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FMatch Report vs Pentwyn 8 May 2010@ Pentwyn

Firstly can I apologise for the lateness of this match report, me and muff have only just thawed out after this one.

This was a fixture Bureau game just outside Pontypool against Pentwyn. Now in my admittedly limited experience, Ebbw Vale is the coldest place on earth, now as of the Sunday the 8th of May, Pentwyn is a very close second. The pitch is on a kind of plateau of a hill (not quite Table Mountain) and when Muff asked a local if the weather is always like this up here the reply was no, sometimes it rains!

I can't remember who won the toss (probably not Richard methinks) but they batted first, Andy Hood opened up down hill & down wind (did I say wind, it was more like a fucking hurricane). Guess who went uphill into the wind, and got smacked around like a twat, Cheers skip. They looked rather good, their openers ripped us (mainly me) apart and then something quite remarkable happened after they had got to 50 odd after 8 overs. Andy Furnham with his endless variations stuffed it right up em, he got 4 quick wickets and they didn't know what hit them. In between all the mayhem they decided to try a quick single to 3rd man after Goughy had missed the ball again, dead eye Dan decided to hedge his bets and go for both sets of stumps, we all groaned as he missed the 1st lot only to be left speechless when he directly hit the set at the bowlers end, he later claimed he was aiming for that end, I have my doubts I must say.

Simon (11 byes) Gough did take a rather good diving catch off Andy Furnham to be fair, and John got in the act as well claiming a sharp chance off Andy Hood at Gully after Dan bowled one a little earlier clean bowled. They then got a little partnership going for the 7th wicket which was slowed considerably by my brother bowling rather well I thought. Of course being a game where the esteemed councillor played a bodily calamity was in the offing and sure enough instead of stopping a ball in the field as he should he tried to flick one with the outside of his foot, trod on the ball & turned his ankle, this forced me back on to get twated again before one rolled along the floor for me to claim my 1st of the day and then the slogger skied one off me to John F for his second catch. Then followed a boring last wicket partnership which was ended by the skipper with the slowest long hop of the day which their number 11 missed. 167 all out

Hot tea, squash, a few types of cake and sandwiches and SALAD!! (I thought my brother was going to have a seizure when he saw salad but it wasn't their long, it was hoovered up by Furnham Snr). A good tea, not the best but certainly not amongst the worst.

Now onto our batting. Simon & John opened up & put on 18 before Simon was deceived by their opening bowler for 9, John hit a few good balls, Stevo succumbed to another straight one for a duck, Muff hit a good 4 before falling LBW for 6. John was then also adjudged LBW for 23. Richard and I were in and out quicker than Wayne Rooney in an OAP home both for nought. 46 for six. This brought Andy Furnham to the crease to join Andy Hood, their partnership started steadily and built to a marvellous frenzy at the end.

Pentwyn made the mistake of underestimating the casuals mighty lower middle order, the 2 Andy's put on a 40 over record 7th wicket partnership of 113, AH was 55 not out at the close and AF was 43 not out and we missed out by 8 runs, 159 for 6, a bloody great effort considering the spasticated batting of some of us and us needing 30 odd off the last 2 overs. I was umpiring and it was a great sight watching the oppo shitting themselves at the end, especially the keeper I thought. It was the only time all day he shut his gob.

So all in all a rather average day until the 2 Andys started bombarding them at the end and although we ended defeated we weren't too dispirited in the pub after the game


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