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Weight: Statistically significantly lower than the mean of the team. Normal according to BMI though what do they know, hey?
Nickname: Still waiting for the Casuals to decide…probably along the line of that stupid Australian from Hong Kongnese land
(I thought it was 'Thrush' or 'chirpy'- Ed)
Batsman? Bowler? Keeper? None of the above? Something else : All the above depending what the team need.
Batting style? To hit the damn ball
General cricketing style? Laid back and nonchalant (which is why I joined the Casuals)
Previous Teams played for? Quite a few…
HM Revenue and Customs in 2002
King's School in Macclesfield 1998 and 1999
Marist Newman cricket club 1995/96 (Perth, W.Aust)
Churchlands Senior High School 1995/96 (Perth, W.Aust)
How long have you been (a) casual? A year
Number of games played for the Casuals? Wait…have to look at the stats…17ish (Now nearer 35 - Ed)
What you bring to the Casuals team? The recommendation from current Casuals players
Who is your Doppleganger? Another/any Chinese person or anyone from South East Asia. I would like to say Bruce Lee.
Favourite food? Lasagne, Thai and Vietnamese.
Favourite music? Anything…depends on the mood…but going out definitely hip-hop, R&B and Rap.
Favourite film? Any films by the Mr Q Tarantino…Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction.
Hobbies? playing other sports, bantering with the Pommies and watching the Aussies beating the Pommies in everything and anything. (But not the 2007 Rugby world cup eh Kim-Ed)

What was your last DVD / CD purchase?

I think this question might need adapting to also include downloading - modern technology. CD - Employment by Kaiser Chiefs. DVD - The West Wing series 7.

What 3 people would you most like to invite to a dinner party?: Jesus, Leonardo Da Vinci (just to see who win the argument) and Ali.
Ideal Woman? Smart, good sense of humor, funny and DROP DEAD GORGEOUS…not really asking for much, am I ??
Age you started playing the glorious game? About 10
Favourite game played? Beating those Manchester Grammar School Nancy boys. More recently winning against Cardiff Uni after the on field incident…
Favourite venue played …ever? WACA
Cricketer you most admire and why? Mark Waugh…the guy is just sheer class in everything he does on the field. Those sunnies and that big floppy white hat.
Casual cricketer you most admire and why? Steve-o. He epitomises how the game should be played. His unique style to the game whether it is batting, bowling, fielding or keeping always offer great entertaining values.
Funniest moment on the Casuals field? Billy's attempted catch via his belly against Caerleon and Shakes running himself out against Rogerstone on 49.
Favourite tour moment? Haven't been on one yet.
Favourite Tea had as a casual? (Home or Away) It is excellently organised with a great bunch of lads, each offering something special to the club.
I like playing for the casuals because………. They are a sound group of blokes who make you feel welcome and are equally shit at cricket.
I hate playing for the casuals because………… The home pitch at Wenvoe doesn't allow me to play my favourite shot - the pull shot.
If I didn’t play so much cricket I’d be………. Playing any other sports available.
Did you know…. In his spare time (when not being fantastic at every conceivable sport) Kim likes to relax by capturing the many and varied Roundabouts in the British Isles. This he does using both a digital and video camera and if you were to ever visit the smallest room in his house you will find a plethora of framed photos. These images are certainly interesting and his favourites are Cardiff's very own magic Roundabout, The magic Roundabout in Swindon and the 'Cubeist' roundabout outside Morrisons supermarket in Ockbrook, Derbyshire.


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