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Weight: No exact figure…but slowly working toward Casual-esque!
Nickname: Jim, Jimmy, Hodgie, Super Hands, Tef
Batsman? Bowler? Keeper? None of the above? Something else : Keeper-Batsman…well, I own gloves and a bat
Batting style? Occasional slogged boundary, followed by a series of wafts
General cricketing style? Consistent…
Previous Teams played for? Lawrence Sheriff School, Southam CC, Stockton CC (all Warwickshire). So far, just the mighty Cazh since I moved to Cardiff
How long have you been (a) casual? Since 2019
Number of games played for the Casuals? Not enough, or too many, depending upon your point of view! Personally, not enough, but 19 in my first season isn’t too bad
What you bring to the Casuals team? I bring the average age of the team down and a readiness to be ridiculed!
Who is your Doppleganger? Yet to be revealed
Favourite food? Sirloin steak, curries, pork, KFC, Chinese, potato & meat pies…all the good stuff that we get told is bad for us!
Favourite music? Mainly songs written and performed way before I was born…along with some modern stuff…though I don’t know any of the names!
Favourite film?

Time Traveler’s Wife…but also a big fan of James Bond, Quentin Tarantino and Marvel

Other hobbies? Eating, pub visits, Netflix, watching football/rugby/most sports, occasional gym visits (believe it or not!)
What was your last DVD / CD purchase? (if you can remember that far back) Once Upon a Time in Hollywood (DVD)
What 3 people would you most like to invite to a dinner party?: Sir Alex Ferguson, Freddie Mercury and Jeremy Clarkson…what could go wrong?
Ideal Woman? Well…I do like a redhead!
Age you started playing the glorious game? 12
Best performance?

Ross-on-Wye on tour. A catch and stumping (both down the leg side) with the gloves, followed by 47 opening the batting, my highest score! Not bad for the second game of a tour weekend…we won’t mention the drops…

Favourite game played?

Beating the Cavs in the final of the 2019 Willow League Cup was pretty good…but favourite would be for my previous club, Southam, in 2015. Skippered the 3rds away to Bedworth 4ths, back end of the season and got my first win as captain, at only 18. It was the only one, but still a good day…and I recall them having a very good tea!

Favourite venue played …ever? Lots stand out from playing in Warwickshire, but it would have to be Kenilworth CC…beautiful ground and setting, a pavilion with balconies and excellent bar area! I do love the pitch at Southam though…
Cricketer you most admire and why? Sarah Taylor – best keeper I’ve ever seen!
Casual cricketer you most admire and why?

Hard not to admire Goffy’s record of breaking bats and getting stumped! Will deserves a mention for the ‘vintage’ pair of boots he wears…

Funniest moment on the Casuals field?

July 2019, Barry West End away, being present for Cheese witnessing his opening partnership record get destroyed…whilst umpiring!

Favourite tour moment?

Will’s (off field) demise…that’s all I’ll say on that matter!

Favourite Tea had as a casual? (Home or Away)

Kineton on tour, great selection and variety!

I like playing for the casuals because………. No matter how shit you performed, there’s a good chance someone else was shitter
I hate playing for the casuals because………… There’s never seconds at tea!
If I didn’t play so much cricket I’d be………. Richer…I’ve paid a few fines in my time!
Additional Comments Answers given are based off one season as a casual…give it a few years and some of these may change!


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