aaaaaaaaaah etc. a place where I’d never won before and as the evening unfolded it would remain a place where I still haven’t won!

Due to a lack of available opposition players a gentleman’s agreement took place whereby we would field first allowing a game to take place – alas this agreement was to return to bite my proverbial backside as this story will tell….. (in fact it’s still a little sore now) ….

With a dry, windy fast track our two openers Winky and Shagger took to their task with gusto, Winky bowling through his allotted four overs returning figures of 4-0-25-0 and Shagger being given a break after two (due to fact he was bowling into the wind) with a spell of 2-0-12-0.

Mavely ‘the forgetful’ replaced Shagger into the wind and bowled well despite being piled into by their batsman, who then took another run after knocking Kevin over, (not quite in the spirit of things ) without reward (yes I dropped [another!] one sorry Kevin) with figures of 4-0-34-0 with Foxy (FOXY) taking over from Winky at the pavilion end. The batters only really going after Foxy towards the end of his stint returning him figures of 4-0-45-0.

During Kevin’s spell Winky had fielded superbly at deep mid wicket to return directly over the stumps to remove the opener for 41. Paul was equally as pleased realizing that 2 fantasy league points were on offer with the assisted run out.

Furnham Jnr took the final 4 overs into the wind and with his usual bag of tricks was unlucky with another dropped catch (at least I think it was off AF’s bowling!) in figures of 4-0-37-0. Shagger taking the final two overs, with the wind (!) from the pavilion end, in his second shift taking a wicket (bowled) in his first over in figures of 2-0-12-1.

(innings closed) 174 for 2 off 20

W / 13
LB / 1
B / 63 (hee hee) no it was 6 really … (aren’t people picky now that fantasy league points are included in everything!!)

And so to bat ….

An opening pair of Will and Steve ‘wrong prescription’ O’Reilly were soon separated when Steve O was bowled for 5 - 6 for 1 - exposing Easy early and with a run chase on a run out was on the cards with Easy departing in that very fashion for 8 - 29 for 2.

Paul was next in but was soon to lose his partner with Will bowled for 13 - 34 for 3 - Muff joined Paul (not with glue or anything) and a fruitful partnership of 32 was ended with Muff run out for 12 - 66 for 4 - Andy F next in with Paul leaving almost immediately (caught for 12) - 66 for 5.

Shagmaester Lewis entered the arena with several lusty blows between them speeded along a useful stand of 46 before Shagger lofted one too many and was caught for 28 - 112 for 6.

Winky came in at no. 8 and was witness to one of Steve ‘very wrong prescription’ O’Reilly’s most remarkable contributions to a cricket game – inventing a new law called ‘I was cold and wanted the game to finish as quickly as possible’ - it’s one where it doesn’t matter where the ball is delivered from, pitches or hits the batsman – the finger will rise and the batsman will retreat! – Andy ‘pissed off’ Furnham LBW (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) for 17 - 119 for 7.

For the record I believe Mr F Jnr would like it stated for those in attendance (and those not in attendance for that matter) that he did not, does not, never has and most certainly never will play for his average - despite the superfluous comments which were overheard from the pavilion.

Now you must appreciate that by this time of the evening it was almost pitch black, on probably one of the windiest, coldest May nights since records began. Get the picture? – well get another one as that’s all a load of old bollocks because I played all around a shit ball and was bowled for a golden duck! - 119 for 8 and the bloke was on a hat-trick!

Foxy survived the hat-trick ball and finished 0 not out with Winky 7 not out

(innings closed) 125 for 8 off 20

NB / 1
W / 7
LB / 7
B / 2

wicket / score / batsman out / partnership
1 / 6 / 2/ 6
2 / 29 / 3 / 23
3 / 34 / 1 / 5
4 / 66 / 5 / 32
5 / 66 / 4 / 0
6 / 112 / 7 / 46
7 / 119 / 6 / 7
8 / 119 / 9 / 0

overs / score / wickets
2 / 6 / 1
4 / 21 / 1
6 / 34 / 2
8 / 44 / 3
10 / 55 / 3
12 / 68 / 5
14 / 80 / 5
16 / 95 / 5
18 / 116 / 6
20 / 125 / 8

Not a bad total and one that would’ve been competitive in most league games but L&G batted solidly and we were always up against it needing almost nine an over from the start.

All in all a bit of a miserable way to spend your Thursday evening!

Just to note that if we have a return game with L&G in the Shield or Plate at Wenvoe (if I don’t cock that fixture up too) it’s their turn to provide the match ball as we provided this one due to the fact that their kit bag hadn’t arrived before the start of play.

Played 5 won 1 lost 4

a wanky woo production © MMIV(i) [strawberry]


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