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Weight: Despite nearly three years of dietary advice from the Casuals, I am still only 11 stone. I really feel I must apologise for this.
Nickname: I have been called so many things while playing for the Casuals. Here are a few of them: Talking Horse; TH; Horse; Horse-Whisperer; Prof; Kofi; someone called me a 'cult' once.
Motto: Superstition brings bad luck.
Batsman? Bowler? Keeper? None of the above? Something else : Batsman, bowler and enthusiastic fielder.
Batting style? Block and Bash (sometimes just one or the other).
General cricketing style? Run around a lot. Throw the ball far too hard. Run around some more.
Previous Teams played for? KEGS 1st Eleven and Fyfield CC.
How long have you been (a) casual? Nearly three years I think.
Number of games played for the Casuals? Not nearly enough, I'm sure.
What you bring to the Casuals team? Slight reduction in overall weight of side. Did the Casuals ever do any light warming-up/fielding practise before I joined?
Who is your Doppleganger? Apparently I have a lookalike who also lives in Canton/Pontcanna, and who shops in the same bakers and butchers as me, and who drinks in the Halfway House. I only discovered this when, in short succession I was accused in the Bakers of having an affair and in the Butchers of having been exceedingly drunk and offensive in the Halfway House one evening. Not guilty on both counts.
Hobbies? I read a lot.
Favourite food? Tricky one. Could be roast potatoes.
Favourite music? At the moment, The Chris Barber Big Band.
Favourite film? Probably 'Death in a French Garden', a re-telling of the Orpheo/Eurydice myth.
What was your last DVD / CD purchase?

Danis Tanovic's No Man's Land, and Chango Spasiuk's Tarefero de mis pagos.

What 3 people would you most like to invite to a dinner party?: Hugo Chavez, Jeremy Hardy, Aung San Suu Kyi (and, since she probably wouldn't be able to make it, Clement Freud).
Ideal Woman? I am boycotting this question.
Age you started playing the glorious game? Too young to remember.
Best performance? My favourite was a quick 38 to win a cup game (against Amersham?).
Favourite game played? They are all so much fun.
Favourite venue played …ever? Tamil Home Cricket Ground in Sri Lanka (ok so we got thrashed, but nice venue).
Cricketer you most admire and why? Sourav Ganguly - calm, unflappable temperament.
Casual cricketer you most admire and why? Of course, Goughy, for his ability to keep things in perspective, no matter how bad.
Funniest moment on the Casuals field? Dr. Rubbish's whirling dervish batting.
Favourite tour moment? I haven't been on tour.
Favourite Tea had as a casual? (Home or Away) Rarely is there any tea left by the time I get to the table.
I like playing for the casuals because………. well, who wouldn't.
I hate playing for the casuals because………… of Wenvoe.
If I didn’t play so much cricket I’d be………. I'd be even worse at cricket.
Did you know…. Ed (TH) is the enigma of the Casuals, educated, well spoken, erudite and a bloody nice bloke……..but he has the worst record in the team for upsetting the opposition. How could this be you ask (as we all do), its basically down to the army training he received when fighting for the guerrillas in the Shoo Shoo mountains. Don't upset him as he could paralyse you with just one philosophical outburst. Apart from that he's a jolly nice bloke.


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