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Casuals Vs Cardiff Uni Staff – 14 July @Wenvoe
(match report author - Paul)

Right then, Dan has asked me to do a match report for our 2nd game against the Uni Staff at Wenvoe on 14th of July (we lost the 1st one). There is a problem though, I can't remember much about it so bear with me on some of the details please.

The 1st thing to report is that Steve forgot the score-book, I blame Richard for trusting him with it, you know how busy our thesp is looking for work night and day. It is of little wonder that our exhausted board treader let the scorebook slip his mind.

The Uni Staff had won the cup the night before and I think it is fair to say that they were not at full strength for this one. They batted 1st, I think we must have won the toss (I have no idea I'm making this up you know). Their 2 Asian openers made a steady start against Gaydar & Kevin Maverly before Kevin bowled an opener for 16 in the 4th over, bringing in the rather good Sri Lankan fellow we had faced earlier on in the year. He had a hit and Kevin finished with 3 overs, 1 for 18, & Gaydar with 0 for 16 in his three. Oh, I forgot, this was a shield game.

The Horse & the aforementioned Thesp were on next, Ed as I remember bowled very well, he got the other opener bowled for 13, and the Sri Lankan smasher LBW for 16 (as I remember he was plumbers as Henry would say), and TH ended with 3 over 1 maiden 2 for 13. Steve got a wicket as well (a beautifully enunciated & well projected LBW if my memory serves) and he ended with 1 for 10 off his three.

Muff & myself ended their innings, Muff snaring their captain bowled for 1 in his 1st over and I was on a hat-trick in my 2nd over (hat-trick ball was hit for 4 by the way). Muff bowled another one and finished with 2 for 13 and I had 2 for twelve. The target was 91 off 18 overs.

Winky & dirty Gough opened for us, their bowling was a bit hit & miss as I remember, I think this was the game dirty was bowled by a jaffer for 7 for instance with the only one the bowler manager to land on the cut strip. Our new batting superstar Easy Ryder came in next and smashed 14 before being castled by their captain.

This brought in our demon left hander Mr Goad, who quickly overtook Winky who got off to a brisk start before becoming becalmed and finally falling LBW for 14 having a swish to leg. The “ACTOR” came in next, 5 was his total, 5 balls, one 4, a single off the edge, 2 air shots and then bowled (this is a guess by the way but I bet I'm not far off the mark).

The skipper was in & out like a dogs dick for 1 (bowled) before Ed (13) and Will (27) finished off the game with brisk partnership in the 15th over. There were 12 extras (7 wides, 4 leg byes & a bye).

I hope this was a fairly close approximation of the events of the Wednesday the 14th of July and I thank Dan for dropping this on me at such short notice after nearly a month has passed.


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