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Weight: not as much as scott
Nickname: Big Willy
Motto: Just one more plate.
Batsman? Bowler? Keeper? None of the above? Something else : Left handed batsman/wicket keeper/ bad bowler
Batting style? Like David Gower without the talent.
Previous Teams played for? Bluebell Hill Cricket Club and Stanstead Straglers.
How long have you been (a) casual? 5 years
Number of games played for the Casuals? Not sure
What you bring to the Casuals team? Being the only lefthander in the club. A femalefan club
Who is your Doppleganger? Scotty F
Hobbies? Cooking , eating, drinking and ginger fiance
Favourite food? All food except pineapple which is the devils testicles.
Favourite film? Shawshank redemption
What was your last DVD / CD purchase?

Madonna and Casino

What 3 people would you most like to invite to a dinner party?: Nigella Lawson, Ian Botham and Frank Sinartra
Ideal Woman? A cross between Nigella Lawson and Nicole Kidman
Age you started playing the glorious game? 4
Best performance? 92 at colwinstone with those very short boundaries and fielders who catch like o'reiley. And it was the first game after finding out that sex really does improve your performance.
Favourite game played? The first miskin manor game. We were casual that day or not.
Favourite venue played …ever? Leeds Castle Kent.
Cricketer you most admire and why? All the casuals because it must take a huge amount of food to look so fat. David Gower for making the game look so easy at times.
Casual cricketer you most admire and why? Foxy. How old is he. And do they do hearing aids that would fit his ears.
Funniest moment on the Casuals field? 26 all out against south glam at blackweir and watching dough plays some great shots to cow corner. And the look on Muffs face as it was his first game for the casuals.
Favourite Tea had as a casual? (Home or Away) Miskin Manor and after the game there was more food.
I like playing for the casuals because………. Doctors say laughter is a good medcine
I hate playing for the casuals because………… ...
If I didn’t play so much cricket I’d be………. Organizing a wedding.
A Casual Poem….

Fat, thin, tall and slim
All the casuals have a double chin
Thin, tall, slim and fat
All the casuals can not bat

Eats, drinks, sleeps and fart
That is the casuals art
Farts, eats, sleeps and drinks
That what a casuals thinks

Win, Bat, bowl and field
That's what on the casuals shield
Bowl, win, field and Bat
We are the casuals and our proud to be fat.

William Goad


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