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Weight: 17st 10 (bone dry)
Nickname: Goughy and John f sometimes call me Pablo
Batsman? Bowler? Keeper? None of the above? Something else : All of these some of the time.
Batting style? I would say Gordon Greenidge; some would say more Gordon Ramsey when I get out cheaply
General cricketing style? Very downmarket Gary Sobers, I can bowl 3 types of rubbish & I can bat a bit
Previous Teams played for? Bedlinog (1 match), St Fagans 5th's (1 Match), St Fagans as a nipper and School Team
How long have you been (a) casual? Since about 1995 or 6 I Think, maybe a little later
Number of games played for the Casuals? More than anyone else
What you bring to the Casuals team? 2 bats, sarcasm, gravitas, the subs book, variation and a photographic memory for opposing batsmen
Who is your Doppleganger? Bobby Schayer the old Bad religion drummer, Norm from Cheers, The people in work say Sully from monsters inc., Bungle from Rainbow and Oliver Hardy. Someone said Fatty Arbuckle but we won't count this as the contributor died shortly after saying it
Hobbies? Music, either heavy or Classical, Cardiff Rugby. Does Jenna Jameson count as a hobby?
Favourite food? It varies but at the moment it is Barbecued spare ribs, shredded crispy beef and fried chicken in plumb sauce from the Evergreen
Favourite music? Again, this varies, at the moment though its Nightwish
Favourite film? Either the lord of the rings trilogy, once upon a time in America or The Natural
Other hobbies? That limits my answer then, boring I know but I am currently copying my old Vinyl & Videos to CD & DVD. Get ready for some cast offs Andy F & Dan.
What was your last DVD / CD purchase? CD - Tyrany of Souls by Bruce Dickinson
Out of Exile by Audioslave
Mafia by Black label Society
DVD - 4 Bootleg DVD's of Thin Lizzy concerts from 1975 to 1983
What 3 people would you most like to invite to a dinner party?: Jeff Whitefoot, Alan Phillips and Ian Eidman
Ideal Woman? Is this an Exhibition at Birmingham NEC?
Age you started playing the glorious game? Probably around 5 or 6 in the back yard with Mark & my Grampy
Best performance? A 50 against the cavaliers outscoring Robin Brown. 5 Wickets against Cardiff YMCA & Cwmbran, 2 hat tricks, 50 off 6 balls in the St Mary Church 6's final. And 30 odd not out at St Mellons against Whichurch high school staff on an exploding pitch after Andy Hood had sent one of theirs to Hospital after hitting him in the mouth with one just short of a length
Favourite game played? Miskin Manor last year. BA a few years back where I bounced out Mr Owens (Honest) and Mark & John F bowled brilliantly to win it. And the St Mary Church 6's
Favourite venue played …ever? Frampton (money for old rope eh Goughy) and Taffs Well for the smell
Cricketer you most admire and why? Alan Lamb for standing up to and smashing the West Indies and Garth Le Roux, My first memory of cricket is watching him bowl bouncers and murdering the ball everywhere in the old John Player League for Sussex.
Casual cricketer you most admire and why? My brother's ability to get injured almost every time he steps over the rope.
Funniest moment on the Casuals field? Steve getting hit in the face whilst Keeping (not funny at the time but it is now).
Rob & Mark running into each other in the first Stone game.
Gazza with THE SHOT
Justin & Fitz's partnership at St. Fagans last year.
Favourite tour moment? Pad calling that bloke a shit shoveller in Taunton. Muff laughing at and getting slapped by that girl in Carmarthen and the immortal "I can see your arse"
Favourite Tea had as a casual? (Home or Away) The joint Tea & supper combo we used to get at Colwinstone
I like playing for the casuals because………. Funnily enough I like the people (apart from Matt Linley)
I hate playing for the casuals because………… I sometimes make an arse of myself when I get out.
If I didn’t play so much cricket I’d be………. Dead
Pablo says……. I have 2 surreal moments I would like to share. In Taunton I had to share with John Furnham. I woke up twice in the night. The 1st time I turned in my bed to see the silhouette of his exposed stomach against the street light on the main road outside after he had hoovered up 3 curry's. If this wasn't disturbing enough I later awoke to look down the end of my bed to the open door of the bog where he was having a shit. The phrase scared foe life comes to mind.
The other moment was the Assault on precinct 13 moment, when Steve and Murray stormed our bungalow in Ciao and I had to chase them off at 3 in the morning in shorts and a vest. I caught Murray and he nearly shit himself.


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