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Casuals vs. Cavaliers 20 June @ Wenvoe
(match report author TH)

Casuals v Cavaliers in the Willow League at Wenvoe with the weather 'sunny and warm' according to the book.

If I'm honest I don't remember this game, but fortunately the stats speak for themselves:
Gough, bowled for 6 - (ok I remember that; it was a brute of a delivery in all fairness to the Goughster).
Jonny Furnham, 88 not out - with 12, yes, 12 fours - count them and weep, and a six to boot.
Muff bowled for a single, no doubt trying to force the pace for his team as that unselfish chap often does.
Steve O'Reilly - 52 with a cracking 8 fours, before finally being stumped.
Only two other batsmen were required: Richie, run out for a single and good old John Prior, not out for one.

We won the toss; we batted; the score progressed apace. What more need be said? Only that our total reached the dizzy heights of 177 for 4, including 27 extras (the mathematically gifted will notice a one-run discrepancy there, which must remain alas unaccounted for).

'How did the Cavaliers fare?' I hear you ask.
At the eighth over, they matched us on 56, but for no loss; our openers Andy Furnham and Justin Thomas no doubt unlucky not to make the breakthrough. They finished with 31 and 22 runs against their names, respectively.

Then it was Paul's turn - a rare thing for this man to finish wicketless, but he did - his 4 going for 30. At the other end, though, DT made the breakthrough, bowling the No.2 for 34. Still, the runs were flowing - that wicket only serving to bring to the crease that nuggety little fellow called 'Anwar'.
The scorebook is a little unclear as to just what happened from here on in.
Suffice it to say that there was a run out (Dain to Gough, allegedly) to remove the opener, that TH removed Anwar LBW and Muff bowled the No4 for a duck and, finally, that we won.
Figures of 3-26-1; 3-18-1 and 2-18-1 for DT, TH, and MF.
The Cavaliers finished with 149-4 a good few runs adrift.



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